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Romantic Merry Christmas Wishes And Messages To My Wife To Make Her Smile Copy And Paste

by Miller Davis
Merry Christmas To My Wife

Merry Christmas To My Wife – Christmas is a beautiful time of the year when you have more time to spend more time and share with the love of your life. She is the one who completes your life. She is always there for you. There is nothing as beautiful as sending her a Christmas Messages. to make her holiday special and spice up the romance between you two.

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Merry Christmas Wife

You are my Christmas star, you light up my life in every way. Merry Christmas my dear wife!

Receive my complete love, you will always be my angel. May this Christmas be shared with love and peace besides our children

When I am lost in this world, I always turn to you; you are my comfort and inspiration. Thank you for being there for me. Merry Christmas darling!

Some years back I was crazy about you, you agreed to marry me, and now as your husband, I am still madly in love with you. Merry Christmas my love!

Our wives like it when we sometimes dedicate them to some beautiful words of love, and we must be specially prepared when a special date is coming.

It is wonderful to have a woman to share our days with, to feel their unconditional love for us is true is beyond words, and we their husbands must make sure they are happy as long as possible.

Christmas Wishes For Wife

You are all the presents that I need this festive season. Merry Christmas my dear wife.

Christmas is about love and what love means to you. Merry Christmas to you, my dear wifey.

Darling, I want to spend this Christmas with you, holding you in my arms as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Merry Christmas!

This festive season, your love is the most beautiful décor that I need for my heart. I wish you a Merry Happy Christmas, my love.

Words will always fall short of expressing how much I adore, respect, and love you. Wishing you A very merry Christmas, sweetheart.

Sweetheart, I take advantage of Christmas Eve to express my deepest feelings for you. Let’s ask God that peace and unity reign our family. Merry Christmas

What Should I Write In My Wife’s Christmas Card?

You’re still my favorite gift.

You’re all the presents I need.

You’re at the top of my Christmas wish list.

I’m so lucky that I have you to meet under the mistletoe.

Merry Christmas to the reason I feel merry and bright every day. I love you.

Christmas Message For Wife

This year I have the best gift ever. I have you in my life! Merry Christmas!

There are three words that really express what I feel for you. “Life. Love. Happiness”. I love you! Merry Christmas to My Wife!

To the prettiest woman I know: Always remember that I love you and I’m just always here for you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I want you to know that I appreciate your unconditional love for me and for my family with all my heart. You are truly the most wonderful wife. Merry Christmas!

I want to give you all the happiness that you want, all love that I can give, and all the beautiful moments that you cherish on this day. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Heaven has sent me an angel from above, to brighten my days and cheer up my life. I still don’t know what I did to deserve her, but I’m thankful to call her my wife. Merry Christmas, My Darling.

Let’s raise a toast for all the wonderful moments we spent as partners as well as best friends to each other. I want the rest of my life to be spent just like this. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas To My Wife

Merry Christmas To My Wife

                                                              Merry Christmas To My Wife

This Christmas cannot be enough brighter, awesome, and happier because I have my beautiful wife beside me. Merry Christmas, sweety.

You’re the greatest achievement of my life. I just want to see you smile all the time, especially during this Christmas season. Have a great time!

Your arrival in my life was decided by the heavens, but your stay in my life was decided by the love we shared. Merry Christmas to my lovely wife!

You made my world a better place simply by existing in it. I love you for everything you do for me and my family. May this Christmas be joyous for you!

The celebration of the spirit of Christmas will never be fully complete without thanking you for the selfless love you’ve given me. Merry Christmas dear wife!

From the time I have known you, I have turned into a completely different person than I was once. My heart is now filled with love because of you. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Love Letter To My Wife

My dear,

I still remember that beautiful day on which I met you because something very special happened to me the first time I saw you. Indeed, it was as if my heart was telling me that you were the one who I had been waiting for so long. So, I just wanted to give you a very special Christmas gift to show you the immense love that I have for you and that is why I wrote you this beautiful love letter.

I want you to know that the best thing in the world is your sweet company, the peace and love your presence brings to my heart. All I love, all I want, all I need is you – forever. I want to be just where you are and be just what you want me to be.

