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Shows Like Letterkenny – Letterkenny is a Canadian television sitcom produced by Jared Keeso and directed by Jacob Tierney. It was devised and written mostly by Keeso and Tierney. It premiered in February 2016 and ran for nine seasons with 61 episodes. Seasons 10 and 11 were renewed in September 2020.

Crave commissioned Letterkenny Problems, a YouTube web comedy featuring Keeso, as a television series in March 2015. The residents of Letterkenny, a fictional rural municipality in Ontario based on Keeso’s hometown of Listowel, are the focus of the sitcom.

This hilarious series recounts the hijinks of the inhabitants of Letterkenny, with the help of Wayne’s friends Daryl and “Squirrely” Dan. The “natives,” like the “hicks,” are members of the local First Nation and are frequently referred to by their neighbors as “hicks.”

Letterkenny had been viewed by nearly one-third of CraveTV members by March 10, 2016, according to the streaming service. Also praised for its portrayal of First Nations characters, which the authors credit to involving the actors in character development, scripting, and costuming directly.


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Is Letterkenny A Real Place?

No, Letterkenny isn’t a real place. Letterkenny, the fictional town depicted in the series, is not based on the real-life town of Letterkenny in Renfrew County.

Where Is Letterkenny Filmed?

The network’s first original series, Crave, was commissioned and launched. Sudbury, Canada is the setting for the Letterkenny series.

Where To Watch Letterkenny?

Looking for paid and free streaming channels to watch Letterkenny? Well here you have it; You can watch the full season Letterkenny is available to watch on Hulu Plus, Amazon, or visit the Letterkenny tv website. Nevertheless, if you are in for channels; moviesjoy, putlocker, primewire, and Fmovies are sure bets.

How Many Seasons Of Letterkenny?

Shows Like Letterkenny
Shows Like Letterkenny

The television series has been televised in Canada for a total of nine (9) seasons, with negotiations for a tenth season now underway. The series was produced by Jared Keeso, and it was originally broadcast in Canada on February 7, 2016. It was developed and written mostly by Keeso and Jacob Tierney.

Is Letterkenny On Netflix?

Netflix subscribers may be disappointed to learn that Letterkenny is no longer available for viewing on the platform. Given that all nine seasons of Letterkenny are currently available to stream on Hulu, the comedy series seems unlikely to be added to Netflix.

What To Watch After Letterkenny?

  • Trailer Park Boys
  • Schitt’s Creek
  • Corner Gas
  • The Red Green Show
  • The Ranch
  • It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  • Shameless (U.S)
  • Hardy Bucks
  • Call Me Fitz
  • Kim’s Convenience

1. Trailer Park Boys

Mike Clattenburg, John Paul Tremblay, and Robb Wells created the Canadian mockumentary television series Trailer Park Boys, which aired for 12 seasons. Clattenburg’s 1999 film gets a sequel. The show premiered on April 22, 2001, and ran till December 7, 2008, before being revived on September 5, 2014.

The show recounts the activities of three long-time friends who operate out of their trailer park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, as petty serial offenders. They are ex-convicts who dwell in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park in the fictional Sunnyvale. They come up with wacky schemes together, usually get-rich-quick schemes with a lot of errors.

You’ll keep wondering if it’s all a fake or if it’s all real because the show is so realistic and pure. Anyone who likes funny, down-to-earth, realistic films will enjoy this film and television series. Like Letterkenny, you will enjoy this television series.

2. Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek is a six-season Canadian television sitcom created by father and son Eugene and Dan Levy. It consists of 80 episodes. The series premiered on January 13, 2015, on CBC Television, and ended on April 7, 2020.

The story follows Johnny and Moira Rose, a married couple who lost their fortune and went bankrupt after their business manager embezzled the family company. They only have one asset left at this point: Schitt’s Creek, a run-down village they bought as a joke.

The narrative is both engrossing and flawless. It’s a ride on a rollercoaster of emotions. It’s not often that you’re so enthralled by something that you don’t want it to end. It becomes a part of you at times, allowing you to participate in their journey.


3. Corner Gas

Brent Butt created the Canadian television series Corner Gas. From January 22, 2004, until April 13, 2009, the series aired for six seasons and 107 episodes. The series was followed by Corner Gas: The Movie, a feature film in which the whole cast reprised their roles. In December 2014, the film had a limited theatrical release.

The sitcom is set in a small Saskatchewan town called Dog River, which is in the middle of nowhere and popular with the locals. Brent is the owner of the only gas station in the neighborhood, which is also connected to the only coffee shop. Davis and Karen, two police officers in this little prairie town, are constantly on the lookout for criminals.

The characters are endearing and unforgettable; everyone has a different personality trait and has a certain purpose in the community. It appeals to a diverse audience and is chock-full of “memes.” The comedy is fantastic, and it offers relaxation, entertainment, and a brilliant diversion. This is a fantastic show to see, similar to Letterkenny.


4. The Red Green Show

The Red Green Show is a Canadian television comedy that aired on numerous Canadian television networks from January 4, 1991, to April 7, 2006, spanning 15 seasons and 305 episodes, with the final season airing on CBC Television. S&S Productions, which produced the picture, is run by Steve and Morag Smith.

