10 TV Shows Like The Outsider That You Should Watch If You Love The Series

Shows Like The Outsider – The Outsider follows an investigation that appears to be easy and straightforward at first, but things quickly spiral out of control when it leads to the horrible murder of a young boy by a seasoned cop. When an ominous supernatural entity enters the investigation, the investigators are forced to question all they believe in.

Despite the fact that HBO did not renew the show, King indicated that scripts for a second season have been written, and the actors and crew have expressed interest in continuing it. HBO declined a second season in November 2020, allowing production company MRC to shop the show to other broadcasters.

While we wait for the second season to return, I think it’s preferable to kill time with a binge-worthy show like The Outsider. If you’re looking for something to watch after The Outsider, here are ten alternative programs to consider.

Before that, I quickly responded to a few frequently asked questions about The Outsider.

Where Can I Watch The Outsider Series?

How do I watch the outsider? The outsider is presently available on HBO, Hulu, IMDb, Amazon, and moviesjoy, to name a few important and reputable paid and free streaming networks. The Outsider, on the other hand, is now unavailable on Netflix and will not be available any time soon.

How Many Episodes In The Outsider Series?

The Outsider was a one-season, twelve-episode television series that aired from January 12, 2020, to March 8, 2020. Despite the fact that it was only a one-season show, it became a word-of-mouth favorite for HBO. 2.2 million people watched the finale across all platforms.

Is The Outsider True?

NO, ‘The Outsider’ is not based on a true story. And thankfully so! The story focuses on such a grim and unimaginable crime that it gives us nightmares as it is, and it all comes out of Stephen King’s imagination.

Will There Be An Outsider Part 2?

YES/NO. Stephen King had previously stated that a new season of the thriller was in the works, but the show will now have to find a new home.

Why Was The Outsiders Cancelled?

Outsiders Season 3 was canceled, and Kern stated that they will be reallocating resources to create a more diverse programming strategy and new structures. As a result, they must terminate the series for future seasons in order to free up resources.

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What Happened To Mrs Peterson In The Outsider?

Shows Like The Outsider
Shows Like The Outsider

Frankie and Ollie’s mother is Joy Peterson. Losing a child is one of the most traumatic experiences a person can have, and it can have a physical impact. The Outsider decides to stab Joy’s character in the back by having her die abruptly from a heart attack shortly after Ollie’s death.

Where Can I Watch Outsiders Season 2?

“Outsiders – Season 2” is currently available to view on Hulu or purchase as a download on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu, Amazon Video, and Microsoft Store.

Is The Outsider A Series?

Yes, The Outsider is a psychological thriller-horror criminal drama television series based on Stephen King’s 2018 novel of the same name. What’s more perplexing is that there are at least four additional films with the title “The Outsider.

What Is The Monster In The Outsider Book?

The monster is a shape-shifting creature that feeds on people’s pain, sorrows and fears.

The Outsiders Cast

The Outsider is a fantastic television show with fantastic and lovable characters who ensured the show’s success. If you’re interested in learning more about a particular character, I’ve included a list of each character’s real names below.

  • Tom Waits as Buck Merrill
  • Tom Cruise as Steve Randle
  • Michelle Meyrink as Marcia
  • William Smith as Store Clerk
  • Rob Lowe as Sodapop Curtis
  • Ralph Macchio as Johnny Cade
  • Glenn Withrow as Tim Shepard
  • Darren Dalton as Randy Anderson
  • Diane Lane as Sherri “Cherry” Valance
  • Leif Garrett as Robert “Bob” Sheldon
  • C. Thomas Howell as Ponyboy Curtis
  • Matt Dillon as Dallas “Dally” Winston
  • Patrick Swayze as Darrel “Darry” Curtis
  • Emilio Estevez as Keith “Two-Bit” Matthews

What Are Other Series Similar To The Outsider?

What should I watch if I loved the outsider? I came up with a list of ten (10) shows to watch if you like vampire diaries after having to watch countless shows to locate the near-perfect one that is comparable to the outsider.

  •  Dark
  • Awake
  • True Blood
  • Castle Rock
  • Sharp Objects
  • Locke and Key
  • The Lost Room
  • Forever Knight
  • Lovecraft Country
  • The Haunting of Hill House

1. Awake

Awake is an American police procedural fantasy-drama TV shows like the outsider Created by Kyle Killen and was originally aired on NBC for one season from March 1, 2012, until May 24, 2012, consisting of just one (1) season and thirteen (13) episodes.

The storyline is about Detective Michael Britten who after getting in a car accident with his wife and teenage son, finds himself alternating between two different realities. One minute he is navigating a world where his son survived but his wife perished and the next he is in another reality in which his wife is the one that survived.

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In order to keep both loved ones alive, Britten begins living in dueling realities. To try to regain some normalcy in his life, the detective returns to solving crimes in both worlds, with a different partner in each. If he ever survives, is truly what this series is all about.


2. True Blood

Seventh on this list of other shows like the outsider is True Blood. True Blood is an American fantasy horror drama television series produced and created by Alan Ball. It is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries, a series of novels by Charlaine Harris.

The story revolves around Sookie Stackhouse who works as a barmaid in Louisiana and has the ability to read people’s minds. Sookie’s world is turned upside down when she falls in love with 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton, and for the first time, she must navigate the trials and terrors of intimacy and relationships.

The series was first premiered on September 7, 2008, before coming to conclusion on August 24, 2014, with seven (7) seasons and eighty 80 episodes to its name. True Blood is truly eye-opening, inspiring, informative, and knowledgeable throughout the season.


