4 Simplest Way To Immigrate To The United States Of America

The Easiest Way To Immigrate To Usa – The United States of America is without a doubt one of the world’s most popular countries. As a result, she drew foreigners from all over the world for a long time. Many people wish to leave their home countries for greener pastures in the United States. When it comes to immigration, foreign nationals choose the United States of America for a variety of reasons.

Here are the Four simplest but most popular ways to enter the nation legally and eventually become a permanent resident and citizen. The Easiest Way To Immigrate To Usa

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What Is The Easiest Way To Immigrate To Usa

Through Employment/Work Visa

The United States is a skilled country. You are unable to take advantage of the various employment openings that are advertised online. If you’re fortunate, your prospective employer will file a petition with the USCIS, which must be accepted before you can apply for a work visa. 

Work visas range in duration from a few months to permanent residency status. You risk deportation if you do not adhere to your time constraints and reapply. Deportation still occurs on occasion, so if you intend to stay for an extended period of time, you might consider becoming a citizen to avoid it entirely.’ The Easiest Way To Immigrate To Usa

Through Business

The Easiest Way To Immigrate To Usa
The Easiest Way To Immigrate To Usa

For businessmen, the E2 visa can be a fantastic option. If you have an E2 visa, you are able to invest in and run a US company. Applicants for this category of visa may be of certain nationalities. If your country and the United States have an E2 treaty, you may submit an application.  The Easiest Way To Immigrate To Usa

You might also be able to immigrate to the US with your spouse and kids using this visa. The E2 visa is a non-immigrant visa that does not award you a green card but allows your spouse to work and your children to attend school in the United States. However, there are ways to eventually convert your E2 visa to a green card. As long as the requirements are met, there is no limit on how many times you can renew your E2 visa. The Easiest Way To Immigrate To Usa

Through Green Card (Visa Lottery)

Every year, the Diversity Green Card Lottery chooses about 55,000 individuals to submit immigration petitions to the US. A nation like Estonia, Fiji, and Ukraine are underrepresented in immigrants coming to America.

If an applicant doesn’t fit into one of these categories, occasionally their spouse can provide the required credentials. In addition to them, the applicant’s close family members also get green cards. Since the explanations provided above are so broad, it is essential to carefully review each decision made in order to comprehend it from every angle.

Through immediate family Invitation

If you have family or relatives who are US citizens, you can enter the country legally by accepting their personal invitation, according to the USCIS. For instance, if a U.S. citizen is your husband, your unmarried kid under the age of 21, or your parent, you are eligible to come to the country (if the U.S. citizen is older than 21). The Easiest Way To Immigrate To Usa