Secret of finding women who actually like you

The secret of finding women who actually like you lies in three very crucial aspects which you need to have in place before you can embark on this great love-journey of yours.

Some secret of finding women who actually like you:


You: make sure, or at least strive to be attractive in some way; I understand that some of you are simply born hideous, which is not necessarily a bad thing. You are who you are, so there is not much you can change about that. What you can change however is they way you present yourself. Even if you are not that attractive, try to walk with your head up and shoulders straight. You can not change your face, but you can change your fitness level, your outfit, your perfume and the way you talk and communicate.
There is no reason for you to feel less of a man that someone who looks “handsome” according to our society; look back in history and you will find that what was considered “beautiful” then is not beautiful now and vice versa. Look back in history and find that it were not always the gifted or the most beautiful who had great success, but the ones who put their heart and mind into what they believed in.

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She: success depends not only on your skills but also on her. An example from nature; A lion is a powerful hunter. Yet, it can not hunt any beast; therefore it selects carefully the right prey to go for. Women might not be prey you hunt but you still need to consider who you go for. Yes, in dreams everything is possible, in real life also. But, if you want to increase your chances with women, you better learn to play the game and not simply chase the first best you see.

Environment: let us return to our lion example again. A lion needs grip to run and hunt at its best. Therefore, he will avoid hunting in waters or slippery services unless there is really no other choice. Sure, when urgency is high, he might give it a try, but in general he will strive to stay where things are in his favor.

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How does this relate to you and women? Well, not all women from all countries, race, culture, generation will like you. There are countries where certain type of men is a “special species”, simply because you do not find them often. Thus, they are liked more often by women. The contrary happens when women simply dislike men who are from a certain region, country, race, age. It is sad yes, but that is the truth. So the secret of finding women who actually like you depends entirely on you.

Do not waste your time on a specific woman, in a specific club or any other place/country when you notice that most of your efforts are in vein. Instead, look at the three key factors mentioned above and adopt. If you are unsure about which to attack first, simply ask. Go out there and ask women, random women, what they think of you. Simply approach and say “Hey, I would like to know what you think of my outfit”. You will get two benefits from this. One, you will open up to women more easily. Two, women have a sense of style, if you try long enough they will give you good tips on your looks, behavior and so on. If they mention to hate your outfit, ask for improvement tips. Ask them to shop with you if necessary.

Do not always visit the same places, try different places and countries. With time you will discover, If your success with women in the US was horrible, try a European country. If you fail here but have the finances to go on, try Asia. While you are at it, visit different types of “women’s sanctuaries”, these include:

  • Bar
  • Disco
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Shopping malls
  • Romantic cities; Venice, Paris, Spain
  • Beaches

Do not be shy to experiment and try out what works best for you. Again, The secret of finding women who actually like you has more to do with what you do than what women do. Find moments, places where competition and pressure are low.

I will explain this a bit further: When you go out to find women, all other men go to do the same thing. Therefore, an environment is created which is a little wild but also chaotic because men want to get laid and women want to be “not to easy”.

However, if you make it your aim to find a woman on your way to work, pressure is much lower. Strangers do not prefer talk to each other in public areas and secondly because you will make impression if you do what others don’t. Keep in mind to be presentable. If you look like a hobo, your chances for a romance are limited. Take care of yourself and approach women you want in places you want.

Lions do not walk around the entire day and skip possible prey because they are afraid of rejection; a lion might assess the fitness of prey and decide not to chase it. But in most cases, if there is an opportunity he will. Lions do not waste energy on one prey in a harsh environment either. Instead, they seek to optimize their results by being fit, finding better ground and picking a good prey. That is the secret of finding women who actually like you

Even if women are not animals and we are not lions, the principle of Effort and Reward is the same. As time goes by, you will find that surprises happen and find a woman in the most unexpected places and moments. However, the principle of the right effort at the right time in the right place still holds.


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