6 Preferred Metals for Men’s Engagement

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Engagement Shopping that requires perfection is difficult, and if it has to do something with the wedding, it can be a nightmare. This is primarily because you want everything to sound and look perfect. And, it is even more valid for wedding rings. It is where all the memories of the day get enveloped and you would wear it for a long time. This makes buying a wedding band for your groom a monumental task.

But you can have it in a simpler way. You just need a guide to tell you what is best and what lacks the wow factor. While buying a wedding band for the groom, you have to keep an eye on certain things

·         Design- Is it old school or contemporary? You can go boho as well

·      Color- This depends on the metal as well, but some can be plated. So, you have a big array to choose from

·         Style- Is it too feminine? A question that bogs down a lot of people. Choose the style wisely

·         Metal- Gold, platinum, silver, tungsten, and so many others to choose from

Such factors can be mind-boggling. But considering each at a time can help you in reaching the finishing line quickly. For the time being, let us discuss metals. It is time to test their mettle.


What metals are on offer for men’s wedding bands?

Gold is a traditional choice and it has been serving the purpose for eons. It is still the dominating one. But you can always take a look at metals like titanium, platinum, palladium, tungsten, and silver. Each comes with pros and cons, and they can define your man’s personality as well.


A symbol of purity, gold is often the choicest preference for many when it comes to opting for metal for the wedding band. And, you have a color palette.  Men’s gold wedding bands come in rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold.

Gold generally gets mixed with metal alloys. Gold is also available in two types, like 18-karat and 14-karat. The 18-karat gold is 75% pure and 14-karat gold is 50%. The first one is more vibrant in terms of appearance and the second one is sturdier.

·         If you love classic, opt for yellow gold. It looks really good on men with a darker complexion

·         For a warm tone go for rose gold, which many consider very romantic

·         If you prefer something modern, then white gold would be a good choice

However, gold can trigger skin irritation. So, while choosing, be careful.

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It is one of the strongest and rarest metals in the world. So, if you are trying to buy something that adds that extra punch called a luxe life, go for this one.

·         Pure platinum bands are often 95% pure and they are stamped with a mark

·         It is costly but durable

·         The shine never fades so no need for replating

·         Minimal signs of wear and tear


It is not so expensive like platinum buy shares the same kind of shine. But it is not as durable as platinum. So, while buying, you have to be careful.

·         It is lightweight

·         It is hypoallergenic

·         Gems and diamonds can be engraved on it

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Tungsten is fast becoming a global trend as its high-resistance to scratch is giving it an edge over others.

·         It is low maintenance as the metal color never gets tarnished

·         White, gray, and black, you can choose some odd colors for the wedding band

·         Works perfectly with laser engravings

·         But this cannot be resized


What is as strong as steel but lighter than it? The answer is titanium. It provides ample scope for inlays, etchings, and other details. The silver-white metallic color has a unique appeal that can grab the eyeballs.

·         It comes in black as well. If your love is looking for something different, this can be it

·         Perfect to suit the active lifestyle of men


Silver is a popular choice for a lot of people. This is primarily due to its cost-affordability.

·         High maintenance cost makes it a difficult choice

·         It is not scratch-resistant

·         It can be given a high-end look at a low cost

Statistically Speaking…

Over 71% of the men want to sport an engagement ring. They would love to flaunt your love. So, all the more reasons for you to spend some time in front of the browser to find the best one. As per Lyst’s report, the number of men wearing the engagement ringhas risen by 66%.  


A wedding band or an engagement ring carries a certain level of pride, especially if you want to buy it for your love. Find out some time for this. These moments are precious, just like your man. 

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