Blessing Happy Birthday Prayer For Friends And Loved Ones

Birthday Prayer

Birthday Prayer : Sending meaningful and special prayers to your loved ones is without a doubt one of the most touching things that you can do for them on their Big Day. Sending birthday prayers to a birthday celebrant is very important in the sense that it not only let the person know that you are thinking about them on that special day of theirs but it also has the ability to bring in them so many priceless positive emotions, including hope and optimism.

Birthday Prayer
                                                                                                    Birthday Prayer

Knowing how useful sending prayers to someone on their birthday can be, we have dedicated this entire page to nothing but birthday blessings. Here, you will find one of the Internet’s best collections of birthday prayers for precious people in your life, such as your significant other, siblings, parents, children, friends, etc.

Blessing Birthday Prayer

God’s arms are open, waiting for you. His hugs are warm, loving, and true. Open your heart, receive His love, And your birthday will be blessed from above.  Blessing Birthday Prayer

Prayers for God’s guidance and wisdom as you live out the beautiful life He has blessed you with. Happy birthday all my prayers will be with you!

God’s presence is better than presents, His care is better than gifts. May His love for you shine brightly today, And give your heart a lift. Blessing Birthday Prayer

May the same God who spoke the universe into being speak to your heart today, inspiring you to live another year in His grace and love, enjoying His bountiful promises. 101 Birthday Wishes For Friends

Our Heavenly Father, who makes no mistakes, Has given this life to you. Make the most of His plans, His gifts, and His hands, And He will see you through. Happy birthday! What a day God has brought us! Let’s celebrate you! Accept blessings and wishes From your birthday crew! Your joyous occasion has come at last! Let’s party together; we’ll all have a blast! Who better to toast than you, dear one? Bring on the cake, this party’s begun!

Blessing Prayer Birthday Wishes

Our beautiful God is in control, Willing to heal your precious soul. His great love will mend your heart, And pull you from the bitter dark. Look to Him on your birthday and every day.

I pray that God will protect you and shine his glorious light on your path as you travel through another year of life. Happy birthday blessings!

Life abundant, rich, and true– This is the gift God has offered to you. May you receive love on this special day, And know that blessings are coming your way.

May the blessings of our heavenly Father inspire you to live a life of joy and grace as you celebrate another birthday.

With the passing of years, may God continue to give you victory as you encounter each challenge that life brings. Happy and blessed birthday! ◊ May the Author of life, the Creator of hope, Fill you with peace and help you cope. Whatever life brings, He will be there. This is your special birthday prayer.

Birthday Prayer For A Friend

Wishing you a very happy birthday, my dear. May God make His heavenly face shine on you on this special day of yours and all the days of your life.

Wishing you, my dearest friend, a happy birthday. May the Lord that we serve bless you today and forever. Thank you for being such a great friend to me.

May goodness and mercy accompany you today and all the days of your beautiful life. Happy birthday, my dearest one.

It brings me so much joy to celebrate your birthday with you. I pray that our God blesses you and wraps His mighty arms of protection around you on this extra special day and forever.

May you know nothing but happiness from this day onward. May God protect and keep you. Have a very happy birthday.

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My prayer for you today is that the almighty God never cease blessing you, and that you see more remarkable days like today. Happy birthday!

I am so grateful that you have been blessed with another fabulous year. On this blessed day, I pray that all your wishes come true and that you have eternal happiness. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend.

Happy Birthday Prayer

May God almighty bless you with a life full of joy and happiness. And may you always find favor in His eyes. Have a happy birthday.

May God give you the strength and wisdom to smoothly surmount all the challenges life brings you. Stay blessed and enjoy your day to the fullest.

I pray that your birthday is as beautiful and fun as you are. Happy birthday, dear. May you always remain blessed.
I pray that you always end up victorious in whatever you do. Have a wonderful birthday.

The journey of life has never been smooth – it is full of ups and downs. But I pray that the good Lord lights your path wherever you go and allows you see success all the time.

Here’s wishing you God’s protection and love as you commemorate this special day on which you came into this world. Happy birthday.