3. Locke and Key

Locke & Key is a 2020 American supernatural horror drama streaming television series that was first premiered on Netflix on February 7, 2020. and has been renewed for a second (to be released on October 2021) and third season. The show was developed by Carlton Cuse, Meredith Averill, and Aron Eli Coleite.

This series is based on the comic-book series of the same name by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez and the storyline centers around three siblings who after their father Rendell Locke was murdered had to move into a house filled with reality-bending keys.

The series consists of 1 and 10 episodes. You will love the Great storyline, plus it is filled with lots of suspense! The twists and turns throughout the episodes make this TV show like the outsider even more wonderful and worth every second you will spend watching it.


4. Sharp Objects

Another show like the outsider is Sharp Objects, An American psychological thriller television miniseries created by Marti Noxon and directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, based on Gillian Flynn’s 2006 debut novel of the same name that premiered on July 8, 2018, on HBO.

The series follows Camille Preaker, who returns to her small hometown to investigate mysterious, unsolved crimes. Two girls are missing, one of whom was found dead and presumed murdered. She reunites with her estranged family While still searching for clues.

This rekindled traumatic childhood memories, including the death of her younger sister. Piecing together a psychological puzzle from her past, Camille begins to identify with the young victims a bit too closely. The show is so fascinating even from the start.

I loved the music, the house is incredible and the story has so much depth in all directions. Every character is fantastic on their own, The beauty of the show is that it does not end with a cliffhanger every episode. With only one (1) season and 8 episodes to churn you are truly in for a treat.


5. Lovecraft Country

Lovecraft Country is another American horror-drama television series similar to the outsider, The one (1) season consisting of 10 episodes was first premiered on August 16, 2020, on HBO. The story was developed by Misha Green serving as a continuation of the 2016 novel of the same name by Matt Ruff.

The show’s story is centered around Atticus Black who joins his friend Letitia and his Uncle George to embark on a road trip across 1950s Jim Crow America in search of his missing father. To be honest, this show has everything romance, drama, horror, thriller, mystery, history, comedy, etc.


6. The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House is an American supernatural horror drama television series loosely based on the 1959 novel of the same name by Shirley Jackson. This series similar to the outsider was created and directed by Mike Flanagan, and first premiered on Netflix on October 12, 2018.

The plot alternates between two timelines, following five adult siblings whose paranormal experiences at Hill House continue to haunt them in the present day, and flashbacks depicting events leading up to the eventful night in 1992 when the family fled from the mansion.

The Haunting of Hill House received critical acclaim, particularly for its acting, directing, and production values, with many calling it an “effective ghost story.” To be honest this show is not your regular horror film. It’s a pure MASTERPIECE and a tough act to follow.


7. The Lost Room

The Lost Room is a science fiction television miniseries Created by Christopher Leone and Laura Harkcom. It was originally released on Syfy Channel from December 11, 2006, until December 13, 2006. consisting of six (6) episodes, With a Running time of 262 minutes.

The storyline revolves around Pittsburgh detective Joe Miller who embarks on a desperate search for his young daughter, Anna, After she disappeared from an abandoned New Mexico motel room. That now exists outside of normal space and Joe must find a series of occult objects to use as tools to locate the key to opening the `lost room.

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His quest keep getting complicated by others who are also seeking to find the objects for their own hidden motives. What happens next? you will find out as the show progresses. And trust me you will really be surprised at how much you will enjoy this mini-series.


8. Forever Knight

Forever Knight is one of those influential television series few people have heard about; yet, without it, vampire detective shows like Angel and Blood Lines would probably not exist. While a bit campier in tone than The Outsider, Forever Knight is a Canadian supernatural procedural focused around a detective who just so happens to be a bloodsucker.

Nick Knight is an 800-year-old vampire who feels condemned by his status as a vampire. He desperately wants to be human again, and he tries to redeem his bloodlust by solving homicides. The show lasted for 3 seasons, setting the stage for all the popular creature feature melodramas that came after it.


9. Dark

Dark is a German science fiction thriller streaming television series like the outsider co-created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Fries and was first released on 1 December 2017 on Netflix spanning three seasons with 26 episodes before the final season was released on 27 June 2020.

The series storyline follows the aftermath of two children’s disappearance in a small German town, its sinful past is exposed along with the double lives and fractured relationships that exist among four families as they search for the kids.

This TV show like the outsider introduces an intricate puzzle filled with twists that include a web of curious characters, all of whom knowingly or unknowingly have a connection to the town’s troubled history. “Dark” represents the first German original series produced for Netflix.


10. Castle Rock

Castle Rock is an American psychological horror streaming television series that is inspired by the stories created by Stephen King and his fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine. The show first aired on July 25, 2018, until October 23, 2019, Before the show was removed from Hulu in November 2020.

This show similar to the outsiders was created by Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason follows Stephen King’s multiverse who combines the mythological scale and intimate character storytelling of his works, weaving an epic saga of darkness as the light played out on a few square miles of Maine woodland.

The brilliance of this series is that it’s not an adaptation of a singular King work. The show spanned five (5) seasons and comprising of fifty (20) episodes. Season one (1) might be a bit confusing but after then you will surely get along with the show.


Conclusion On More Shows Like The Outsider

So there you have it: a list of ten television shows that are similar to The Outsider. If you liked “The Outsider,” you should absolutely check out this series; you won’t be disappointed for a second. Do you know of any other shows that are similar to The Outsider? Use the comment box below to share your thoughts with us and other people.