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i miss you poems

I Miss You Poems :  You now have all the poems in the world to express what you feel for your boyfriend that is far away.
No matter what your mood is, we have some of the best poems that can do that magic to your relationship. Give your boyfriend something to smile at with these Love Poems for Him

i miss you poems

When someone you love has left you there is a feeling of missing a part of yourself. Like one who has had a limb removed, you constantly reach for the phantom lover. You may wish for this uncomfortable feeling to leave you so that you can function properly. However, the truth is that the place in your heart that feels a sense of lacking represents the hole where your relationship goes. It is natural to feel that you miss the person the belongs in your life.

I Miss You Poems

Because of you, in gardens of blossoming
Flowers I ache from the perfumes of spring.
I have forgotten your face, I no longer
Remember your hands; how did your lips

Every time I start missing you

I rue about not being together

I try to pacify myself by thinking

That the worst is already over

But no matter what I do

Loneliness casts gloom and darkness

Like a raging and merciless tornado

It sucks away my life’s happiness

Just give me a hug and feel

My heart barely limping through

I’m not asking for a lot

All I need is you


There are moments when I feel delusional

There are times when I feel let down

There are days when I feel weak

Sometimes, my smiles are wiped off by frowns

Lost, dazed and confused, is what I feel

Almost like nursing a permanent flu

This is the state of my life right now

As I trip over how badly I’m missing you


My Facebook status right now is

I am sad and lonely

My latest WhatsApp status says

Come back to me quickly

My latest tweets shout out

I miss you very much

My Google Plus update is

I want your loving touch

You are aware of my feelings

And I know you are reading all this

So why don’t you do the right thing

Baby, come back and give me a kiss

Love Poems for Him Long Distance

I miss you, my man,
I miss you because you complete me
I miss you because you smile at me
I miss you because you make me feel whole
I miss you because you lighten up my soul
I miss you because you make me feel love
I miss you because you are all I think of all day
I miss you because I want you back home
All I could do is nothing but wait.

I know this day will come but not so soon
The day I will go to bed without feeling your touch
The day I will look my best, but you are not there to
Compliment how beautiful and amazing I look
I know this day will come but not so soon
The day I will have to do it all without you
The day I will have to listen to all the songs
You love to keep the thought of you in
My heart, I miss you so much, my man.

Oh, my man, I will wait for you
I will wait as nobody has ever expected for you
I will wait to demonstrate my eternal love for you
I will wait to show you how much I love you
Oh, my man, I will wait for you
I will wait to show you how loyal I am to you
I will wait to show you how strong and committed
I am to love you without relenting.
I will wait to show you that distance is no reason for
Us to part ways
I will wait to show you how much I love and miss you.

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I miss you like crazy
When you are not around to do that crazy stuff we use to do
When you are not here to hold my hands for a long walk
When you are not with me to kiss and cuddle me like you use to
I miss you like crazy
When you are not around to call me pretty
When you are not here to tell me how my food taste
When you are not next to me to pray with me
I miss you like crazy
When all the crazy stuff we do becomes a memory
Till I see you again. I miss you like crazy.

Do not forget me, my man
For your presence lightens up my soul
For your smile gives me hope
For your support gives me strength
Do not forget me, my man
For your time gives me relevance’s
For your prayers gives me luck
For your advice gives me a breakthrough
All I want is for you not to forget me while you are away.

Best I Miss You Poems

Every moment I spent with you
Was like a beautiful dream come true
It was the best dream I ever saw
More colorful than a rainbow
Your pretty voice is echoing in my ear
The splendid sound I ever hear
No Nightingale’s song
Can compare to your glamorous tone
Those alighting brown eyes
As bright as twinkling stars in the sky
I always wanted to hold your hand
Between my arms close to my heart
My wish was to hug you hard
And listen to the beat of your heart

I can still feel your smell
The wonderful charming spell
You taught me about love
Your love made my life alive
Whenever I see your face
My whole heart fills with grace
My life was like a dark cold night
You were the only luminaire warming light
My dream was to see your smile
And walk with you all over this glorious isle
You were the queen of my dream worlds
I don’t know how to explain my feelings in words
But, when you leave me alone with the feeling of spleen
I could realize that was just a daydream……………

Deep Love Quotes for Him

I pray for you my king
I pray for things to go well with you where ever you are
I pray for you to be able to stand the test of time
I pray for your breakthrough and success
I pray for God to give you the heart to always
Love and cherish me even when you are away
I pray because I know prayer is the only thing
That can keep you safe.
I’m missing you so much, my king.

Greatness is all I wish you, my prince
Greatness beyond your imagination and expectation
Importance in all ratification of life, because great is
The man that has never capitalize on my flaw rather
He corrects me in a lovable way when I am wrong
Great is the man that has never given me the reason to
Cry even when my eyes have tears
Great is the man that has never made me question
His love while he is away; instead he loves me more.
I love and miss you so much, my prince because your
Love is all that keeps me waiting for you.

