Birthday Wishes And Prayers For A Friend

Birthday Prayer For A Friend : Best friends are not just any kind of friends, they’re much more than neighbours, acquittances or just friends. They make so much impact in our lives, way of living and they also hold the key to so many decisions we’ve made in life. they deserve much more because they are your best friend and so your love and commitment should be with them on their special day-birthday. Birthdays shouldn’t be all about gifts or wishes and partying but rather an insignificant birthday prayer to a friend on their birthday as this which show that they are in your thoughts.

Birthday Prayer For A Friend
                                                                                Birthday Prayer For A Friend

Birthday Prayer For A Friend

Hey, sugar! Your birthday is a remembrance of God’s love for me. You’re the best of the best of my friends and I really appreciate and adore your strength. I wanna say a big thank you for being so awesome to me and I pray that your New age brings you into a new season of grace, Love, strength, upliftment, peace and a sound mind. Happy birthday, dear. You’re Much appreciated and loved.

It’s an honour to be your friend and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate this year’s birthday with you, it’s been a year filled with so many activities for us and you’ve been a great help in my times of need. I pray that your good heart open doors of great opportunities for you, you shall continue to prosper in life, you’ll not strive to live. I love so much honey. A very happy birthday to you dear.

I call you best girl, twinnie, best half, a partner in crime and best friend. Guess what? no one can ever take your place on planet Earth. So, you’re one year older today and my heart prays that you’ll continue to be a channel of Joy to your friends and family, you shall never experience sadness and disappointment all the days of your life. Happy happy birthday to you, sugar. God bless you and keep you.

You’re someone I never pray to loose to any other friend, You make my life perfect. It’s your birthday sweetheart, I pray that help Shall locate you, help from heaven and help from man. I Shall never morn over you this year. Thanks for being an awesome sweetie. Happy birthday once again, dearie!

You’ve invoked in me your awe of sweetness, I can’t deny it because it’s obvious. Happy birthday, honey mo! May you never lose your wonder and essence, I pray that doors of opportunities be open unto you from now on. You’ll be favoured in every area of your life. I adore you dear and I love you!

Getting you a birthday cake, Ice cream and a big birthday gift cannot match your worth in my life girlfriend. I pray your new age help you find love, may the spirit of excellence descend on you, you shall continue to be a blessing to everyone around you. Happy birthday, bestie. I love you to the moon and back.

One reason I love this month is because it’s my bestie’s birthday and today is the day that the Lord has made! Happy birthday sugar pie, I pray that the blessings of the Lord continue to follow you, you Shall dig and find water. God bless you and keep you, dear. Enjoy your day honey!

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Hurray!! My best half is a year older today, my sweet girl and boo. I pray that the Lord grant all your silent prayers; you shall receive grace to do exploits as goodness and mercy shall follow you from now till forever. Thank you for being the best friend ever. I love you, darling!
PS: don’t forget our turn up today.

Birthday Prayer For A Male Friend

Birthday Prayer For A Good Friend

Happy birthday friend! May you feel His presence always in your life.

May all your dreams come true as you start a new year this coming year. Happy birthday, friend.

I pray for your heart to be filled with happiness always. May your aspirations become a reality, Happy birthday.

On your special day, I pray that God grants you happiness beyond measure. I am truly thankful for having someone like you in my life.

It’s that time of the year again where I get to be grateful to the Lord for having a friend like you. I pray that you never change.

With the addition of another year to your age, I pray that God blesses you with infinite peace, prosperity and happiness.

Happy Birthday my friend, I pray that you may be blessed with many more years so that we can always celebrate together. Be blessed

God has great things ahead planned for you. As you celebrate your birthday, I pray that he reveals them to you one by one. Happy birthday, friend!

You have come a long way, my friend. The beginning is not always the end. Things are getting better and better each year. I pray that your days may continue to be the best. Happy birthday my friend.

You mean the world to me, my friend. I pray that the Lord blesses your life with all that is good and beautiful. I pray that God helps you fulfill all your dreams and aspirations. Happy birthday!

50th Birthday Prayer For A Friend

You’ll remember this age for good. The devil shall not snatch your blessings from you. Happy 50th birthday to you.

