Sweet Happy Birthday Poems For Her

Happy Birthday Poems For Her
Happy Birthday Poems For Her

Happy Birthday Poems For Her :  Romantic birthday poems are the perfect way to ignite your sweetheart’s passion and pleasure. Another year has passed and we look back on failures and successes. We think about our goals for the future and reflect on the past year. These are all thoughts that may came up on a birthday, but the main thing is to use a birthday as an opportunity to celebrate life and be joyful for the chance to be with friends and family.

Happy Birthday Poems For Her

You are smart and creative, and I admire and respect you. I look up to you as my protector and hero.

Happy Birthday Poems For Her
Happy Birthday Poems For Her

My Love, I pray the Lord Will keep our sacred love In place, until we reunite With Him, in heaven above.

My Love, I pray the Lord Will hold you in His arms, Protecting you and keeping you Safe from any harms.

My Love, I pray the Lord Will bless your special day; Your birthday means so very much To me, in every way.

Our love gets better every year. I wish we had started earlier, so I could have more years with you–each year better than the last.

You have mental strength and character To guide you on your way; People sense this strength in you, And care about what you say.

My love, I wish you a happy birthday, But it’s me who has been blessed, For I got to spend the year with you, In our comfy, cozy nest.

You are a rare and beautiful person; You have delightful attributes, Like competence and intelligence, And what’s more, lots of cutes!

There are no words intense enough to describe how deeply I love you. I love you more than I thought I was capable of loving anyone.

Your birthday is like a world-class gift, Because you give me such a lift. Sweet and tender, funny, too. How could I ever do without you?

Happy birthday, and many more; Who knows what our lives have in store; Happiness and lots of fun, Because my darling, you’re the one!

Birthday Poems For Her

So let’s celebrate your birthday, Because without it I’d never have met My darling, wonderful you, The best thing that’s happened to me yet!

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I wish Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife. She’s a rich source of joy that fills up my life. Within me, my heart fills with pleasure and cheer For the happiness she brings me whenever she’s near.

Every day my sweet wife and I share love, For this gift, I’m thankful to the Lord above. I hope and wish we’ll have more time to share, Many more birthdays, that is my prayer.

You are the love of my life. You are my heart’s desire. You are my best friend, my favorite companion, my partner, my playmate, the lover of my fondest fantasies. I love to hug you, touch you, smell you, taste you, merge with you.

You make me feel happy, contented, peaceful and complete. You accept me just as I am, even though I am very different from you. You accept me and love me, even when you don’t understand me.

When you’re near me I feel whole and complete, When you’re not, there’s a part of me missing. Your caring and warmth provide such a treat, There’s no one I’d rather be kissing.

You’re my sweetheart, my lover, the best part of my life, That’s why I want to convey My deep feelings for you, my wonderful wife, All my love on your special day.

You complain about aging, yet every new sign that you’re getting older reminds me how blessed I am to have you for another birthday, another year. You worry about sags and bags and wrinkles yet all I see

is the life and love in your eyes. Your contagious smile still warms my heart. Your silly humor still lifts me with laughter. I hope and pray that you’ll get older and older and older, because when you’re 100, I’ll enjoy you and love you even more than I do today. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart, And many, many, many more.

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Your birthday fills me with happiness, because being with you is my pleasure, my joy. I’m hoping and praying for many more years, many more birthdays to reveal all the aspects of my love for you: the warmth in my heart whenever you’re near, the ecstasy of being close to you, the excitement of sharing our lives together, the sweet peace of knowing you are mine. On your birthday, be aware that I love you more than I can say, more than you can know.

Short Happy Birthday Poems For Her

Let my love into your heart, I’m already halfway there,
Just take me all the way, With my heart laid bare.

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Happy birthday, my love. When I see you,
My knees go weak, My heart jumps, I cannot speak.

I’m right beside you, Nothing’s wrong,
Hand in hand we go, I’m where I belong.

You’re my clear blue sky, That you must surely know,
It’s as clear as a sunny day, My love for you burns so.

You’re a gift from above, So intense, so hot, so true,
Caressing me with kindness, Forever I have loved you.

Let my love find its way, I want to show you I care,
I can’t bear it any longer, I have so much love to share,

Nobody compares to you, No heart or soul comes near,
It’s only you I need and desire, Happy birthday, my dearest dear.

You’re the sunshine on my face, The warmth that dries my tears,
The bright light behind my smile, My nighttime heat all these years

I love you crazier than ever, I’m yours to take, keep or lose, I can’t get
near enough of you, My sweet treat I cannot refuse. Happy birthday!.

Happy birthday! Adored is the heart touched by you, Redeemed is the soul
by your side, Blessed are the eyes that behold you, For my heart, soul and eyes don’t lie.

Sweeter than anything, I will ever taste, Passion so fierce, I can just melt away,
An ache so strong, It fills my every thought, My love for you, Each moment, each day.

Happy birthday! No love is sweeter, No love is crazier, No love is sillier, No love is rawer,
No love is needier, No love is hotter, No love is nicer, No love is cozier, No love is truer, No love is softer,
No love is fuller, No love is deeper, No love is lovelier, Than my love for you. Happy birthday, my love!

Love Birthday Poems For Her

The day you were born Was a great day indeed;
It allowed us to meet, Which was just what I’d need.

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To share a life blessed with love, Filled with joy and with wonder,
And be close with you, partner, Like lightning and thunder.

The day you were born Deserves trumpets and song,
For that day the sweet love Of my life came along.

It took years till we met, But that day is the thing
That brought you to me, And made my heart sing.

Let’s make your birthday sizzle, A real scorcher in every way,
I want to reveal my love to you, Let me show you on your special day.

You are my true soul mate, All I will ever desire is you,
Your beauty revitalizes me, How exquisite I feel, how new.

Our hearts hint at passion, Our smiles promise thrills,
Take my gift of unbridled love, How exquisite we’ll be and feel.

I wish you only the very best, From the bottom of my heart,
A gift of love wrapped in yearning, And a gentle kiss with lips apart.

You can feel it on my burning skin, The tender flame I hold for you,
With your special day upon us, Let my love set you on fire too.

To stay with you, To hear your voice, To see your smile,
To walk with you, To talk to you, And laugh with you awhile.

That’s all I’ll ever need, To be as happy as I can be,
Because I love you, You mean everything to me. Happy birthday!

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