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  • Do you often see beautiful woman that you had like to talk to, but you stop yourself from approaching her because of fear and don't know what to do or say? 
  • discover how the woman brain works and Spark attraction in any woman and make her love you for who you are
  • Learn exactly what to say when approaching a woman and keep the conversation going without becoming a boredom for her
  • discover the secret to deal with your fear of been rejected when you approach a beautiful woman 

Hi, I'm Abdullahi presido, i was once open a time a Mr nice guy that feels approach anxiety and inconvenience when it comes to approaching woman, learn my step by step strategies i use to overcome my approach anxiety and become an alpha male that woman wants to talk to, and how you too can do that, keep reading to discover the secret 

Want to date Beautiful woman? : if you are tired of striking out with ladies, then steal the ultimate secret technique to spark attraction, get the girl and go on an instant date! 

when a man triggers attraction in woman, she can't help it but to  get attracted to the man... 

if a man knows how the woman brain works and where attraction is located inside the brain of a woman, then he can trigger attraction and approach a woman in any situation and the woman can't help it but to get attracted to him 

been a Mr nice guy Is not something interesting, after working on my approach anxiety and study how attraction works in woman brain

i discovered that most guys don't know how to make a woman want them, they hide their sexual feelings because of "what if she doesn't feel the same way "

but you need to understand that woman can not consciously control who she is attracted to, because how attraction works in woman brain is totally different from what you may be thinking!

​what a woman wants in the last hundred generations is what she will still want in the next hundreds of generations to come! 

​when a man triggers primal attraction in woman brain, then she subconsciously become a fierce "sexy cave woman that is trying to mate with the leader of the tribe" 

she won't know, because you are speaking to the unconscious part of her nature that have been existing  for thousands of years in human evolution 

she did not know it existed and she can't turn it off either, she will just act according to her subconscious mind and that's why she can't get full control of who she can fall in love with, but only a man that can talk to her subconscious Part of her nature 

but how do you talk to her subconscious brain? Since you can't tell her to get attracted to you, no she won't be attracted to you that way, because attraction is subconscious, it's a instant, and it's a feeling she can't turn off but to follow what her subconscious brain told her to do

All you just need to do is to "flick a switch and activate the Lady fierce sexual cave woman modein her

i have come across many woman that says they want to marry someone like their father 

​well that's partially true 

because she doesn't have full control over who she can fall in love with

it's not the matter of how the man looks, either he is short, tall, fat or skinny 

but it's the emotion a man makes her feel that gives her a warm and fuzzy feeling where she can't help but surrender herself...

 and she will want the man to show up in her life 

it doesn't matter if the man is fat, bald, old or even skinny 

since the ​sexual chemistry is emotional, it's a feeling she too can't help 

​now where does the feeling comes from? Those feelings comes from the chemical in our bodies

scientist have officially pinpointed "3 chemical which gives her the feeling of love and desire "

they officially name the chemicals "the love chemicals"

that chemical make her body feels extremely attracted to a man that Triggers those chemicals in her body and that tells her brain that "you are extremely good match for her" and she doesn't have control over it 

 one mistake most guys do make about attracting a woman 

Most guys don't know that attracting a woman is not all about going to gym, having six packs Or having  a lot of money, thou that too might help but it can't give you the dating life you want .

Attracting woman is all about doing what works, avoiding what woman hate that turning her off 

average guys on street that's still broke can be more attractive to woman than a more wealthy or six pack guy if he can do what works and triggers attraction in woman 

In fact i have trained many rich guys and guys that have big packs how to approach woman 

 how me and my friend Mike overcome our approaching fear  and become an Ultimate alpha male that woman cave for 

​i grew up as a topical nice guy that was always uncomfortable around woman..... 

​i am always afraid when it comes to approaching woman and i had always ​wish there was a more easier way to approach a woman 

​it was really and a not interesting lifestyle i have ever lived,

even when i was in school and i started having conversations with any of my female classmate i am used to running out of things to say because i don't want to offend them or make them hate me because of my speech 😢 

then there was a beautiful lady i was secretly falling in love with but to approach her is the biggest problem I  have then

​i don't know how to approach woman and i don't want to lose this beautiful girl

on a beautiful morning i called one of my friend that have confidence to approach woman and i pay him to help me approach the girl i am in love with 

the guy do so 😁 and he help me to work things out, then me and the girl started dating 😘

​on the day i heard the great news that the girl has accepted to go on a date with me, i was crazy happy, i felt i have made the greatest achievement in lifetime

when me and the girl went on a date, i make all the biggest mistakes most nice guys make that turns girl off 😟

i have conversations that are very platonic and friendly with her 

i try to make her feel comfortable 

i put all my effort to make her laugh so she can like me 

i don't say anything that can upset her 

i always agree with everything she says because i thought if i disagree with her she won't like me anymore 

i hide my sexual feelings from her because of  "what if she doesn't feels the same way? " 😐

i thought i was doing something great 

i thought to myself that if i Was The nicest guy she knew i would be her boyfriend forever 

i don't even know that all my actions was literally Repelling  her and at the glance of an eye out relationship comes to an end 😭

to me it seems like the world has come to an end, i don't even know what to do, i felt lonely, helpless and having a boring dating lifestyle 😴

i knew some of my friends that have a perfect relationship with there partner and i ask myself what are they doing that am not?

now for me to find a perfect solution to my problem i started watching YouTube videos, buying lot and lot of dating course, going to different boot camps and seminar 

then i started improving at approaching a woman but i always end up in the friend zone

yeah no woman wants to date me their response is always "you are cool but it will be better if we are just friends " i felt depressed anytime i heard this statement and i will said to myself "i knew this will be her response "