Happy 50th birthday to a phenomenal celebrant. Your aspirations shall be transformed into achievements. This life shall favour you.

This is the beginning of a good life for you. Happy 50th birthday. In good health shall you celebrate this golden jubilee. The devil shall not cripple you.

Happy 50th birthday. You shall become blessed and known for good. You shall walk upon high places. You shall not be subjected to ill health as you clock 50.

Happy 50th birthday. Your life shall be made easier and free from hardship. You shall have heaps of testimony as you live through this 50th year of your life.

It’s been an excellent journey from the time you were born to this day. May the latter years of your life be more beautiful and exceptional than the former. Happy awesome 50th birthday.

Happy birthday to a beautiful celebrant. You’ll have so many celebrations to mark this 50th year of your life. God in His infinite mercy shall honour this new age of your life.

Oh! Such a beautiful thing to clock 50. May you age gloriously whilst your dues be given to you. May the world bless you, and so also will heaven do. Happy 50th birthday.

Happy 50th birthday, special one. My prayer is, may this new year of your life be known for its greatness. It is one of a golden essence. May this day birth celebrations of all kinds to you. And may you achieve new feats of all kinds. This is just the beginning of many good things in your life, for the pain of yesteryears shall be washed away by the inexplicable joy that springs forth from a jubilee. I pray that you seat amidst great kings and queens of our world. And may you have no regret in this latter part of your life, but rather be beautifully perfected.

Happy fabulous 50th birthday. May this half century be the start of true happiness, joy and prosperity in your life. May it magnet metals of abundance and wealth into your bosom. I pray you relish in wisdom and knowledge. And may magical moments trail this great year of your life. I decree ease and comfort into your world henceforth. A new kind of bliss shall you dwell in. May you reap bountifully every good seed you’ve sown over the years. And may your yesteryears be the least you’ve ever been. This, I pray is the beginning of an honourable life of achievements for you, my darling.

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I’m so grateful for this rung of the ladder you just stepped on. It has been 50 years of good health, progress and peace of mind. As you commence another journey, may you start and finish well. May you be blessed by your children and children’s children. May the heavens cause you to discover new wealth and happiness. May you walk deeper with God. May your achievements in these latter years of your life supersede your former. This isn’t the evening of your life, but the beginning of a new dawn. Hence, your goals shall become a reality. And your path shall become more honourable and rewarding. Goodness and mercy shall follow you till the end, I pray for you.

Birthday Wishes And Prayers For A Friend

I am not the first person to greet you happy birthday, but you sure know that your birthday is as important to me as my birthday, happy birthday to my bestie and my love, may God continue to bless you and keep you, you shall never wander in a barren land. You’ll continue to be fruitful as you grow older. Enjoy your day, dear one. You’re Cherished.

Hey birthday girl! I can’t keep calm on your special day, it’s doing me like to teleport to your side. Irrespective, it’s my heart desire that your day brings you more happiness and joy. Your destiny will never be cut short on planet Earth. I love you so much. Happy birthday to you once again!

Somebody so special to me, that’s who you are. A man so dear to my heart and a soul I cherish, that’s what you are. Happy birthday, best friend, Grace and peace be multiplied onto you as you grow older today. You’ll draw from the well of prosperity and honour. Have fun dear. I adore you.

I’ve decided to share stick sweet to everyone I meet today because it’s your birthday today, the stick sweet might not get to you though but happy birthday to my ever-smiling bestie. You’ll never lose your smile and sweetness. Enjoy your day to the fullest. I’ve got you covered.

Gee! You are getting old oo, but then, happy birthday to you man! My partner in crime. I pray that your new age brings you into more season of prosperity and success. God bless you, dear! Enjoy your day.

Ever since I’ve met you, you brought nothing but sweetness to my life, and its never too much if I send you best of wishes dear, so I pray that your new year is filled with sweetness and happiness. It shall be the best year ever for you and everyone around you. Keep basking in God’s glory dear. Happy happy birthday to you.

Your success is one thing I’ll always pray for each time you celebrate your happy day. May you always find success without so much stress and hurdles. Happy birthday to you dearest friend.

Birthday Prayer For A Female Friend

Happy Birthday! Remember that for every day of your life there is Someone taking care of you, and may God continue to hold you in His gentle hands and bring you peace.