All I am asking Santa for is that nothing comes to ruin our relationship. I need and want to be with you always. I want all my days to be lightened with the light of your smile, by the heat of your soul, by the security of this love until the day I die. Out of the depths of my happy heart emanates a great tide of love and joy for this priceless treasure that is confided to my life-long keeping. It is all about you.

This Christmas, I am thankful for having the power to love someone who loves me back. I am thankful for having you in my life, someone special who takes away my fears, my pain, and never hurts me.

Funny Christmas Wishes for Wife

I am so lucky to call you my wife; you are my dream come true. Merry Christmas my love.

You are more beautiful than the angel on top of the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas to my one and only true love!

I am blessed because after you came into my life, I am having Christmas every day in my heart Merry Christmas my Darling!!

My entire side of the family has insisted that I extend their wishes for you, indeed us both, to have a wonderful holiday season.

Merry Christmas wishes to a special person in my life, from the day you stole my heart, you have made every step of my life enjoyable

The happy memories that we have together The moments that we’ve loved together Just being together That’s what Christmas is about to me. Merry Christmas to My Wife!

The first day I saw you, everything around me stopped. From that day I dreamt of you. Since you are now part of my life, I will never stop loving you. Merry Christmas My Love!

Merry Christmas To My Beautiful Wife

This time of year makes me realize how lucky I am to share my life with you.

There is nothing in this world that makes me happier than spending this special night with my loveliest wife. Have a beautiful Merry Christmas.

Christmas makes me look back on the great year we had and think about all we have to look forward to. And when I do, I feel even more grateful for this moment right now.

Dear wife, I’m so happy to be together again at Christmas, I promise you to change my attitude. I’ve regretted your disappointment. Christmas comes to engage our souls to be one again. Merry Christmas

Spending Christmas with you is a dream come true. You are the most amazing woman I know, and I can’t help falling in deep love with you each and every day. May all our Christmases be the best ones. Love you.

Merry Christmas To My Wonderful Wife

Our life together just keeps getting better and better and better. I am so grateful that I can share my holiday with someone amazing like you. Merry Christmas Wife!

Some years before we met, my life had no direction but since the day I married you, it has been a blessing all because of you. I am filled with joy when I wish you a merry Christmas.

You have given me more than I ever thought possible. You have given me an unconditional love that I appreciate more and more each day. Merry Christmas to the Woman That I Love!

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Not a single day of my life is complete, Without seeing your pretty face, Without seeing your charming grace, Today is a special day, Just wish to say, That I am blessed to have you in my life, Merry Christmas!

Being a woman, I know how fragile you are. I treat you with so much gentleness and compassion. With your simplicity, I have fallen deeply in love with you. You are my wife and forever you’ll be. Merry Christmas

How Do I Wish Her Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! 

This Christmas, you’re the best gift I could ask for.

May your holidays sparkle with joy and laughter!

Wishing you nothing but the best this holiday season.

Christmas and New Year Wishes for Wife

Your presence is more than a gift to me. Merry Christmas my love.

This season of the year reminds me of how lucky I am to share my life with you.

There is nothing in this world that makes me happy than spending Christmas with you my dear wife. Merry Christmas, my love

Your brought excellence to my unexciting life. Because of you, my life changed as a desert turned into a garden. Merry Christmas to the love of my life!

With all my love, my best wishes for you and our great family. Thanks to your acceptance of being my complement. Best kisses and deep hugs for Christmas

Words will never be enough to express how much I cherish you. For me, you’re the one that makes my life complete. Wishing you a Merry Christmas sweetheart!

Christmas Poem For Wife

With Love, On Christmas

I really want to tell you
Just how precious you are to me
My every thought of you is as loving as can be
My heart is totally filled with things
That words alone can’t say
This comes especially four-way
With love on Christmas Day

Three Little Words
Three little words; I love you, I really, truly do
Three Christmas words; I love you, Said just to you
Three Seasonal words; I love you, Now and all year through

I Love you
Three little words–I love you
I really, truly do

Three Christmas words–I love you
Said just to you

Three Seasonal words–I love you
Now and all year through


On our first Christmas morning,
I thought you were the most beautiful sight,
In your fuzzy, yellow slippers, hair askew,
With pink cheeks, like Santa’s little helper.

You gave me socks, as my mom would,
And a very cool titanium driver,
But the greatest gift of all, I know this for sure,
Is simply being my loving wife every day.

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