Thanking God For Another Birthday

thank god for another birthday

Thank God For Another Birthday : So you know God has been faithful through the years you have spent on this earth and will love to say Thank You God, for Your Birthday?

Congratulations! You’re plus one today! On a day like this you might wish “Happy Birthday to me” in a funny way, but you might want to show gratitude to God for bringing you this far in life, uplift your soul and ask for guidance and protection in the coming year.

Thank You God for My Birthday

For the eyes you have given me to see, the legs to walk and hands to work through all these years, I have come to thank you, dear Lord, for my birthday and many more to come.

thank god for another birthday

There are beautiful sights for which I am grateful I have eyes to see. For my heart that beats all day, Lord I have come to say thank you, even for my birthday. Thank You God for My Birthday

Lord, I thank you for all the answered prayers through the years. And I am grateful for another year you have added to seek your face in truth and spirit. Happy birthday to me from you. Thank You God for My Birthday

Lord, I thank you for your mercy and grace which are new every morning since I have been on this planet earth. I thank you for your help to see another birthday of mine. I love you, Lord.

Birthday Prayers for Myself

Lord Jesus, I can’t thank you enough for bringing me this far in life. I might not be a billionaire, but You have blessed me with life, good health, happiness and peace of mind. These gifts are worth more than all the money and treasures of the world. Thank you so much. And please, keep on smiling on me.

You are my sunshine, dearest heavenly Father. I pray that You continue to transform every darkness in my world into the spectacular rays of the sun. Thank you for filling up my life with countless blessings.

Father, since I accepted you as my personal savior, my life has become simply happy and wonderful. Today, I pray that You continue to bless me with happiness. Birthday Prayers for Myself

Dear God, today, I pray that You give me the strength to forge ahead in life and fulfill the destiny that You have placed in front of me.

God, all I ask from you on my birthday is that you give me the ability and strength to love and serve you faithfully, come what may.

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Dear God, I thank you today for the precious gift of life that You have blessed me with. I pray that for as long as I live I will continue to do things that please you. Thank you so much, Father.

Thank You God For Another Birthday

Through every dark and rainy weather, and through every moment that I felt just as gloomy in and out of those moments, thank You, Lord, for another chance to be alive and celebrate my birthday.

Thank You, God, I made it yet again cause you choose to love me enough, to surprise me with another year of life and to celebrate my existence. Thank You God For Another Birthday

Here are my grateful smile and several silents but joyful exclamations to say Thank You God for a new chance and to another life to celebrate on this special day.

Life constantly presents us with opportunities but staying alive to make beautiful deeds of it, all depends on God. Thank You, God, for this chance to witness a new age.

For the daily journey that began with a second, minutes, hours, and now 365 days, this is more than just a chance. God, thank You for many chances, happy birthday to me. Thank You God For Another Birthday

As I close a year and open another, I think back to all of the blessings, benefits and favours, I lost words for appreciation Lord but still, thank You God for all.

Thank God For Another Birthday

Lord, I thank you for your salvation and love which are pure and free. I magnify your name for being the giver of everything that pertains to life and godliness. I dedicate this birthday to you, Lord.

For the gift of life and the promises you have for me in your word, Lord, I have come to say thank you for another year in your loving-kindness. I have come to bless you for making it possible for me to see another birthday. I am grateful, my God. Thank God For Another Birthday

With outstretched arms and songs of praise, I have come to bless you for adding another year to my life. Thank you for making me see another birthday. I am grateful, Lord.

Lord, for taking away my darkness and giving my your light for all these years, bearing my burdens, pains and shames, healing me of all sicknesses and diseases and granting me sound health by your name… I have come to say thank you, Lord. Thank you for another year from you to me.

Thanking God for Another Birthday

I’m thankful to my Creator for all what He has done in my life, most importantly for giving me the privilege to enjoy another birthday in good health and happiness. Thank you, God. Happy birthday to me!

God, from the bottom of my heart, I say thank you for blessing me with another beautiful year. I’m grateful for this priceless gift that You have freely bestowed upon me. Thanking God for Another Birthday

Good Lord, please bless me abundantly today and give me the strength and courage to never stray from the path of righteousness. Thank you for gifting me another year to enjoy this beautiful world you created for mankind.

