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When someone has an important part of your life, you miss them when they are no longer there or with you Sometimes, someone special you love passes away. Other times they may have moved far away, be taking a long vacation or you may have broken up. No matter what the reason you are no longer able to see them A good way to remember your dearest ones who have sadly passed away and cannot be with you any longer is by commemorating their birthdays when they do arrive.your heart goes through so many different emotions, Your heart may hurt at their absence, rejoice at amazing memories or simply feel incredibly sad.some times is difficult to express how you feel,some time is had to put your emotion into words You might have an idea of what to say to them,but remain uncertain if your words will convey your deepest this blog post we are going to talk about,missing you on your birthday,missing you on your birthday mom,missing you on your birthday son,missing you on your birthday dad.

Missing You On Your Birthday

Missing you on your birthday,As I visit your resting place,Upon this special day,Once more I feel the sadness,That will never go away.

For ever since you’ve gone,Life has never been the same,Yet, it comforts me to know,That one day we will meet again.

Missing You On Your Birthday

Until that day arrives,I’ll relive every memory,Of the happy times we shared,Together you me and your dad.I miss you and I know you miss me too. I hope we can give our relationship one more try.

For I miss you so very much,And words could never convey,The extent of the Joy,That you brought to us everyday.

Despite the fact that we couldn’t make it work, I still miss you thanks to those sweet memories we made together.

I really miss the warmth and safety I felt being in your arms. I hope someday you can find your way back to my doorstep, for I miss you.

Since we went our separate ways, my life hasn’t been the same again. I can’t bring myself to stop thinking about you. I miss you and I hope you feel the same way too.

Despite our relationship going sour and crumbling, I must confess that some part of me still misses you from time to time. I hope you are doing okey.

Our separation was emotionally and physically devastating. But strangely enough, I find myself missing you whenever thoughts of you cross my mind. I guess

We have both moved on since our separation and subsequent divorce. However, despite how far I move on with my life, I can’t seem to forget about you, the woman/man I used to call my wife/husband. I will always miss you.

Our relationship may have ended. I may not have the right to call you my boyfriend/girlfriend but I can never forget you, the person with whom I spent some of the best days of my life.

I Miss You So Much Quotes

I wish I could turn back the hands of the clock and stop myself from doing those stupid things that I did to you to make you leave my life. Heaven knows there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do to have you back in my life once again. I really miss you.

Why can’t I forget you? Why can’t I stop thinking about the memories we had together? Why do I still keep thinking about you even though we have both moved on? Maybe it’s because I have never been the best at letting go. Maybe it’s because you and I shared memories together which can never be erased. I miss you.

Our relationship did not work out and we no longer talk to each other anymore. But I can’t deny that my heart still misses you from time to time.

I thought my heart could handle being away from you.  But every day that passes by, it proves to me again and again that it can’t handle your absence. Please come back to me, baby. I miss you.

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Since you’ve been gone, my life hasn’t been the same. I am praying for the day when I don’t miss you anymore, but I wonder if that day will ever come.

I have been living in denial since we broke up, but now I am tired of pretending. Baby, please forget the past and take me back into your life. I miss you, baby, and my heart can’t take this loneliness anymore.

Even though I was caught in a bad romance with you, I still miss the rare tender moments we shared. You may be gone but you are not forgotten

I still miss all the fun and crazy adventures that our adventure together saw us share. Those are memories that can never go away.

Missing You On Your Birthday Mom

mum memorial poem | Mom Missing You In Loving Memory Mother Poem ...

To the woman who always loved me at my worst. Through good times and bad, my mother was my number one fan. I am so grateful to have felt her love during her time here on earth. Missing you on your special day, Mom.

Mom, if you were here right now I know that you would tell me not to cry. So, I will keep my chin up, and remember you as the guiding light that you were and continue to be in my life. Happy Birthday in heaven, Mom.

The pain of losing you will never go away, will never dull, and will never be forgotten. The hole that your death left in my heart can never be filled. You were one of a kind, Mom. I miss you dearly.

You were taken too soon, Mom. I never got the chance to say goodbye. I miss you terribly, but I know that you are looking down on us and smiling at the life that we have created. Happy Birthday in heaven, Mother. See you again soon.

