Best Movies And TV Shows Like Sanditon To Watch If You Like Sanditon

Shows Like Sanditon – Andrew Davies adapted Jane Austen’s unfinished manuscript for Sanditon, a British historical drama series. The series premiered in eight parts on ITV in the United Kingdom on August 25, 2019, and on PBS in the United States on January 12, 2020.

Charlotte Heywood, a lively and impetuous woman, relocates from her calm rural home to Sanditon, a fishing community seeking to remake itself as a beach resort, in this film. This program was so well-acted that each actor’s contribution could not be overlooked.

There is currently only one (1) season of sanditon available. The series has been renewed for a second season (2), which will premiere in late 2021, and there is also word that a third season (3) would follow immediately following season two.

While we wait for the release of season 2 and season 3, I think it would be perfect if you joined me in watching Sanditon.

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How Many Seasons Of Sanditon?

There is currently only one (1) season of sanditon available. The series has been renewed for a second season (2), which will premiere in late 2021, and there is also word that a third season (3) would follow immediately following season two.

How Many Episodes Of Sanditon?

What is the total number of episodes in Sanditon? There are currently just eight (8) episodes of Sanditon available. More episodes should be expected with the publication of season two (2) just around the corner, as well as suspicions about season three (3).

Will There Be A Season 2 Of Sanditon?

Will there be a second season of sanditon? YES, there will be a season 2 of sanditon. Season 2 has been renewed. Also acting and filming has been underway, so we should expect a season 2 premiere anytime around 2021/22.

What Is Sanditon About?

Sanditon is a British historical drama television series starring Rose Williams and Theo James, which was adapted by Andrew Davies from an unfinished Jane Austen manuscript. Charlotte Heywood went to Sanditon, a fishing community attempting to remake itself as a beach resort, and the story follows her. She soon finds herself navigating the secrets and ambitions of the residents of the community.

Where To Watch Sanditon?

shows like sanditon
shows like sanditon

Where can I find sanditon to watch? Sanditon is available to watch on PBS. To put it another way, you may watch Sanditon online with a PBS Passport membership or on Prime Video’s Masterpiece Channel.

Is Sanditon On Netflix?

NO. Sanditon is currently unavailable on Netflix, but this may change in the near future. However, Netflix viewers are presently unable to access the “sanditon” series.

What To Watch After Sanditon?

  • Reign
  • Poldark
  • Belgravia
  • Outlander
  • Land Girls
  • Jamestown
  • Bridgerton
  • The Tudors
  • Downton Abbey

1. Bridgerton

Bridgerton is a period drama series based on Julia Quinn’s novels that air on Netflix in the United States. Chris Van Dusen is remaking the show, and Shonda Rhimes is producing it. The show debuted on Netflix on December 25, 2020, with only one season and eight episodes.

The plot revolves around the efforts of the aristocratic Bridgerton family’s eight close-knit siblings to find love. During England’s Regency period.

Despite the fact that it is only eight episodes long, it captures your attention and explores honor, hardship, indignity, romance, unrequited love, false love, scandal, parent problems, marriage, loyalty, security, women, expectation, upbringing, status, family, tradition, suspense, trust, drama, loss, sacrifice, loyalty, parenting, heartbreak, and above all, true love.


2. Poldark

Poldark is a BBC historical drama television series that was written and adapted by Debbie Horsfield and directed by a number of different directors throughout the course of its run. The show, which is similar to Sanditon, premiered on BBC One on March 8, 2015, and ran for five seasons and 43 episodes until August 26, 2019.

Ross Poldark returns from the American Revolutionary War to find his father dead, his land in ruins, and his lover engaged to another man in the series set between 1781 and 1801. He attempts to reconstruct his life slowly but steadily.

Beautiful people, rich setting, great acting, incredible historical sets and costumes, the ideal dosage of 19th-century British escapism entice viewers to keep watching “Poldark” episode after episode and season after season.


3. Outlander

Outlander is ranked tenth on our list of shows that are comparable to Sanditon. The show is a historical drama television series based on Diana Gabaldon’s ongoing novel series of the same name. The five-season, 67-episode series started on Starz on August 9, 2014, and is still airing.

Outlander is a television series created by Ronald D. Moore that follows Claire Randall, a married former Second World War military surgeon in Scotland who is transported back to 1743 in a mysterious world where her freedom and life are threatened in 1945.

She meets and falls in love with Jamie Fraser there. She must marry Jamie Fraser, a hulking Scots warrior with a complicated past and a charming sense of humor, if she is to survive. Claire is caught between two drastically different guys in two incompatible worlds as a result of a passionate romance.

