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saturday blessings

Saturday Blessings :  Get all Saturday blessings quotes for your friends and family. Start their Saturday morning by sending them one of these Saturday blessings images. Saturdays sit in between the great Friday and famous Sunday. We have awesome happy Friday quotes and happy Sunday text messages for your girlfriend. (Check them out and make sure you save them because you will need them).

There’s always something special about Saturdays. For some, they are days for relaxation and leisure, others spend their Saturdays catching fun with friends, while for others, Saturdays are strictly family times. Whatever you hope or wish for your Saturday, it’s a good thing to find the right quote or prayer to set a tone for your Saturday.

While Saturday falls on the weekend we can all use a blessing for that day. Share these with others whom you would like to bless. You will be amazed at what sharing a blessing will do for others. It may be just the words that they need to hear!

saturday blessings
Good Morning Saturday Blessings

We compiled this collection of Saturday blessings to wish yourself and those so dear to you. There are also Saturday Blessings Quotes for your status (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter). You will find some interesting Saturday quotes that will delight you.

Saturday Blessings Quotes

Hello Saturday, let the goodness of the day cover and keep me on top of my events. All I pray is to count my blessings today and not my troubles. Happy Saturday.

Its Saturday, so relax and fix the things that are not working in your life. May God warm your heart with love and keep your mind at peace all day long.

When God is in charge, the worst of days turn to the best of days. This Saturday can be the most memorable day of your week with unforgettable moments.

Live simple and have big awesome dreams. Commit it in the hands of God and be grateful when they come true. Have a happy Saturday.

There will be a lot of love and loads of cheers in celebrating this Saturday. Saying a silent Amen can make this blessing a reality.

Let the sunshine and the beautiful flowers remind you that this Saturday morning is the beautiful work of someone above the sky. I wish you a happy Saturday.

To build a beautiful life, pray daily, be humble, sacrifice little things, and show love to whosoever that crosses your way. Your life will be more beautiful than you imagined.

Saturdays come once a week, with the blessings you missed throughout Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Enjoy.

Enjoy the blessings of God this Saturday and be grateful for all his doings throughout the week. His mercy will always be there for you.

This Saturday will hit beyond your expectations if you believe. The goodness of the Lord will guide all your activities as you kick off this day.

Saturday Blessings

May those beautiful smiles never leave your face all day. The peace that accompanies every Saturday be your portion both today and forever. Enjoy this Saturday’s blessing.

Take charge of this Saturday and make all the small changes that your life needs. Start your day with a smile and be prayerful. Wait for the blessing that the day brings along.

You are ready for the weekend when today’s blessings are assured. Place your knees on the floor and call for your blessing from your maker. Trust me, it will be a blessing-filled day.

There is never a wonderful weekend like the one filled with smiles of fulfillment. May God’s favor follow you all day long. Have a beautiful weekend.

Nothing is too much for the Lord to do, and your blessings flow from the abundance in heaven. I wish you an amazing day filled with beautiful moments. Enjoy every bit of the day.

This is another day that the Lord has made, all you have to do is to be glad and be in it. You are a blessing to your generation and the sun can’t wait to smile at you this morning. Have a fantastic Sunday.

Welcome to another Saturday. It’s the day God rested from his creation and as you rest your weak bones today, I pray for your success and favor. You shall encounter the goodness of the Lord in every aspect of your life.

Nothing beats starting the day with a grateful heart. Gratefulness is a key that unlocks the door to every blessing. Be grateful and smile at everything that comes your way today. Have a blessing-filled Saturday.

Life is nothing without the blessings of the Lord. All the stress is not worth it when we live every day like in the past. God’s blessings will shower on you throughout this day. I wish you the best of the day.

It’s another Saturday of favor and happiness. God will shower his blessings on those who believe in him. Prepare your mind and wait for your blessings because it’s on the way.

Spend every second of this day doing the things you love because a beautiful day like this will never come. Once today is gone, it will be gone for good. We can only hope for other beautiful days but not the one we have right now. Do not waste your day, make sure it counts.

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Today is Saturday and tomorrow will be Sunday. These are the best days of the week, and I hope they bring us the things we desire. I pray for you to experience God’s blessing to the fullest today.

Good Morning Saturday Blessings

Keep smiling and make others smile with you because there are loads of blessings coming down today. Happy Saturday.

Life always presents us with choices to make at every point in time. On this bright Saturday, shine despite all odds against you. Let nothing take that smile off your face. Happy Saturday.

Every new day is a second chance to make amends of our previous day. Thank God for this bright Saturday. I won’t waste it on anything. It will be a blessed Saturday.

When you think of the privilege of being alive, you understand that there is more to life than just waking up and sleeping every day. Enjoy the blessings of today.