May the Almighty God always be your deliverer and shield all the days of your life. And may He always fill your heart with all the happiness in this entire universe. Have an amazing birthday, my dear.

I pray for you that all the gold and wealth of the earth be your portion as you grow older today. That as the wealth of kings and the beauty of flowers in the open field that you will be adorned with riches.

You have come a long way my friend. The beginning is not always the end. Things are getting better and better each year. I pray that your days may continue being the best. Happy birthday my friend.

Birthday Prayer Wishes For A Friend

As you journey through another year of greatness, may heaven smile at all you do. Happy birthday, dear friend.

It’s so good to have known a very rare gem like you. I appreciate all your kindness towards me. May heaven reward you accordingly. Happy birthday, sweetest friend.

You’re my confidant. You share my wounds and scars with me. You share my happiness and joy with me. You’re all I’m today. May God thank you for me. Happy birthday, friend.

You’re a good friend, and so you deserve the best. May heaven thank you for your mere your best all the time. May God never leave you unsettled. Have a very happy birthday, friend.

Time won’t permit me to say how caring you’ve been since I knew you. I bless God for the kind of person you are. May this birthday bring to you uncommon favour. Enjoy every bit of today.

As it is said, true friends are hard to find. I’m grateful to God for releasing the best of friends unto me. As you start this new year of yours, my divine helpers locate you. Happy birthday, best friend.

I’ll go wherever you go. I’ll do whatever you do. We’re both going to make it together. You’ll never regret coming to this world. May everything be beautiful for you. Happy birthday, dear friend.

Birthday Prayer For A Special Friend

Happy Birthday my friend, I pray that you may be blessed with many more years so that we can always celebrate together. Stay blessed

Wishing you a very happy birthday, my dear. May God make His heavenly face shine on you on this special day of yours and all the days of your life.

Happiest birthday to the most amazing person ever. I pray that you will continue to be an amazing friend to me and may you have so many more birthdays to come.

Wishing you, my dearest friend, a happy birthday. May the Lord that we serve bless you today and forever. Thank you for being such a great friend to me.

I pray that God will fill you with peace and happiness, and that divine peace and joy will follow you now and always. Have a blessed and fun day.

May God bless you today on your birthday and every day after. May you be comforted by His presence in your life, and always follow His guiding light. Amen

My dear friend, as you commemorate the day God brought you into this world, may you know nothing but the choicest of God’s divine blessings all your days on this earth.

The almighty God is your keeper and your great rewarder, he will always make a way for you as you grow older. I pray that your birthday continue to mark a significant time in your life. Amen.

Hey friend i want you to cheer up! It is your special day and a perfect time to celebrate! Remember that the Lord will guide you every single step of the way so there is no need to worry. Happy birthday to you.

Prayer For A Friend On Her Birthday

Happy birthday my friend! I pray that God’s grace will be abundant in your life. I pray you will continue in the path that you have chosen and where you are lacking that God makes up!

I do not need to remind you of the precious gift that the Lord has given you, which is the gift of life. I just want you to know that you have touched my life in the most positive way. Happy birthday my best female friend!

It brings me so much joy to celebrate your birthday with you. I pray that our God blesses you and wraps His mighty arms of protection around you on this extra special day and forever.

Celebrate this fantastic day with the knowledge that the Almighty God guides and watches you as you journey through life. Have a wonderful day full of memories that you will cherish all your life.

Birthday Prayer For A Dear Friend

From deep inside of me, I pray for you that you have the peace and calmness that your life desires and deserves this new year. You’ll grow in grace and you’ll grow strong. You will be great, in every way. Each of your pending blessings will come to fulfilment, and may the Almighty God bless you all your days, happy birthday to you dear friend.

On a special day like today, all I wish you are the blessings of God. Good and sound health, prosperity, fullness and peace of mind are all yours today and henceforth. I wish that you will find real joy and genuine happiness starting today until the end of your days. You will be a shining star that can never be dimmed. Have a blessed year ahead, happy birthday to you.