The sun is shining bright, which is no surprise for your special day. You were always such a ray of sunshine in my life. We miss you immensely but know that you are somewhere better. Have fun on your special day in heaven.

Mom, you aren’t here to blow out the candles on your cake this year. We have planned this event to remember you and your life. In honor of you, we are dedicating this birthday cake in your memory. We will never forget your special day.

Another year, another birthday without you, Mom. It never gets easier. The days go by, and I miss you more than you can imagine. Happy Birthday in heaven, Mom.

I could be sad about your passing and the fact that I no longer have you with me. Yet, I am grateful for the time that I did have with you and that you were chosen to be my mom.

I thought about you yesterday and the day before that, too. I think about you all the time. Yet, this is nothing new. You are always on my mind and never far from my thoughts. Happy Birthday to the greatest mom there ever was.

Your life on Earth may have ended, but you will live on in my heart forever. There will always be a part of you in me, your son/daughter. Sending love to you on your special day.

I go to your grave and sit there often in quiet thought and meditation. Your spirit is there, and I can feel you all around me. You are in my thoughts, actions, and decisions every single day. The memory of you will live on forever, and on this day I commit my thoughts and actions to you.

Your mother is someone who can never be replaced. No one can compare to her love for you. The days go on, but it doesn’t get easier. To keep the memory of you alive, Mom, we will have this celebration of your life every year on your birthday. I hope I make you proud. We love you.

Happy Birthday Mom In Heaven Poems

I cannot say, and I will not say
That she is dead. For she is just away.
With a great big smile, and the wave of a hand,
She has wandered away to an unknown land
And left us dreaming how very fair
It needs must be, since she lingers there.
And you-oh you, who the wildest yearn
For an old-time step, and a glad return,
Think of her as faring on, as dear
In the love of there are the love of here.
Think of her still as just the same. I say,
She is not dead – she is just away.

Birthday Wishes for Son - Birthday Wishes and Messages by Davia

A mother’s love has no end. It stretches to the depths of the unknown.
Sacrificing her heart, body, and mind for the good of her children.
Encouraging patience, kindness, endurance, and a wild mind to roam.
Sleepless nights and early mornings, despite how weary she might have been.”No one can ever replace your mother,” they said. For her love conquers all.

With a warrior’s strength and a tender heart, she takes it day by day.
Never confessing to the hardships, answering every beck and call.
A mother’s love knows no boundaries, no matter what one might say.When it is her time to go, you can’t turn back the time.
Life is but a fleeting moment with memories that last forever.
Love your mother while you can. Be grateful, helpful, and kind.
Make sure she knows how much you care. Question your love? Never.A mother’s love is irreplaceable. It can not be duplicated

It’s inherent, nature, one of a kind. Your mother is yours and you hers.
Remember her in the days to come. Prove her love can be replicated.
By her loving child, forever and always, as it is written in the stars.So on her very special day, the day that she was born.
Remember her in all of her beauty and keep your thoughts light and warm.
Your mother was a special woman whose love was never torn.
It has and always will belong to you, in her image you were formed.

Missing You On Your Birthday Son

A Special Son On Your Birthday Memorial Graveside Poem Keepsake ...

Dearest son, today is your birthday. Although you are not here to celebrate it with us, we are all thinking about you and missing you. I wish you a wonderful birthday in heaven—we will meet again someday.

Your love and happiness spread joy to everyone who knew you. Each birthday was a chance for us to celebrate all of the blessings that you brought into our life. This birthday is bittersweet. While it brings me memories of the joy you once graced our lives with, it is bitter to think that you are not here to share it with us. Have a wonderful birthday in heaven, son.

If tears could build a stairway and memories could make a lane, then I would march right up to heaven and take you home again. Happy birthday, son.

Sons like you are made in heaven. While I am still filled with grief everyday, I know that heaven is the place that your soul deserves to be. If I had to live my life a thousand times over, I would still wish that you were my son in each life. Have an amazing birthday, son!

You are truly missed by everyone you ever met. You touched our lives and gave me a reason for living. I hope that the angels are singing for joy to have you with them. On this special day, I hope that all of heaven is celebrating in your honor. Happy birthday, son!