Open your nose and perceive the smell of possibilities this Saturday morning. I wish you a fulfilled day as you relax from the rest of last week. Have a blessed Saturday.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to “begin” to be great. Make this Saturday morning a wonderful one by attempting to actualizing your goals. Happy Saturday.

Smile to strangers, say thank you for everything done for you, give sincere compliments, laugh and have a lovely Saturday morning blessings.

The joy of the Lord is our strength and today will be one of the best days of our lives. You shall encounter things that will remind you of how wonderful your life has been. Have a fun-filled day.

Saturday’s Blessings

Good Saturday. Good morning to those who have such a big heart that they continue to love despite disappointments.

May your home be filled with Beautiful people, your mind with Beautiful Thoughts, your Heart with Beautiful intentions, and your life with an Abundance of beautiful Blessings, Good morning! Happy Weekend.

Having a healthy lifestyle is not about the food that you eat or water you drink. It is about how you treat your emotional and spiritual life. Remember to have a healthy weekend. Stay Safe.

Weekends are meant to wake up late and be lazy in bed. Cuddle yourself today and release the stress of yesterday. Good morning! Have a relaxing weekend.

As you set out today, God will shower you with His blessing and love and bring you a step closer to your dreams. Good morning handsome. Have a pleasant day.

May today you wake up with the sweetest smile, happier heart, brighter day and a peaceful mind. Celebrate and treasure the life you are given and prosper in every challenge you may have. Have a blessed Saturday morning!

Take a note of the fact that every day can’t be fair with you and everyone can be pleased with you all the time just be happy for every new morning that reached you in life; the most important thing is that you are alive strong and lively.

Saturday Morning Blessing Quotes

I pray that this weekend is going to be one of your best weekends so far in the name of Jesus, Amen. Good morning my king. Have a great day.

From today and henceforth, God will always give you a reason to be happy, grateful and smile. Good morning my princess.

Every stone that are meant for your downfall will be a propelling force to bring you always a step closer to your dreams and desires. Good morning to you, my prince charming. Have a nice day.

God will bless, keep, provide, sustain, guide and guard you today and beyond. Good morning my one and only.

From this morning, I declare God’s bright light on everything that’s dark in your life. Good morning handsome. I cherish you forever.

Saturday Good Morning Blessings

God will grant your heart desires and bring peace to your troubled heart. He will bless you richly and make sure you get the daily blessings of the day. Have an amazing day.

Today will leave you better than it found you because it’s a Saturday of blessings. Embrace the day and breath in life. It will be one of your best days on earth.

When things don’t work, don’t be discouraged and never give up completely. Bring it to God and believe that he will stand by you and comfort you. I wish you a fabulous Saturday.

Life might not go as planned, but a day can make a difference. Today might be that day as it’s a blessing-filled Saturday. Here is one day that will make all your dreams a reality.

Good Morning Blessed Saturday

Welcome this Saturday with a cheerful heart and believe that everything happens for a greater good. God is ready to bless you beyond your imaginations both today and forever.

Nothing makes the heart fonder than knowing that it’s going to be a lovely day. Today is one of the special days of the weekday and the blessings of God awaits us.

Clear your heart of hate and accumulate love because love brings peace of mind. This Saturday will leave you better than it found you only if you believe.

The power to make today one of the best days of your life is in your hands. Wake up and take charge of the things that can make your life better. It’s known that heaven helps those that help themselves.

Nothing makes a day more beautiful than knowing that God is in charge of the day. Today will be a lovely day because there are thousands of blessings awaiting you. Have a blessed Saturday.

Saturdays are the best because you rest not only from the burns of the past week but also have the chance to thank God for being merciful, all week round. I wish you a lovely Saturday.

Saturday Blessings And Prayers

May the beauty of the weekend fill your heart and soul. May you enjoy peace and joy in their fullness. Happy weekend. Saturday Blessings And Prayers

May every disappointment and failure cease in your life with the coming of this weekend. May your weekend be filled pleasant surprises. Have a joyous one.

May the Lord settle every of your fears and heart cry this weekend. May you enjoy peace like a river. Have a beautiful weekend. Saturday Blessings And Prayers

I pray you continue to utilize well the grace of God upon your life. May your oil never run dry. Have an exceptional weekend.

No matter how good or bad the past week was, this is weekend, a time to look back and reflect on the successes and the failures. A time to reflect and strategize on how to make things better going forward. May you find the grace and discipline to be truly honest in your evaluations as you project for a better future. Have an amazing, mind-blowing weekend. Saturday Blessings And Prayers

Inspiration Good Morning Saturday Blessings

There is nothing to worry about on a perfect Saturday morning like this one. Be happy with the blessing of being alive today. Have a beautiful Good morning.