The first thought in my head today is that I should pray for you from my heart. You will be great, you’ll enjoy peace, the divine joy of God will follow you henceforth. The angels of the Lord will take charge and forever keep watch over you. You will be blessed of the Lord beyond measures. This new year will be the beginning of beautiful things for you and in every way, you’ll be fulfilled. Many happy returns of the day to you. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

Today, the beginning of another year, you will know no sadness. You will enjoy God’s fullness. Your days are blessed. Your life will be a blessing. Joy, peace and greatness will surround you. The Lord will keep you safe, hold you strong and encompass you with his love. May God bless you always and continually. Birthday blessings are yours today and forever. Happy birthday to you!

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I wish you more blessings, more grace, more favour, more goodies of life. I pray for you that this will not be the end of your celebrations. God will continually keep you. You have been a blessing and you will continue to be. Thank you and thank God for giving you to me as a friend. You will never know lack, not even a glimpse of it. More than anything, my heart prays for you and wish you the best this new year and till the end of your days. Happy birthday dear friend, I wish you long life and prosperity.

Short Birthday Prayer For A Friend

Happy birthday, friend. May all your dreams come true in Jesus’ name.

Happy birthday to the one who makes me happy and got my back anytime. May you never want.

May the true resurrection of Jesus be manifested in your life, as your celebrate another year. Happy birthday, friend.

May God intentionally do wonders in your life, as you celebrate your birthday. A wonderful birthday to you, friend.

May your beauty never go black. May you never stop enjoying God’s unending love. You’re lifted. Enjoy your special day.

Happy birthday to my gossip mate, and partner in crime. As we all celebrate your birthday with you, see all your wishes coming to pass. Enjoy!!!

As you add another year. May God bless your going out and coming in. You shall not be a victim of defeat. Happy birthday to you, friend.

I rejoice with you today as you’ve added another glorious year. May you grow in the fear and understanding of the Almighty. Happy birthday, darling friend..

You’re a blessing to me. You’re a blessing to your family and a big blessing to your generation. May God never stop blessing you. Watch out for more blessings this new year of yours. Happy birthday, dear friend.

Happy Birthday Prayer To A Friend

Hey buddy! May this New year be your best year ever as the Lord will answer all your heart desires. Cheers to a great year, honey. With love from Moi.

This new year I pray that the heavens beautify your life with heavenly substances that you can’t comprehend. Happy birthday best friend. I love you!

Hurray! Bestie is plus one today, I pray that her day brings her so much joy and happiness, peace and love. Have fun baby girl, you’re loved.

Oya clear road for my sugar pie, it’s her birthday, thank you for being an awesome babe! I pray that your destiny in Life shall never be cut short, you shall continue to dig and find water without stress. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

I pray that the Lord shower your new season with so much wisdom, knowledge and understanding, you shall experience a great dept of mercy and favour this new year. Happy birthday Bestest bestie.

Hurray! Somebody’s getting older, better and smarter. Happy birthday sugar pie, bestie and honey, you shall continue to prosper as you journey in life, your destiny is secured. Have fun dear, you’re great!

Happy Birthday Prayer To A Special Friend

Because you have been more than just friend but also a great company to me, I say these prayers for you; the Lord will bless you, He will keep you, He will hold you, He will strengthen you, He will bless you and bless the works of your hands. He will make you celebrate more years in great peace of mind. He will sustain you, keep you going no matter what the situation around you may project. Happy birthday to you my dear friend.

Today, you have received the grace to celebrate another year, and before anything, I just want to pray for you that the goodness of God will be yours, the mercies of God will show up for you, the grace of God will hold you strong. The Lord of glory will make you a great nation and force to be reckoned with. You will enjoy many more years of all-round blessings and everywhere you go, you will impact lives. Your days are blessed, forever, many happy returns to you dear friend.

The work of God which has started in you since your birth will never end. You will know God more and you will have peace. Nothing stops your joy. Every blessing that is pending will flow in starting today. Your source of inspiration and courage will be enlarged. More than anything, God will bless you. I wish you a long and fulfilled life dear, happy birthday to you.

Today, as you celebrate, I celebrate God’s faithfulness. On your behalf, appreciate God. It is your special day and I pray that you receive special blessings. I pray that you will not be stranded. You will be settled, your peace of mind will never be tampered with. As you celebrate today, I pray that you receive grace to celebrate more years in good health. Happy birthday to you.