May the grass beneath your feet always be green. May the skies that you walk beneath always be blue. May your life always overflow with happiness and love. Happy birthday, my dearest one.

May God bless you with peace and happiness on this unique day that you celebrate. And may that divine peace and happiness follow you the rest of your life. Have a blessed and fun birthday.

Birthday Prayer

On this special day of yours, I pray that the good Lord gives you all the joy and happiness that your heart can contain. Have a very memorable birthday.

Gracious God, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for privileging me with the opportunity to see another beautiful year of life. Thank You for all the blessings that You have heaped upon my life over the years. May I continue to please you for as long as I live. Thank you.

May guardian angels be with you all the time and may sadness not know its way to your doorstep. May happiness and goodness surround you all the time. And most importantly, may God always bless you. Happy birthday.

On this special occasion, I want to thank the good Lord for His grace and mercy on you and also ask for His abundant blessing upon you.

As you celebrate your birthday, I have only one very important wish for you. And the wish is that this special day of yours and the rest of the days that follow you be filled with peace and happiness from above.

Birthday Prayer For Son

My son, as you celebrate this special day of your life, my prayer for you is that you will excel in everything that you do and that happiness always envelopes your life. Happy birthday!

Dear son, I want to start your Big Day with a special prayer for you. May the Lord keep protecting and guiding you along unfamiliar paths. May He always go before you and remove all the obstacles that stand in your way to happiness and success. Happy birthday.

I pray that all the good things in this life will come your way because nobody deserves a happier life than you. I love you, my son. Happy birthday!

I feel so fortunate to have you as my son because you are a light in my life. May your birthday mark the beginning of great things in your life. May the Lord surround you with peace, prosperity, true friends, and most importantly true happiness all the days of your wonderful life.

My son, on your birthday, I pray for nothing but your happiness in life. May you always be protected from the eyes and plans of evil doers. Happy birthday, dear son.

Dear son, I pray that the Almighty will endow you with courage beyond that of Sampson to be able to conquer every obstacle and fear that might come your way in life. Have a sweet birthday.

On your Big Day, my dearest son, may God empower you with courage to defeat every Goliath in your life. I love you, but God loves you even more.

Birthday Prayers for Sister

As you celebrate this special day, I pray that happiness, grace, and peace will forever be your portion. May whatever you lay your hands upon, you shall excel and bring you immeasurable happiness. Happy birthday to you, my dear sister.

Happy birthday to an amazing sister. Today marks the completion of another 365 days and I pray that God blesses you in every aspect. May you find the wisdom, strength, and courage to overcome all the obstacles that come your way. Experience the joy that comes with your new age and remember, I love you.

Today is the remembrance of your birth. Your birth has been a blessing to the family and God will fill your world with delightful memories, wonderful accomplishments, and endless opportunities. As long as you live, we will continue to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday, sister.

I wish you a fabulous birthday, dearest sister. As you celebrate this special moment in your life, I pray that the wealth, goodness, and mercy of God will be with you all the days of your life. Today isn’t special to you alone, it means a great deal to all of us.

Happy birthday, my beloved sister. Today will unlock the gate of your blessings, and God will fill every moment of your life with joy, fortune, and hope. Happy birthday, my beautiful sister.

As the sun rises on your birthday, I pray that your faith and hope in God will also rise and bring forth prosperity, peace, happiness, good health and joy into your world. Happy birthday, amazing sister.

My darling sister, I wish you an exciting birthday and a day that overflows with laughter, joy, and happiness. These blessings will accompany you everywhere you go because you’re a star. Happy birthday to you. Keep shining.

To my beautiful sister, you will feel God’s goodness in everything you set out to do today and every other day of your life. God will bless you and keep you for us because your type is rare. Happy birthday to you. I love you, sis.

Birthdays are magical days and yours will take away all the disappointments and failures you’ve faced in the past! It’s about good vibes, and I know you will see a new turnaround in the things you do. Welcome to a new world of opportunities. Have a wonderful birthday, darling.

I feel wishes get granted mostly on birthdays, so I ask that God protects you for us. Be happy, sister, because that’s the easiest way to live. You‘re precious in every aspect and God will look into your heart and grant your heart desires. Have a happy birthday.