Opportunities don’t hide on weekdays. There is always a beautiful opportunity every day, even on a brand new Saturday. Have a blessing filled day.

Have a lovely morning no matter what your worries might be. Put your hand on your chest and feel your heartbeat. That’s the most awesome reason you are still alive. Happy Saturday.

Think of someone who makes every morning worth calling a good day in advance. Thank that person for being so special and enjoy your Saturday morning because it is a blessing to be alive.

Happy Saturday Blessings

Happy Saturday everyone! A new day that begins, a hope that is born, a smile that appears, a perfume that envelops. Like that of coffee

The Importance of good peoples in our life is just like the importance of Heartbeats……. it’s not visible but silently supports our Life, Good Morning! Happy Saturday.

As the sky welcomes the beautiful sunrise today so shall you welcome happiness, greatness, and may God shower his blessings upon you today and every day of your life. have the best weekend ever. God be with you.

This Saturday is going to be a good one because we are releasing the stress of the workload that has been haunting us. I hope the rest will make it all go away.

As from today, blessing, favor, goodness and joy will never cease in your life in Jesus name, Amen. Good morning my prince charming.

May your problems be less and laughter be more and nothing but blessings and happiness come knocking at your door. Have a blessed Saturday.

Forget about yesterday, it is already a past tense…tomorrow is just an imagination but today is a reality so always smile and be real in everything you are doing. You are so wonderful, sweet and above all shining like an early Saturday sun.

It is a new day to be, a new day to do good things and receive blessings in return. May our Lord give you as much happiness as you have given love to others.

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Saturday Morning Blessings

When you believe that there is always something good every day, good things will always pull towards you like the force of gravity. Today will unlock the gates of blessings in your life.

There is something about the past; no matter how perfect it is, we can never go back to it. Welcome to another bright Saturday morning. Just keep looking forward, that’s the way we are going.

It is never about the day. It doesn’t matter if it’s Saturday or Sunday. What matters is the little things we do throughout the day. I wish you a blessing filled Saturday.

Every new morning makes us born again. Focus on the good things of life and avoid ruining the day with past events of the week. Have an amazing Saturday morning.

Attempt to touch the lives of persons around you. While you may not rid the world of all wrongs, you can contribute by making someone’s life amazing. Be blessed today.

Never think of giving up because, despite your shortcomings, God has never given up on you. Do your best every day and experience a blessed Saturday.

Saturday Prayers And Blessings

This weekend and always, the Lord will hide you and all yours under the shadow of His wings. May He satisfy you with the desires of your heart. Happy weekend. saturday prayers and blessings

Peace like a river, favour everywhere you turn, all-round blessings; I wish you all these and more this weekend. Have a happy one. saturday prayers and blessings

As you count your blessings, naming them one by one, may you find a lot to be thankful for. May gladness fill your heart and songs of praise fill your mouth. Have a blessed weekend.

You will surmount every mountain, you will scale every hurdle, every battle will end in victory for you. Have a fulfilling weekend. saturday prayers and blessings

The Lord’s banner over you is love. Go into the weekend with the assurance that you have His backing. Have a lovely weekend.

Blessed Saturday Morning

Spread sunshine to others on this day And you will be blessed in every way.

May this Saturday be free of worry, and may you be blessed with happiness this wonderful morning.

Blessings to you for the choices you make this Saturday. May wisdom and happiness follow you throughout the day!

Blessings, you have many this morning. Take the time to count them and your Saturday will be filled with more.

This Saturday morning blessing is sent with love With a pray to God above That your morning will be filled with cheer Because you are special to us my dear.

Saturday morning, a new day to be and do We bless you and pray that nothing makes you blue Let this morning be a time That allows for much deserved downtime.

Have A Blessed Saturday

Spread sunshine to others on this Saturday And you will be blessed in every way. A blessed Saturday is wished for you May success follow you in all you do. Have A Blessed Saturday

No since looking back on the past week, It is a new day and it is not all bleak. Keep moving forward, enjoy this Saturday Find the good and celebrate the day!

Thank God for this wonderful day Don’t waste it in anyway Be blessed and enjoy May nothing this day make you annoyed. You bring to us much laughter and joy May this Saturday it be returned to you ten-fold.

Memories of Saturday’s past Warms my heart and the memories that last A blessed day is wished for you
Happiness and sunshine and more memories too! Have A Blessed Saturday

You truly are a gift from God The hills and valleys we have trod Be blessed this Saturday and may happiness follow you Throught the day in all that you do.

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You are an angel in disguise You have been with me in the lows and highs So on this Saturday my blessing to you
May love and sunshine be felt and viewed. Have A Blessed Saturday

Happy Blessed Saturday

Now that I think about it, Saturdays are just the chargers for humans just like there are chargers for phones, the whole week you’re being tired the whole time and then, you charge yourself on Saturday and the cycle continues.