This show will appeal to everyone who enjoys watching Sanditon. It’s a lot of fun, and I think the characters are well-developed. The show moves at a good pace, so if you enjoy action, romance, humor, tragedy, and other genres, this show has it all.


4. Land Girls

Land Girls is a British period drama series created by Roland Moore for television. After three (3) seasons and fifteen (15) episodes, the series premiered on BBC One on September 7, 2009, and ended on November 11, 2011, after three (3) seasons and fifteen (15) episodes.

Land Girls recounts the lives and loves of four girls who are away from home in the Women’s Land Army, doing their part for Britain. The series illustrates how the girls combine their job and personal lives as they adjust to their new surroundings and get down to business.

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The BBC commissioned the show, which was set on the Hoxley Manor estate in the 1940s against the backdrop of a war-weary Britain, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of WWII’s commencement. Land Girls is incredibly relatable and will make you reflect deeply.


5. The Tudors

The Tudors is a historical fiction television series conceived and written by Michael Hirst and produced for the American premium cable television channel Showtime. It is set mostly in 16th-century England. The Tudors ran for four seasons and 38 episodes from April 1, 2007, to June 20, 2010.

The series concentrates on Henry’s notable female associates, such as Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, as well as his connections with key personalities such as Sir Thomas More, Cardinal Wolsey, and Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, Henry’s best friend, and unofficial adviser.

Although the premise of a television show like Sanditon is not historically accurate, trust me when I say that you will be fascinated from the first minute of binge-watching. The Tudors, on the other hand, is a magnificent historical drama from beginning to end. The Tudors effectively adapt history into a truly engaging play.


6. Belgravia

Belgravia ranks seventh on our list of similar shows to Sanditon. Julian Fellowes wrote and directed this historical drama series, which is based on Julian Fellowes’ 2016 novel of the same name, both of which are named after Belgravia.

When the Trenchards accept an invitation to the now-legendary ball on the fatal eve of the Battle of Waterloo, it sets in motion events that will have long-term ramifications as secrets are revealed behind the doors of London’s most opulent neighborhood.

The limited series, which is a co-production between Carnival Films and Epix, reunites the award-winning crew behind Downton Abbey. The series began on ITV in the United Kingdom on March 15, 2020. It lasted six episodes and one season, and it ended on April 19, 2020.


7. Reign

Laurie McCarthy and Stephanie SenGupta created the American historical romantic drama television series Reign for The CW. The series premiered on The CW on October 17, 2013, and ended on June 16, 2017, after four seasons and 78 episodes.

The series revolves around the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, and her rise to power in the French court in the late sixteenth century. At the age of fifteen, Mary arrives in France and marries Prince Francis. Her handmaidens and she form a friendship and eventually become best friends.

Reign is a sanditon esque show incredibly nice to fall into! Even if it does not reflect Mary’s historical history, there are certain facts in there that are accurate, though not many. It was a fantastic fictional story that you couldn’t put down after viewing episode after episode.


8. Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is a British historical drama television series that premiered on ITV on September 26, 2010, in the United Kingdom, and on PBS in the United States, and ran for 52 episodes and three seasons before ending on December 25, 2015.

Julian Fellowes developed and co-wrote the series, which is set in the early twentieth century. The series concerns Robert Crawley, whose heirs perish on the Titanic, putting the family estate in jeopardy. Soon after, the Crawleys meet Matthew, the next-in-line heir, who despises the aristocratic manner of life.

The level of royalty and charm of the characters display is exceptional. Delightful show and all good things to say. Each figure shines out and leaves its imprint. You’ll enjoy how various walks of life are represented in the early British 1900s, and how honor, war, and servitude are all connected.


9. Jamestown

Jamestown is a British drama television series similar to Sanditon that launched on Sky One in the United Kingdom on May 5, 2017, and has a three-season run with 24 episodes. Bill Gallagher wrote the drama, which was produced by Carnival Films, the same company that brought you, Downton Abbey.

The life of the first immigrants at the English colony of Jamestown are chronicled in Jamestown. Alice, Verity, and Jocelyn arrive eager to marry. However, the women quickly discover that they will need to rely on one another if they are to withstand the obstacles that their new home provides.

The show’s overall location and costumes are fantastic. The intrigues are intriguing. The characters have a variety of characteristics, and you never know what to anticipate from them, with the exception of the only real man, the blacksmith. The plot’s unpredictable nature adds to the suspense and makes it highly enjoyable to watch.


Conclusion On Other Shows Like Sanditon

So there you have it, a list of shows that are similar to Sanditon. If you liked Sanditon, you should absolutely check out this series; you will not be disappointed. Do you know of any more shows that are similar? Leave your thoughts in the box below.