​not until i finally learnt the the secret technique of what works, and then i learnt what i was doing wrong 

i started working on myself using this powerful techniques and i put things into practice, that was the time i turned to an alpha male that get control over woman feelings 

i started dating higher quality of woman than expected and i become very comfortable around woman not only that i learnt the right tactics to approach womam

i get connected with more beautiful woman and among my friends i become a super star That never runs out of things to say when talking to a woman

month later i met a new friend called Mike 

Mike was a gentle nice guy just like me a and our story is somehow related, and he too want a better dating lifestyle 

​Mike was making lots of mistakes that makes woman turn away from him

Mike thought its because he was skinny, then Mike started hitting the gym, he do several work out in gym 

he started spending lots of money on expensive clothes, expensive wrist watch and buy expensive perfume just to be more attractive to woman 

thou all this things he did worked,

at least he land himself in friends zone 😀 but the problem with Mike is that he didn't know that he was the one turning away those girls himself 

Mike explain is situation to me and i reveal the secret techniques i used to him, Mike started practicing what he learn from technique i reveal to him

and on the third day i received this amazing message from Mike 

"hi bro, It takes me only few hours to work on myself using the techniques you taught me, bro i now knew what am doing wrong to turn woman away from me and i have already fixed them , yesterday i just went on a walk in the school campus and i was able to approach three different girls, i get there contact and fix a date with two of them and i went on an instant date with the third one, she even return with me to my house and it was a lot of fun, she just left this morning, i wish i had know you earlier, i will not have stressed myself and spend that much just to get a beautiful woman, thanks to you bro it was a blessing knowing you. "

​This was how me and my friend Mike fix our approach anxiety and have more fun and comfortable life around woman, thou it took me years To  master but i finally figured out the solution ​​

  getting attached to woman in seconds and become an alpha male secret techniques

create chemistry and trigger"the love chemical" by doing the right thing and spark attraction in woman to make her get attracted to you 

master the great conversation skill That Won't make you land in the friend zone or kill attraction in woman instantly but to escalate things to the next level for you

Be confidence, spark attraction, make her sweep over her feet, get the girl and make her wants you

What are you going to learn in the secret techniques 

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    How to read woman subtle clues in order to be more successful when approaching a woman  
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    ​learn the secret techniques to activate the look of desire in any woman and make her eye Spackle with attraction without you having to open your mouth or wallet ( use this before you approach her and never worry about rejection) 
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    Crazy tactics to approach a woman in any situation no matter how difficult the situation is, whether she is with her mom or with her boyfriend, and when she is even busy 



Here is the Alpha male builder secret techniques​ me and my friend Mike use to overcome our approach anxiety and have a more fun and comfortable life around woman

this course consist of the secret techniques i have been teaching over the years and have over 400+ happy students that are now satisfy with their dating lifestyle using the techniques in this course 

thou this course is "not a magical power" that will do things for you without you practicing,

if you get this course and put everything inside it to practice i can assure you that you will get the best results out of it and start enjoying a better dating lifestyle 


>> discover what woman wants to make her sexually open up 

>>understand where  attraction is located and how it works in woman brain 

>>learn The crazy tactics to use for woman to become a lover that woman never forget 

>>discover the "ONE BIGGEST MISTAKES " that most guys makes that turn woman off and kills her mood instantly and how to avoid it

>>learn the secret techniques to "ACTIVATE THE LOOK OF DESIRE " in any woman and make her eye Spackle with attraction without opening your mouth or wallet 

>>master "THE VERBAL ATTRACTION FORMULA " that trigger the love chemical in woman brain and make her get attracted to you instantly 

>> learn the step-by-step strategies to overcome your approach anxiety ( fear of approaching a beautiful woman) and become an alpha male woman cave for 

>> the "CRAZY TACTICS " to approach any woman in any situation no matter how difficult the situation is (maybe she is with her mom, or her boyfriend or even when she is busy) without becoming a boredom for her 

>> Learn to "READ THE WOMAN SUBTLE CLUES " in order to be more successful when approaching a woman 

>> discover the secret techniques you can use to create a deep passionate connection with any woman 

​>> and lot more 

The alpha male builder

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​Abdullahi Presido 


About the creator 

I am Abdullah presido, the creator of the alpha male builder course, over the years, i have been teaching guys and helping them to have the dating lifestyle they can ever imagine.

i knew there are many guys outside there that are struggling to have a girlfriend and overcome their fear of approaching woman and here i have come to help you 

And that's one of the reasons i have brought the Alpha male builder course to you, to make you have and live the best of your dating lifestyle. 

I have ones been there too, i know how you feel and i know it's am Competent to serve you 

Just $10?  isn't it worth more than that? 

Yes it's $10 and it's worth more than that but here's the reason 

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Just the information you need and the results you wish to get. 

This course is for guys who wants to : 

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    Guys who wants to be more comfortable around woman
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    Guys who wants to spark attraction and get attracted to more girls 
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    ​guys who wants to have more better dating approach and lifestyle 
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    Guys who wants to connect with more girls 
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    Guys who feels insecurity around woman and have fear to approach a beautiful woman 

This course is not for guys who wants to :

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    ​is not for guys who are not ready to put what they learn in this course to practice 
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    Is not for guys who wants to use the techniques they learn in this course to hurt woman .
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    is not for guys who are not ready to approach a woman 
The alpha male builder

This course is the solution for guys who is struggling with any of the following

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    This course provide the best solution for guys who feels insecure around woman 
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    Guys who feels like they are unattractive to woman .
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    Guys that have a relationship life far from what they want 
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    guys that experiencing fear when it comes to approaching a beautiful woman 
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    Guys that have lack of experience in healthy relationship 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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