Some people have plans for the weekends, like spending time with their family or going to the park and stuff, and I’m just here thinking how much I can sleep on weekends.

What about a day where you can sleep as much as you want, get a break from everything and have a holiday for you the next day? Oh wait, that’s just called a Saturday…

The only reason we ask other people about how they spent their weekend is just because we want to tell them how we spent our weekend by oversleeping a lot.

I hope today’s the kind of Saturday That brings smiles and you laugh outloud. May you experience sunshine and ignore the clouds. A kind of day that is meant for you!

If there is anything that you have in galore this Saturday morning, it is Lord’s love and grace. May your weekend be bright and shining.

Saturday Blessing Prayer

I declare that your day will be filled with happiness and goodness. And your life will be filled with good health of mind and body. Good morning my love.

As from today, blessing, favour, goodness and joy will never cease in your life in Jesus name, Amen. Good morning my prince charming.

I know that God will keep you safe always from harm today and beyond because He cares about you. Good morning my dearest. Have a wonderful day ahead of you.

I pray for you today that the good Lord will bless you beyond every human reasonings, in the name of Jesus, Amen. Good morning beautiful.

I declare open doors for you as you set out this morning, and may your day be better than the day before. Have a blessed Saturday ahead.

It’s my prayer that today will make the beginning of wonderful things in your life and so shall it be in Jesus name, Amen. Good morning to you, my cuppy cake.

Yesterday is gone, today is here and I pray it will be as beautiful as your glowing smiling face. Good morning handsome, I cherish you always.

Today and always, your day will be filled with God’s best and perfect gifts. Have a beautiful day ahead of you, sweetheart.

Good Morning Have A Blessed Saturday 

Before falling back into the past, remember that you have already been there. And you have chosen to move forward. Good Saturday!

The day you plant the seed… is not the day you eat Fruit, …be Patient …be humble … Don’t Give Up! Good Morning! Happy Saturday.

I feel loved when you say you love me. I feel contented when you say you cherish and I know this day and forever, it is going to be me and you together. I love you darling. Good morning

Good morning. Today is a Saturday, a good day, and I hope it will bring you good news. Let’s have a great breakfast and head to the beach for some much-needed suntan! Have a good day!

My love, I pray for you as you go out this morning that goodness, joy and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life, Amen. Good morning sweetheart.

Thank you for ever been walking along with me to this point. I don’t need anything from you this morning but to appreciate you for everything you have done in my life; just put smile on your face and be generous to everyone around you.

For most Saturdays are a day to relax A day not to watch the time and not keep track. I send this blessing of relaxation to you We love and appreciate all you do.

Weekends are made to recover after a tough week and prepare for another one. Think about what you do and thank for what comes out of it, and you will be given more and more.

Saturday Afternoon Blessings

I commit this afternoon to you Lord, knowing I’m safe in your arms. I thrust myself completely to you and pray my day ends in good success.

While I pursue my daily labour this afternoon, grant me courage in difficulty, grant me perseverance in toil. Crown my day with the success that I may smile when the day is done.

Your hand navigates me through the paths of life. I’ve seen It time and again. I pray now oh Lord, this afternoon, kindly make my ways straight. Kindly light my path. That all glory might be yours when I lay to sleep.

Morning is done, it’s been your help. Grant me grace and strength and courage to continue in the rest of the day. That I may find sweet sleep when I lay to rest.

Mark a straight road for me that I may follow. Be a light unto my path as you’ve promised. Help me this afternoon that I may find peace in my labour.

Saturday Greetings And Blessings

Saturday Blessing Quotes

What are ways you can check yourself to make sure your words are blessing others and not wounding them
Sarah Young

If you’re the typical person living today, you’re blessed if you have one person who believed in you and loved you unconditionally as you were growing up.

When we help people build on their strengths, face their fears, and become better people, we will be blessed and receive rewards unimaginable. David DeNotaris

Besides, generosity is not about how much money a person has, or doesn’t have. Generosity doesn’t make decisions based solely on numbers, high or low. It merely wants to do what it does best – bless others. Jan Grace, Generosity

True writers are more concern on how the people will get to read the message in the book and be blessed than making money from the books. Daniel Affi, Writing and Travelling Ministry

I pray my story blesses you and encourages you to never give up no matter how many times you fail yourself and God! It’s not how you began the race; it’s how you finish it! June Dawn Knight, Testimony of a Broken Bride

Passing a blessing to my grandchild can be as simple as sharing tender words that encourage and affirm. Kay Swatkowski, A Grandmother’s Prayers

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