The Three Types of Women

The three types of women that will change your life forever
This is going to be your ultimate guide on the types of women you should be interested in for different reasons. Because, even though in your mind there are only two types of women – Good vs Bad, the reality is a bit different. Once you understand this, a world of opportunities will open to you, and your life will suddenly become better than it was.

The three types of women, I started this piece with aree divided into:
The smartass
she is well educated, sometimes even too much. She likes to engage in different things and does not allow others to push her away. But, she is also a pain in the ass, because she will argue on about everything to prove that she is worth something. Smartass can be good or bad looking and be great company. Bus she is not for someone who is not educated and has a short temper.

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If you are able to intelectually challenge her, then you have a chance. But you have to be careful with her femministic disorders. You can find her in relaxed places such as bars, musea, theaters and other “smart ass” locations.

The bitch
Well we all know her, at least you think so. This girls is someone who enjoys to have fun and often takes charge to get what she wants. These women can have multiple partners but that is not necessary. Their name comes from the way they interact with the world. Usually they care more about themselves than others and will do almost anything to get what they want. If you are looking for a quick one night stand, she is your woman; even if she pretends not to be easy at first.

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The good girl
If you are looking for a long term something, you should aim for this woman. She is someone who behaves and respects others around her. She will not disrespect others or pretend to be higher than others. This kind of women, will not sleep with you on a first date, her heart needs to be won first. But once you manage that, you will have a fine woman on your side.

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Mistakes you make when approaching women
Unfortunately, women who look boring and do not seek attention per se are the ones that you should chase. However, since the bitches know how to fool a mans main navigator when it comes to women, they will most probably get your attention with their sexy outfits. These women will make you chase things only for one prupose. While in fact, you seek to find some content also.

You see, the good women also have qualities such as sexiness and passion, only they do not show it off so much.

Yet, all men make the mistake to chase the women they do not really want only because she looks hot. Next time you see a woman you really want to pick up. Ask yourself this question “Do I relly want to be with her for long?” Do so, and you will find out that in most cases your answer is no. You want her, but you do not really want her. You only want her for one thing.

Having said this, you can not alyways [almost never] judge the character of a woman by just looking at her. Therefore, take a moment to find out who she really is. And when you do so, decide what your intentions will be.

If you have decided that you really need a shag, then find your bitch and go ahead, should not be too difficult. However, if you are looking for something more, ignore the exposed skin for a while [this triggers your little pirate to take over] and try to judge her on other aspects.


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As a final note, all there three types of women can be disguised as each other. So at the end of the day, there is no easy way to figure out who is who and what she wants. The only way for you to answer that question is to approach her and find out. After that, you eiter decide to bail, get her details and set a date or take her to your place and make some sexual healing music together.


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