I can’t explain what I feel for you because it transcends beyond love
I can’t open my mouth to express my appreciation for you because
It transcends beyond what my mouth can say
You have got a big heart, my prince
A soul that has made me feel the whole world is
On top of me while you are away
A soul that has made me miss you badly for
All your unconditional love and care towards me
I miss you so badly, my love, please just
Come back to me.

It feels so amazing how you left home
But did not leave my heart
It feels so amazing how I said goodbye
But not from my heart
It feels amazing. I smiled while you are going
But it wasn’t coming from my heart.
How will I possibly say goodbye?
When you are all I want all day
How will I possibly smile?
When my heart feels pain and sorrow
That you are leaving home
But I know it was the right thing to do to
Make you feel strong and save
I want you to know I’m missing you badly.

How I Miss You Poems

How much I miss you

I simply cannot tell

It’s like, on me

You’ve cast a magic spell

Words are not enough

To convey my feelings

When you’re not around

Everything is irritating

I don’t know how much longer

I can keep going this way

Your hugs are all that my heart

Needs to go YAY

As miserable as life seems

When you’re not with me

I can’t help but smile

Thinking about how it’ll be

When we meet again

With long and silent hugs

All my worries will melt away

When you give me those tugs

Oh, what would I give

For that moment to come sooner

You have no idea, how I

Desperately crave to be together

I miss you


All my selfies are turning out to be pathetic

It’s like, the smile on my face has vanished

I can’t put up a facade, my smiles are gone

Because from my own life, I feel banished

Things have gone astray, I’m going crazy

Without you, things are not the same

For all the ups and downs, all the hoopla

I know, I am the only one to blame

But now I want to set things straight

I promise, I’ll make up for every little thing

I know you are disappointed and dejected

But please, give me a chance to begin

I miss you


I don’t know how you’re coping up

With being hundreds of miles away

But I feel like a star in the sky

Fading away, day after day

It’s been too long since

The last time we were together

Without you, life means nothing to me

It feels like everything is over

I miss you

Cute Love Poems for Him Long Distance

My love, please do not allow distance to come between us nor keep our love apart, for you are always in my heart and my soul. Just stay connected to me, and you will see how my heart lingers for your Even.

Oh, my love, have I ever told you that your love is the source of my strength, your smile is the medicine to my sickness, your care is the only reason why I don’t want to leave your sight and your warm arms and the reason I always want to come back home. I miss you so much, my love.

You succeed in setting my soul on my fire that I could not go a day without thinking of you, my eyes long to see your beautiful face, my hands long to hold you close to myself, my heart longs to stay connected to yours, and my mouth wants to kiss your sexy lips forever. I miss you, baby.

Just as the sun brightens up the earth at day, the moon lightens up the planet at night, and how essential oxygen is to human existence, my love is willing to stand any form of challenge that distance may bring. Love you so much my world.

As the day passes by, my days are becoming longer, my lips are becoming dry, my arms are becoming shorter, my body is becoming slimmer, I miss you so much, and I can’t wait to get back to you my love.

Even though you been away for years now, you are never far away from my heart because I feel the warmth of your touch and the whisper of your voice. I missed you so much, my soul mate.

Fear is all that grips me when the thought of you leaving me crosses my mind
You are not just my friend, but someone whom I have chosen to spend the rest of life with,
Please do not stay too long because I am missing you badly.

Unlike my future ambition, your love I do not want to compromise with anything, for you are my smile and all I need to achieve my goals in life lies in you. I want to be with you forever till death do us apart. Just want you to know distance is too small an obstacle to separate us.

Tears are all that comes to my eyes, whenever I think of you leaving me again, but the most exciting part of it is that I know you are going for good, and all I want from you always to remember the memory we have shared. Always remember someone is patiently waiting for you. Love you baby.

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Distance have kept you far away from me,
All I could see is nothing but your image,
All I could hear is nothing but your voice that could go off whenever the network is terrible because we don’t talk like we use to,
I can’t touch you like I use to,
I can’t feel you like I use to,
I feel alone in this place far away from home. I miss you much, baby.

Love Poems for Him from the Heart

Distance has created a wall between us.
That’s a wall that has separated us for the time being.
This wall couldn’t allow us to reach each other, and these distance is doing more harm to me than good, because whenever I think about the good times we spent together, I have no choice but to wait till we met again.

Beautiful you are,
beautiful is your personality,
beautiful is your name,
beautiful is where you are coming from,
beautiful are the parent’s that gave birth to you,
beautiful is all we have ever had,
I miss you and will be home soon my love.

My man is strong,
my man is handsome,
my man is unique,
my man is great,
my man is romantic,
my man is loyal,
my man is outstanding,
my man is all I have ever dreamt of in life.
Come back to me please, am missing you so badly here.

Love is great,
love is wonderful,
love is beautiful,
love is precious,
love is unique,
love is crazy,
love is loyal,
love is a sacrifice,
love is pure,
and love is commitment.
Love is that thing that has kept me waiting for you for years without getting tired because you have shown me the true meaning of love.