Thank you, God, for blessing me with yet another Big Day. Please, bless and protect me in the days ahead so that my heart may know true happiness. Thanking God for Another Birthday

Lord, please, today is my special day and I want to pray for your divine guidance and blessings so that I may experience true happiness all my days on earth.

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Today is my birthday. And as I celebrate it, I’m thankful for the great blessing of waking up in the morning to see another day. I’m also grateful for all the good things that the good Lord has done in my life over the years, and I pray that He continue to shower my life with His precious blessings. Happy birthday to me!

Thanking God For My Birthday

For the daylight that welcomes each day, For the sunshine to make my daily hay, And for the abundant air that I breathe, Oh Lord, I thank you for them all always. I’m grateful that they always make my day. And, see how they graced my birthday, today! Thanking God For My Birthday

Lord, I am here before you today Celebrating another year of your grace And there are things I would love to say But my mouth can’t just verbalise them all! Can I talk of all you have freely given me? Or your blessings which are great but unseen? Each time I think about it all, I sigh… And I just must open up, with a grateful heart… And say Thank You, Lord. Yes, thank you, dear Lord!

No matter how hard I try, I won’t be able to thank you enough for all you have done and will ever do. I am so grateful to be called yours. Thanks for all the birthdays from time past, today’s and the ones to come.

I have walked through the shadows of death, been troubled on all sides too. I have had my share of pains and agonies… But in it all, you have been my stay. I therefore dedicate this birthday to you, Lord, as gratitude for all you have done.

I am aware that a thousand tongues will not be enough to sing your praise. So no matter how much I try, I can’t just thank you enough for all you have invested in me to see my birthday again. I’m grateful, Lord.

My heart, soul spirit and body belong to the true and holy God. I’ve come to reverence you like I’ve always do, for the life that you give and the strength to celebrate it yearly. Dear Lord, thank you for this birthday and for everything. I love you. Thanking God For My Birthday

Lord, here I come, I confess that there is none else beside you. I bow here, where I find my daily rest, knowing that without you, this birthday wouldn’t be. So I say, I’m grateful for the life that you gave. I love you, Lord.

Thank You God For My Birthday Today

Every breath taken is a blessing that’s embedded in new chances, and here is my gratitude to see a new life, thank God for me, friends, for a new year of life. Thank You God For My Birthday Today

More than ever, I’d appreciate if you’ll join me in thanking an amazing God for giving me the chance to see and celebrate a new phase of my life.

For every minute I’ve spent on this planet earth, it’s all thanks to God for every new chance, give glory to God with me as I celebrate my existence.

Today, I realise that without God, life would’ve been a constant mess but thanks to God for many daily chances and especially for today, my happy day.

Thank you God for all the beautiful deeds that have happened according to your many chances in my life, it’s another chance to celebrate myself, it can only be you Lord. Thank You God For My Birthday Today

Thinking back, I realised I had given God plenty of reasons to turn His back on me, I didn’t deserve another chance but for a merciful God, all thanks to You, my God.

Thanking God for Another Birthday Quotes

I was once lost but your grace found me. Yes, I was was blind to the awesomeness of knowing you but mercy gave me sight. Lord, I belong to you and I want it to be this way, forever. Lord, today, I proclaim that You will be all I’ll live for. Amen. Thank you, God, for making me see another year.

Glorious God, beautiful King and excellent God, I have come to bow before your throne and worship at your feet.
And I will do this all my life because you’re the only one who is worthy to receive all the glory. Thank you for another birthday of mine, dear Lord.

You have made all things beautiful, and I am one. You have made the seasons and ordered them to favour me. You have been from ages and have been all I’ve ever desired. You have been the reason for all the birthdays I celebrate. So I’ve come to thank you for being a father and friend. I love you, Lord.

I’ve seen you In all the paths I’ve followed, in every move I made. You have been the source of inspiration for everything I ever did right. You have been a friend I can call on anytime, any day. You have been my all in all, and the reason this birthday is possible. Thank you, dear Lord.

To me, you have been the God of awesome wonders whose power I have tasted. Indeed, you have shown me so much mercy, even much more than I deserve. My eyes have seen Your goodness and my ears have heard of your untold wonders. And today, I have come to bless you for everything you are to me. Thank you, Lord, for another year of your favour.

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