Birthday Prayer For My Son

appreciate God in your life today, for keeping you this far. It can only be God. Happy birthday, dear son.

I thank God for giving to me a clear picture of my character. You’re the best son. Enjoy your birthday.

May the life of this little child be blessed in a special way that will bring joy and happiness to the parents.

You shall live to reap the fruit of your labor on this child. Your effort on him will not go in vain. Happy birthday.

You’ve always made me know that the love between a mother and child is the best thing. Thank you for love. Happy birthday, my son.

Like the sun shines in the morning, may God’s goodness and kindness shine upon you from this year, and forever. Happy birthday, son.

You understand me. You know when I’m happy or sad. You know what I want. Son, you complete me. As you’re a year older, may good things never cease to happen in your life. Happy birthday, my son.

Birthday Prayer For Self

Dear God, today, I pray that You give me the strength to forge ahead in life and fulfill the destiny that You have placed in front of me.

God, all I ask from you on my birthday is that you give me the ability and strength to love and serve you faithfully, come what may.

Dear God, I thank you today for the precious gift of life that You have blessed me with. I pray that for as long as I live I will continue to do things that please you. Thank you so much, Father.

Lord Jesus, I can’t thank you enough for bringing me this far in life. I might not be a billionaire, but You have blessed me with life, good health, happiness and peace of mind. These gifts are worth more than all the money and treasures of the world. Thank you so much. And please, keep on smiling on me.

You are my sunshine, dearest heavenly Father. I pray that You continue to transform every darkness in my world into the spectacular rays of the sun. Thank you for filling up my life with countless blessings.

Father, since I accepted you as my personal savior, my life has become simply happy and wonderful. Today, I pray that You continue to bless me with happiness.

Prayer Blessing Birthday Wishes For Sister

Happy birthday to the best sister in the world. Having you as my sister is the best gift in the world. You’ve been a blessing to me and I can’t miss this opportunity in letting you know how amazing you have been. Have a blast.

Special days like today don’t come around more often. But when they do, they come with loads of blessings for wonderful people like you. Happy birthday, darling, I hope today leaves you better than it found you. I love you.

It’s your birthday, but I’d want to seize this moment to appreciate you for all you’ve done for me. Having you as a sister is the best gift in the world. I wish you lots of happiness and fulfillment in all you do today and every other day of your life.

To one person who stood by me during the rough days, you mean the world to me. May you live long and prosper. This new age will unlock the gate of joy and happiness. Open your heart as you await God’s blessings today. Happy birthday to you.

Your happiness is everything I care about right now. Today is another day to receive God’s blessings, and I hope you’re ready? Have a blessing-filled birthday that will bring hope and fulfillment to your life. Happy birthday, sister. I love you.

That you are a year older today makes me thrilled and grateful to God. It’s your birthday and also our wish day, so I wish you the best and God’s blessings. You’re a person of abundance, and nothing is keeping your blessings back.

The morning sun is a reminder that there is a ray of hope. Open your heart to new things today and remember that the best things in life take time. Thank you for being a sister like no other. Have a beautiful birthday.

Birthday Prayer Wishes

Happy Birthday! May God surprise you with things you have always wanted. Have a blast!

Move from glory to glory, May the Almighty save you from evil eyes. I wish you the happiest of birthdays.

Every time I look at you, I silently chant a whisper of gratitude to God for having someone like you in my life. Happy birthday, sunshine!

On this special day, I would like to let you know once again just how special you are in my life. I pray that the Lord blesses you with a happy and fulfilling life.

You know, how being around some people can make you feel at peace? Thank you for being there for me. On your birthday, I pray that our bonds stay like this forever.

I am extremely blessed to have someone like you in my life. I pray that the Almighty showers your life with all that is good for you.

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I have been privileged to have enjoyed some of my most memorable moments with you. I pray that the Lord grants you success in all that you do.

Birthday Prayer For Daughter

You make me feel happy every day. And I feel I’m the best mother on earth. I pray, may God give you children that will make you happy. Happy birthday, my sweet daughter.