Red Green, played by Steve Smith, is a handyman who attempts to cut corners on most of his works, relying on duct tape, which he refers to as “the handyman’s secret weapon” since he believes it can solve almost any problem.

He’s also the president of the Possum Lodge, a fake men’s club in Possum Lake, a small community near the imaginary town of Port Asbestos in northwestern Ontario. He and his lodge mates had their own television show on which they taught and showed repair skills, outdoor pastimes, and men’s wisdom.

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Red Green and his comrades, like any other person, always give their all in any situation. At some point in our lives, we’ve all encountered these types of men. The Red Green Show was nominated for 23 Gemini Awards during its run but only won one, for Best Performance in a Comedy Program or Series, in 1998.


5. The Ranch

The Ranch is an American comedy-drama television series that airs on Netflix. The Netflix series was created by Don Reo and Jim Patterson. The Ranch debuted on Netflix on April 1, 2016, and lasted four seasons, totaling 80 episodes, before finishing on January 24, 2020.

Bennetts, a dysfunctional family living on the ranch, and their constant arguments are depicted in the comedy. The Bennett family consists of Colt Bennett, a former high school quarterback, and Rooster Bennett, the older brother. Their father Beau and mother Maggie are the other members of the family.

The original direction of the show deserves a lot of credit. You will not only be interested and engrossed for the duration of the performance, but you will also laugh your head off. There are tears and then there are moments when you’re laughing so hard that you’re dying on the ground.


6. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Rob McElhenney created It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, a 14-season, a 154-episode American sitcom that aired on FX on August 4, 2005. The fourteenth season ended in November 2019, and the series was revived in May 2020 for the fifteenth season.

The show follows “The Gang,” a group of toxically co-dependent and selfishly motivated pals who run a run-down Irish bar in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where they encounter all kinds of deception. Excessive drinking and substance abuse, as well as dishonesty, brutality, selfishness, and egotism, are all characteristics of “The Gang.”

Throughout its run, this series, like Letterkenny, has consistently given great performances. Danny contributes significantly to the show, and I’m sure you can’t get enough of him. Every episode is wonderful, and I hope the show can continue for as long as possible.


7. Shameless (U.S)

Shameless is a comedy-drama television series that aired on Showtime from January 9, 2011, until April 11, 2021. John Wells was the one who came up with the idea. It stars William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum, among others, and is a remake of Paul Abbott’s British series of the same name. The action takes place on the South Side of Chicago.

The Gallagher family, a family of six children and their drunken and selfish father, is the focus of the story. Fiona, the eldest daughter, is solely responsible for the upbringing of the rest of the family. They must steal food and money from their father on a regular basis to survive, as he takes everything and offers nothing in return.

Unfortunately, the critically acclaimed Showtime series came to an end on Sunday, April 11th, after 10 beautiful years, eleven seasons, and 134 superbly performed episodes. This was a painful moment for everyone who is a fan of the series or has been following it. (Here are some other shows like Shameless.)


8. Hardy Bucks

The fictional exploits of a group of young Irishmen living in small-town Ireland are chronicled in the Irish media series Hardy Bucks. It’s shot in the style of a mockumentary. The first season of this four-part series premiered on October 12, 2010, and ran through May 3, 2011.

The plot centers around four Irish boys who are only looking for a good time. A gang of young guys entertains ambitious aspirations of quick money, ladies, and showbiz in this film about small-town Irish life in County Mayo. You will not be disappointed if you appreciate Irish humor.

If you enjoy Irish humor, Hardy Bucks will not let you down! The subtitles were fantastic, however, you do get used to their heavy accents after a while. If you enjoy Trailer Park Boys, Hardy Bucks is a must-see TV show like Letterkenny.

9. Call Me Fitz

E1 Entertainment, Amaze Film & Television, and Big Motion Pictures created the four-season, 48-episode Canadian television series Call Me Fitz. Letterkenny was filmed in New Minas, Nova Scotia, and premiered on September 19, 2010, before ending on December 2, 2013.

Richard “Fitz” Fitzpatrick is played by Jason Priestley, a morally bankrupt used-car salesman whose carefree existence is upset by the arrival of do-gooder Larry, a salesman who claims to be Fitz’s conscience. Fitz’s damaged family shaped him into the self-assured anti-hero he is today.

Tracy Dawson was named Best Actress (Comedy), Ernie Grunwald was named Best Supporting Actor (Comedy), and Rachel Blanchard was named Best Guest Actress (Comedy) in the show’s first season, which received 16 Gemini Award nominations. The show also took home awards for Best Directing, Best Writing, Best Picture Editing, and Best Sound.


10. Kim’s Convenience

Ins Choi and Kevin White created Kim’s Convenience, a Canadian television sitcom shot at Showline Studios in Toronto. It premiered on CBC Television in October 2016 and ran for five (5) seasons and 65 episodes until April 13, 2021.

The Kim family, a Korean Canadian family who owns and manages a convenience store in Toronto’s Moss Park district, is featured in the sitcom, which includes parents “Appa” and “Umma,” as well as their daughter Janet and estranged son Jung. The series is based on the same-named play by Ins Choi, which he authored in 2011.

A delightful and hilarious comedy. Every character piques your interest and pulls at your heartstrings. Some pull to the right, some to the left, but the tugging never stops. Appa is a caring, entertaining, and fascinating individual. He is the main character in the main narrative.


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