What is Most Important When Approaching Women

Approaching women:We will tell you what is most important when approaching women, so that next time you want to approach one, you actually will and most likely will also be successful. Note that this article is to clarify some basic aspects of approaching women.

Three elements are involved which you should consider when approaching women. They are shortly mentioned below.

approaching woman

1: You: make sure you are in shape not only physically but also mentally. If you look like you have nothing to offer to her, she will blow you off. You might not be able to fully control her reactions. But what you can control are your actions and the way you present yourself.
2: She: she is a wonderful creature. Women are designed by nature to attract us, and that is what they do best. They are also programmed not to be to easy when it comes to men. This means that you will need to put some effort into your approach.approaching woman
3: Your surroundings: this is the place where your approach takes place. Not to go too much into detail; you should understand that approaching a woman in a disco where the sound is glass shattering, will be different than when you approach a woman in a cosy lounge or on the streets. To give you an example; do not rely too much on your words and what you are going to say to her when you are in a disco. Because she will not be able to hear you and is not there to talk but to dance and have fun. Talking is always possible of course, but that is not the reason why people go to a disco. Accordingly, when you approach a woman on the streets, it will be awkward to dance with her, so here is where you can have a chat. These obvious examples show you that the environment where you approach a woman is a very important factor.approaching woman
Now that we have defined the most important factors to consider when approaching women, it is time to tell you what is most important when approaching woman.
The Approach:
Believe it or not, the most important thing to your approach is The Approach. Without the approach there is nothing. If you think about it and look around you and your friends, you will notice that many “possible approaches” fail simply because guy is afraid to make a move. Therefore, the lesson you should learn from this is to approach! Even when you have nothing to say or talk about. When you see a woman you like, simply make a move and say “hi”. From her very first response you will be able to judge her mood. Of course, some women open up later in a conversation.
However, if you consider the fact that you had no chance to start with because you were afraid to approach in the first case. And you compare this with the success-rate of a very simple approach, you will see that your chances improve a lot. Eventually, with some experience, you will not only approach women more often, but you will also be able to lead a conversation and get her interested in you.approaching woman

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Note here that we did not say “looks”. Looks is something you got from your parents. Simply put; you are either born pretty or ugly. Sure, make up and nice clothes can make a big difference. Still, when you are born with a huge nose and short legs, you will never be a sex-symbol. This does however not mean that your appearance is bad. “Pretty” is a definition and nothing more. “Appearance” is the image you express at a certain point in time.
I know plenty of women who are not particularly pretty, but the way they dress and smile makes their appearance very attractive. This is exactly what you want to achieve. Do not try to be Rambo before you try to approach women. Instead, start approaching women now, at this moment! and in the meanwhile visit the gym. And never rely on your looks alone because there will always be men who are more handsome and for women, there will always be a girl who is more sexy. What defines you is your character and the way you interact with life. That is something which will eventually set you apart. Ask yourself how long you would stay with a bombshell if she really had nothing to say and was boring. Maybe if you never had a beautiful girlfriend, you will say that you could do it. But those who have been there, know that it takes more than looks to stay interested in someone. This very principle also applies to women.approaching woman
Body language:
Your body language sets the tone of any approach. Try to smile and be energetic when you approach a woman. Keep your head high and your shoulders back. Walk with confidence and pride. Show that you are a man. Should you weigh 180kg or be as skinny as a straw, then hit the gym ! and do something about it. Every day is a new change to change, and eventually all these changes will add up and lead you to victory. There really is no excuse for being too fat or to weak.

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What you say:
You might have been told that it is important to say something to a woman. It really is not however. If she is not into you, it is not very likely that some smart words will change her mind. In other words; your approach, appearance and body language are more important than what you say. If you smile at her from a distance and she smiles back at you and you approach her, then it does not really matter what you tell her because she is already interested in you. Thus even a simple “hi” would do. Or “I love your smile, so I come to say hi”.approaching woman
Having said this; it does not mean that you can tell her whatever you want. Her smile simply means that she is willing to give you a chance, so act properly and behave.
Even after all these words, at the end of the day it all comes to The Approach itself. Because not matter what you know, how you look like or what “great lines” you have learned by heart, if you do not make a move, nothing will ever happen. Every man is afraid of rejection when approaching a woman that makes your knees shake, because the stakes are high. Yet, it is in such times when you have to show courage, face your fears and make your moves, not matter the outcome!approaching woman
Because, no one ever got what his heart desired, without taking a risk.


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