I have watched you grow into a woman God wants you to be. Now, it’s your birthday, I pray God perfects all that concerns you. Amen. Happy birthday, my first fruit.

You celebrate your birthday every year. But this year, favour, God’s blessings and mercy, love, success, and more are all I wish for you now and forever. Happy birthday, darling daughter.

Ask you mark your birthday, may your joy never be once upon a time. May you experience God’s unending joy throughout your life. Happy birthday, dear daughter.

Since you’ve grown, you’ve never stopped making me happy. I find so many things parents couldn’t find in their children, in you. Age gracefully, my daughter.

You’re the source of my strength. You don’t like to see me sad. You’re my daughter, and also my confidant. Happy birthday to you daughter.

You’re the best thing ever received from God. No one understands me like you do. I love you now and always. Happy birthday, Sunshine.

Birthday Prayer For My Daughter

Happy birthday to you, my sweet daughter! It is my prayer that you live long on this earth to see all the desires of your heart materialize. May the divine light of God always shine on you wherever you may go.

My beloved daughter, on your birthday, I pray that the Heavens bless you with the most important thing in this world – true happiness. May this great blessing follow you until the end of time.

My sweet daughter, as you mark this milestone in your life, may joy, love, success and happiness be your companions everywhere you go. Have a fabulous birthday and stay blessed.

Having you as our daughter has brought nothing but joy beyond measure into our lives. May the Lord bless you with prosperity and long life. May your heart and soul always know happiness. Happy birthday!

As you celebrate this special day of yours, may the Lord bless you with wisdom and knowledge! Have a truly happy birthday, dear.

As you celebrate today, may the Great sponsor of the good things of this world bless you with all the health and strength you need to live a perfectly happy life. I love you.

May Jehovah be the provider of all your needs as you continue your amazing journey of life. Happy birthday.

Dear daughter, I pray that God will bestow favor upon your life so that you may enjoy victory in whatever you do. Have a beautiful birthday celebration, my dear.

May you flourish and prosper abundantly in every aspect of your beautiful life. Happy birthday, dearest daughter.

Birthday Prayer For Mom

Mother, you have been a great source of inspiration to me all my life, and I don’t know what I would have done without you. It is my prayer that the Lord bless you with happiness that never ends. Happy birthday!

Mom, as you mark this milestone in your life, may you be blessed with a long life that is full of good health and true happiness. Happy birthday, sweet mother!

It is my sincere prayer that the good Lord bless this special day of yours and make you the happiest person on earth. May you always receive the blessings of God, Mom.

Dear mother, as you enjoy your special day, my humble prayer for you is that you will live your life constantly in the company of things that put smiles on your face and fill your heart with happiness.

This is your special day, my dearest Mother. My prayer for you today is that God never stop showering His divine blessings in your life. Have a beautiful birthday celebration.

On your anniversary, Mom, my prayer is that the good Lord will make you as cherished as the most precious element in the universe. May you never know sadness all the days of your life.

Mom, may God, who rewards hard work, crown all your efforts in life with success. Happy birthday.

On this special day of yours, I pray that the God of Heaven and Earth will lift up your heart with joy and fill your life with goodness.

Happy Birthday Prayer To A Friend

On your special day, I pray that God grants you happiness beyond measure. I am truly thankful for having someone like you in my life.

It’s that time of the year again where I get to be grateful to the Lord for having a friend like you. I pray that you never change.

With the addition of another year to your age, I pray that God blesses you with infinite peace, prosperity and happiness.

You mean the world to me, my friend. I pray that the Lord blesses your life with all that is good and beautiful. I pray that God helps you fulfill all your dreams and aspirations. Happy birthday

My Birthday Prayer

On this special day, I thank God for His remarkable blessings in my world and pray that He will continue to protect me from the eyes and plans of my enemies.

Lord, please keep sadness away from my heart and worries from my mind. Bless me with a life of happiness, good health and good fortune. Happy birthday to me!

As I observe my birthday today, I pray that God will draw me nearer to Him and fill all my days with happiness and His amazing grace.

On this extraordinary day in my life, it is my prayer that the merciful Lord will shower me with His divine blessings and give me the gift of long life.