Loyalty is all I have ever craved for in my love story,
loyalty is all I want when you are far away from home,
your commitment is that thing that keeps me waiting,
loyalty is all I want you to assure me,
and I will wait for years to come without any atom of fear.

I Miss You Poems For Her

So what if we just met

I still feel alone

Even a few hours apart

Makes my heart moan

Let’s start finding ways

In which we can be

Together all the time

I miss you, do you miss me


I’m missing you now

I missed you before

I’ll keep missing you

My heart will go sore

It’s not my fault

What can I do

If I just can’t stop

Thinking about you

I feel like a lost puppy

Looking out for some TLC

In other words, I just

Want you to hug me


On the outside, I act

All macho and masculine

But I am broken

From deep within

At first sight, nothing

Seems to be wrong

But on introspection, my life

Feels like a sad song

Without you baby

Everything seems bleak

Come back soon

I’ve become very weak

I miss you


Your boyfriend is having a hissy fit

His heart is breaking bit by bit

You haven’t met him since a few days

Which is making him sad in many ways

He wants you to give him a hug

He also wants you to give him a kiss

Not tomorrow, but today

Hope you won’t disappoint, miss


Hey girl

I miss you so much

Hey sweetheart

I miss your sizzling touch

Hey baby

I miss looking at your face

Hey angel

I miss your embrace

Hey beautiful

I miss everything about you

When you get back

Lots of kisses will be due

Romantic Love Poems for Him Long Distance

Love is love when we both agree to love each other unconditionally,
love is love because it has no bond,
love is love when we both believe in each other dreams,
love is love when we do not allow distance to form a separation between us,
love is love when it is unique,
and love is love when we think of each other always,
Even when we are far away from each other.

Do not be scared, my love,
waiting for you till you are back is a decision I have made,
sleeping alone when you are not around is a decision I have made,
eating alone when you are not around is a decision I have made,
going to the movies when you are not around is also a decision I have made.
I made those decisions because you assured me;
I will wait for you till the end of time.

There is a place in my heart were I kept specially for you,
a place where I can hear your voice miles away,
a place where everything you do seems like the best,
a place that makes me overlook your fault and see you as perfect,
a place that makes me feel you are the best of all God creation,
a place where my love for you reside.
Love you so much baby, and I can’t wait for you to come back home.

Time may pass,
things may change,
a plant may grow,
the wind may blow,
people may change,
but my love for you will never die,
I am here, and I will never go away because you are the only person that makes me feel complete.
Please come back soon.

I miss you because there are pieces of me that want you always,
a piece of me that cherish you like life,
a piece of me that longs to be with you still,
A piece of me that makes me wait patiently without any form of doubt. A piece of me that will wait till you come back home.

Oh come back baby,
come back my love,
come back my man,
come back my hero,
I need you to be here with me because I have missed you so much,
you were long gone, and I want you to return to me,
My love.

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I will with you soon,
I will be back to you my love,
I will be back to hold your hands in times of difficulties,
I will be back to clean your tears in times of distress,
I will be back to sleep by you all night,
I will be back to make up for those times I have been away.
I love you so much, darling;
you make me feel complete with your presence.
I will be home soon, dear.

I Miss You Poems For Him

I feel anxious and alone

I feel sad and restless

I feel irritated and annoyed

I feel deprived of happiness

All this and a lot worse

Is what I feel when we’re apart

From a deep red to a murky black

Has gone, the color of my heart

Missing you has created a void

Silent and painfully agonizing

When it comes to you

Baby, it’s all or nothing


Have you ever tasted

Tea without sugar

Have you ever tried

Bread without butter

Have you ever eaten

Chips without fish

You should try out this stuff

Is what I really wish

So that you come to know

What my life has become

Without you, I am

Incomplete and lonesome

I miss you


When I see other couples

Basking in love’s glory

I long for you to come back

So in my arms, you can just be

I get frustrated to no end

When I see them together

Because that’s when I realize

That you’re not here

I miss you


There is absolutely no limit

To how much I miss you

For describing that vacuum

Words are very few

I feel lonely and aghast

I feel broken and lost

By being away from you

I’m paying a heavy cost

The only thing that makes me

Glad, through this painful chaos

Is the realization that being away

From you, is my life’s biggest loss

Like a tree, withering away without rain

Like a bird, trapped mercilessly in a cage

Like a fish, doing circles in a tiny bowl

Like a tiger, chained and loathing in rage

Like a flower, dying under the harsh sun

Like a lake, drying up in a drought

This is how I feel from within

When I’m lost in your thoughts

I miss you


Baby, what can I do

I am so far from you

I don’t know what to say

I’m lost in these gloomy days

Without you by my side

Life feels like a nasty ride

It’s been so long, since I met you

I’m not sure if I’ll pull through

Help me, save me from this mess

Only your hugs, can ease out my stress

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