Overcome insecurity issues

insecurity issues:Feeling confident does not only make you feel better, it affects your life in countless positive ways and improves overall quality of life.

Feeling insecure however, is a virus that sucks your life energy and surrounds you with everything that is bad and negative . This is not the end however; there are ways to overcome insecurity issues which you have:

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Realize that those who care about your insecurities do not matter, and those who matter will never care about these and will see the best in you.
Insecurity is something you perceive and not so much something real.
You have only this one life [that we know for sure at this moment], to live. If you waste it worrying about your insecurities, you will find yourself regretting every moment once your time comes to die. You will regret all the moments you spend worrying about stupid things.
There is no magic formula in how to overcome insecurity issues, but there is a way to find a better understanding:

insecurity issues
insecurity issues

I saw a black and white dog last time on the street, he had a black left eye and a right white eye. I realized that he did not care, and no one else cared. In fact, we as people find such dogs even cute. So why is it that when a person was a scarred face, we find this awful? Well, because humanity can sometimes be insensitive and plain stupid!

If you want to overcome insecurity issues you face, simply sit down and think really long and hard about how these “insecurities” you consider important stop you from being who you can truly be. If you think hard enough, you will realize that it is all meaningless.

Sure, there are aspects of us which we cannot change such as; sex, height, color of eyes and skin and the shape of our bodies.

Except for these however a lot of other things we can change like your fitness level, your big beer belly, your badly cut hair, your dirty clothes, your ugly boyfriend/girlfriend, your job, your nasty boss and all the rest.

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Overcoming insecurity issues boils down to this:

Is it something you can do about your insecurity to fix?
If Yes; do it, there is always a way.
If No; forget about it and consider it as a positive aspect of you rather than a negative.
Time will come and we all will vanish from this planet. No one will remember what we did or what we worried about. All that matters is how you face towards the challenges that life throws at you today!

Find yourself a few goals worth pursuing and work your heart out towards these goals. There is no such person on earth who feels 100% confident during his entire life. Everyone has his weak and insecure moments.

That is not what matters. What matters is that you realize that no one, NO ONE! is perfect. And still, with all that you have now, with all your imperfections, you may strive to leave something perfect behind.

Confidence starts from within. From forging your mind into the condition where it understands what matters in life and what does not.

So people my say:
“She was given a piece of broken rock at birth, but she turned it into an arrowhead to hunt down her dream”.

So try to be positive


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