Here’s to wishing a wonderful birthday to my son. He may not be here to celebrate with us, but he is always close in our hearts. Some day, we will get to meet again. Until then, we will celebrate his memory on every day and especially on his birthday.

May the angels sing in joy and may heaven throw an amazing party for you today. Heaven received its most amazing angel, and it is time to celebrate his birthday with happiness. I love you, son. Happy birthday.

While your birthday has rolled around again, I cannot accept that you are no longer here. I wanted to send you an amazing gift this year, but I know that I can’t. All I can do is wish on a start that all of my love will find you in heaven. Happy birthday, son.

I want you to know that we still think about you every day. I miss you every second of the day. It feels like there is a hole in my heart where you used to be. I miss your smile, your laughter and your sense of joy. Wherever you are son, have an amazing birthday.

The love of a parent for their child is unbreakable. I never realized how strong that love was until my son passed away. Even now, I feel a bond that connects me to him. I know that he is watching over us and guiding us in every way. On your birthday, son, I just want you to know that we miss you more with each passing day.

You might only be a part of my life in spirit, but I know that you are with me always. Each night, I say a prayer in the hopes that it reaches you. A son like you is a blessing for any parent to have. My only regret is that I cannot be there with you on your birthday. Happy birthday, son.

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Today, we lit a candle at your grave site. It was the only way we could think of to show you how much you mean to us and that we are still thinking of you. On your birthday, we remember all of the best memories that we shared together as a family. The angels are truly blessed to have you with them. Happy birthday, son.

Quotes From Mother To Son On His Birthday

Missing my son Poems

Congratulations my son for entering the new year. Sometimes I think that I must have done something very good in life that God has rewarded me with you. Always be like this happy and cheerful! Good luck!

My prince, you were the dream that comes true. I can’t imagine a day without you. My love, you’ll always be at the top place of my heart. Celebrate this day with much joy! Best wishes!

Happy birthday, my naughty boy! You’re the loveliest flower in the garden of my heart. I can do anything for your welfare. May God give you patience and make you a mature person! Have a blast on your birthday!

My adorable son, my best companion, happy birthday! Your smile gives me the eternal peace, your presence give me the unmeasurable happiness. May God enlighten the way of your life and make you the happiest person! Lots of love and affection for you, my child!

My baby boy, happy 1st birthday! I couldn’t understand how 1 year has passed. May God give you many years of healthy life! Many blessings!

Birthday Wishes For Son From Mother

23 Best David images | Birthday in heaven, Happy birthday in ...

Today you’ve turned into 20, my son. Congratulations on entering a new phase of life. You may have to face many new challenges and difficulties in life but never break down. You’ll always found me by your side to support you and I’m sure you’ll successfully overcome all the difficulties. Have a wonderful life ahead!

Happy 10th birthday, dear! You’re my love and my pride. Thanks for giving me the best 10- years of my life and hope to continue it. Don’t forget to follow the right path and be an honest and virtuous man.

Today is one of the most important days of my life. Because on this day God has sent you in my life which is the best gift ever. Happy birthday, my son! May you grow up with dignity and have the strength to remove all the difficulty! My blessings are always with you.

My dear son, today you’ve entered the teen phase. Many congratulations to you! You can make this new stage beautiful with your good nature and behavior. Always try to follow the good examples and listen to the good advice. Best wishes to you! Have a memorable 13th birthday!

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Happy birthday, my superhero! May you have a day full of surprises, blessings, gifts, and warm wishes! Have an enjoyable and adventurous life! Know that, you are always in my prayers.

Missing You On Your Birthday Dad

I miss you u dad

I am sending across my birthday wish to the best dad in the world. He may not be here right now, but I will always love him. Happy birthday dad.

Dad, since you were gone, I have missed all the wonderful times we had together. I would give anything to relive those good times. Happy birthday in heaven dad. I will love you always.

It hurts me deeply to think that you are not here with us. I am glad that we cherished and enjoyed every moment we had while you were here. I love you so much. Happy birthday in heaven.

Losing you at such a tender age was so heartbreaking. As I grow up, I know that you are watching over me from heaven. I will always remain my daddy’s little girl. I wish you a happy birthday.

I have stopped staring at the sky because the brightest star is no more there – you. I will always love you. Happy birthday in heaven dad.


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