8‌ ‌Ideas‌ ‌For‌ ‌An‌ ‌Incredibly‌ ‌Romantic‌ ‌Wedding‌ ‌

Ideas For An Incredibly Wedding – Without a doubt, a couple’s wedding day will be filled with so many swoon-worthy moments. There will be so much love throughout the day coming from the couple themselves and their guests. Then, with an overall atmosphere, too. While wedding trends and ideas come and go, classic ideas are a no-fail in creating an overall romantic wedding. But what exactly is a romantic wedding theme? Expert planners classify this as one like in the movies. Think of Cinderella, for instance. You will have lights, grand chandeliers, blush and muted tones, classic songs, twinkle lights, lush and full-bloom flowers, calligraphy, and so many more. It’s all in the little details that make the maximum impact in achieving your dream romantic wedding. Here are romantic ideas straight out a fairy tale, set to sweep you off your feet on your big day:

Incorporate Lots Of Lace

Lace, chiffon, tulle, and satin are very romantic together. So, you’ll want to have those four as the main fabric choices if you’ll be having an original dress for your wedding. Lace, in particular, sets the vibe for a very romantic feel. When it comes to your decorations, there’s a lot of areas for you also to use lace. 

Instead of using plain table cloths, you can layer different fabrics with lace as the runner or topper. Lace creates the perfect setting to have beautiful flower table centerpieces to top off that overall romantic look with your reception tables.

Be Strategic With Your Table Numbers

Here’s an idea to add more sentimental value to your wedding details. Rather than use ordinary numbers with meaning, choose numbers instead of dates with a particular significance in your relationship. Then, don’t forget to write a simple description and the dates. 

For instance, ‘Table 23 – Our Wedding Day Today’; ‘Table 6 – The Day We Officially Became A Couple’. Sharing those small details with your guests can help add a personal touch to make your wedding extra romantic, private, and special. those number details paired with beautiful floral but still affordable wedding centerpieces top off a romantic wedding reception you’re after.

Fill Up Your Aisle With Flower Petals

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What better way to walk down your road to forever than in an aisle filled with flower petals? Just imagine a path with white and pink rose petals. How dreamy and romantic, indeed. 

Real flower petals can be expensive, though. Not a problem if you’ve prepared for that cost in the budget. But, if you have a limited wedding budget and would love to have an isle of petals, don’t be dismayed just yet. A trick you can do instead is to use synthetic flower petals. Your guests won’t know the difference, and neither will this show on the photos, too.

Consider A Destination Wedding

Having a romantic wedding is not all just about the theme. It’s also about feelings, emotions, and overall vibe or experiences the couple and their guests have in their wedding. And, if you’re both the type who loves to travel, why not consider a destination wedding? 

Intimate weddings are back to being the norm. So, that’s all the more reason for you to have a destination wedding. Traveling to another place – even if it’s just the next city or state – is romantic in itself. Long after the wedding decorations have faded and the flowers wilted, it’s the memories of a romantic time that stays. With destinations, you don’t just have a wedding day. But you can have a few days of travel experience with your family and friends to savor.

Bring In A Lot Of Twinkling Lights

If your wedding ceremony is late in the afternoon, it follows too that the reception will be at night. So, whether you’re going to have an indoor or an outdoor wedding reception, twinkling lights are breathtaking and magical. Just imagine small, white fairy lights. Or, you can also have the big warm yellow string lights.  

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Have A Tent – Whether Day Or Night

If you’re having an outdoor or garden wedding, it’s a no-fail to have a tent. First off, it’s that layer of protection you’ll have just in case it rains. With a tent, no rain can dampen your comfort and celebratory spirit on the biggest day of your life. Décor-wise, having a tent can also add to the overall romantic feel you can add to your garden wedding.

Here are ideas:

  • Rather than using an opaque and white tent, opt for a transparent, clear tent instead where the guests can see the beauty of the night-time sky and stars; 
  • Hide unsightly tent posts by draping curtains or hanging vines with flowers; 
  • Use the top of the tent, at the center-most point to have a chandelier or candelabra; 
  • Hang flowers or fabric ceiling works from the tent’s roof.

Incorporate Woodland-Inspired Details

Ideas For An Incredibly Romantic Wedding
                                       Ideas For An Incredibly Romantic Wedding

Another way to have a  romantic wedding theme is to create an enchanted garden feel. It can be achieved through a perfect balance of flowers, rustic details, lots of lush greens, and woodland-inspired details. When incorporated seamlessly, you can have a wedding that looks like it came to life straight out of a storybook.

Here are ideas to get inspired by:

  • Have a lush, floral, ceremony arch;
  • Create small booklets your wedding ceremony guides and wedding messages or well-wishes;
  • Focus on gentle, pale, bluish, or pink hues;
  • Have calligraphy-written invites and wedding signages;
  • Put bows around your chairs.

Keep Candles Inside Lanterns Scattered In The Venue

Candles can be very romantic. Luckily for you, having candles lit up on your wedding ceremony is now better and safer, too. There are electric, light-emitting diode (LED) candles that look just like real candles. You can keep it switched on and placed inside lanterns or on top of mirrors for that maximum romantic feel.

Final Thoughts

With the ideas above, you should be feeling more positive now to get the wedding planning in the entire process. It’s up to you now and your wedding planner to help make the romantic wedding ideas above all uniquely yours. Remember, this is your wedding, after all. Do what makes you happy and apply all the décor that’ll make you feel like in a storybook fairy tale wedding. Who said the wedding of your dreams stays only in your dreams? You can say ‘I do’ in the most princess-like and romantic fashion, happily ever after.