7 Signs There Is No Respect in Your Relationships


Most often mutual love is called to be the main condition for relationships, but this concept is too abstract to measure it with concrete actions. A partner may deprive you of the right to choose something, they can neither listen to your words nor keep promises but still claim to love you. That is why in healthy relationships, respect is just as important as mutual sympathy. We have gathered several signs that your relationships lack respect.


1. You neglect each other’s work or interests

You may not understand the partner’s hobbies, and vaguely imagine what their work is about, but you still respect these areas of their life. This means to be interested in their life or not to ask unnecessary questions if the partner is uncomfortable with it. If you are dating Ukrainian women, you should actively listen when they share their experiences and feelings, and rejoice at their successes and even small achievements. In healthy relationships, you should avoid neglecting, even if a partner’s hobby or job doesn’t seem very serious or prestigious to you.

2. You do not compromise

Any long-term close relationship: family, friendship, romantic, is based on the ability to negotiate. The main rule of compromise is that it must be mutual. If only one is always making concessions in your couple, then there is no respect in your relationships. A partner who stands their ground in most issues, having no desire to listen to arguments, shows obvious neglect of the feelings, interests, and needs of another partner.

3. You do not involve each other in making important decisions

You do not have to agree on every little thing with each other, but some decisions concern you as a couple, and therefore, they should be discussed: big purchases, if you have a common life and budget, moving, changing your career, etc. More prosaic things should be decided together as well: will you accept the invitation to the party or what will you do on the weekend. Your partner isn’t obliged to accompany you everywhere. Each couple should discuss what decisions they will make together. They should discuss in advance the needs and boundaries of each other, this will help avoid many conflicts.

4. You do not keep your word

One of the easiest ways to show respect is to take responsibility for your promises. It doesn’t matter whether they are global or small, like the household duty to wash the dishes. In relationships, it is important to maintain trust and the feeling that you can rely on each other. This also includes the habit of warning if you are late or cannot fulfill the promise.

5. You interrupt each other without apologizing

It is a difficult task to not interrupt the interlocutor at all, especially for impulsive people. But you shouldn’t turn it into an ordinary thing when communicating with a partner. Always apologize if you accidentally interrupted them in a dispute or changed the subject, although they did not finish it. Interrupting the interlocutor, you transmit insulting thoughts: it does not matter to me what you say, I do not listen to you anyway.

6. You negatively speak about each other’s circle of friends

Starting a relationship, people shouldn’t consider that the partner was living in a vacuum before meeting them, so they should accept not only the beloved person but also their environment: friends, relatives. You do not have to make friends with their family, but it is worth showing respect for their circle of close people. If you can’t get along with your partner’s friends, and you don’t want to spend time with them, then you should tell your partner honestly about that. However, you shouldn’t blame them for communicating with these people.

7. You do not recognize personal boundaries

Often the lack of respect in a couple begins with the fact that partners do not know how to build personal boundaries or refuse to recognize each other’s boundaries. By agreeing to a relationship or marriage, you neither put yourself at the disposal of the partner nor get them in your possession. Therefore, do not hesitate to defend your personality and be prepared not to cross the lines that the partner will draw.


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