Lord, I am making merry today because it is a very important day that You have made possible for me. I pray for more of your presence in my world will last eternally.

As I celebrate this exclusive day in my life, Lord I pray that you grant me happiness, success and good health.

Sweet Jesus, it’s my prayer that your immeasurable love will shine in my life and guide my path for as long as I live on this earth.

Prayer Blessing Birthday Wishes

God, as I commemorate the day You brought me into this beautiful world, I want to thank You for all the good things You have put into my life, and I want to ask for Your guidance and protection all the days of my life.

On my special day, dear God, please always keep me safe and happy in Your mighty and loving palm.

Heavenly Father, I humbly pray that you bless my new age and guide me all the days of my life. Thank you.

As I celebrate my birthday on this day, dear God, I pray that You continue going before me and leveling all the mountains in my way. May the faith I have in You grow stronger and stronger with every new day that You create. Thank you for answering my prayer.

Birthday Prayer Message

My only prayer on your special day is for your life to be filled with the wonder and glory of His abiding love.

Happy birthday! May you feel His presence not only today, but all throughout the coming years of your life!

Every day is a great opportunity to celebrate God’s awesome works. Each day is a gift of God indeed and your birthday is a perfect day to celebrate one of his wondrous works, which is creating you! Enjoy your special day!

On your special day, I wish that your faith would make you even stronger. I love you and no matter what you’re going through, I will always be here for you. Happy birthday!

May you have an awesome birthday and may you feel God’s loving presence in every step along your life’s journey!

God’s love is truly never ending. Let us celebrate this day for it’s your birthday, which is a proof of God’s undying love.

Happy Birthday To Me Prayer

Heavenly Father, on my birthday, I thank You for all of the talents and years You have granted me and now ask that You act as my supporter to help me share them with the world.

I know that today is dedicated to me, but only You are worthy of praise and can grant my grand request, which is a long, healthy life.

Dear God, my special birthday wish is that You bless my life with Your glorious favor, for I know your resources and kindness are never-ending!

I entreat You to heal me of whatever diseases may be plaguing my soul so that I can approach all of the coming days of my life in perfect health.

Dear God, I hope that when we have this discussion again next year, You will bless me to be humbly addressing you as a millionaire!

The fact that I am still here lets me know that You still have a wonderful purpose for my life, and I humbly beseech that You reveal that purpose to me so that I too may share in the optimism!

Birthday Prayer For A Child

Happy birthday to my full display in the flesh, I pray that you will prosper in all that you do.

I pray for you son, that you become good influence that can’t be swayed, happy birthday to you.

You mean so much to me boy, I pray that you will be relevant in every sphere! Happy birthday to my dear son.

Happiness is all you’ve brought to me since your birth, and I pray it will not cease, you will continue to matter in life

I was grateful then, is still grateful and will continue to be grateful for the gift of God to mankind, happy birthday son.

Wishing my youngest daughter a happy life full of strength and peace in her new year. Happy birthday, baby.

 Birthday Prayer For Daughter From Mother

I remember when I had you, watching you smile makes me happy, happy birthday baby, we love you.

My little princess is now a big lady, I am proud of the beautiful woman you have become, happy birthday dear, lots of love from dad.

Precious child, heaven blessing, my baby girl, happy birthday pretty, this new age will mark the beginning of greater things in your life, lots of love from dad.

As a child, all she ever does is a smile, even when you are angry at her, my baby will keep smiling, happy birthday to our smiling princess, from mum and dad.

As you celebrate another year on earth, may every of your heart desire come to reality, happy birthday dear, from mum and dad.

This new age shall be the beginning of greater increase for you, God will elevate you and make u greater than your peers. Happy birthday love from dad and mum.

New age, a new beginning, greater blessings, higher heights, these and many more are my wishes for you, happy birthday honey, mum loves you.

Birthday Prayer For My Daughter

The greatest gift life has ever given me is you, I am glad you are my daughter, happy birthday love.

I pray for you today, may heaven shower its blessing upon you, happy birthday my love.

Wow, my princess is a year older today, I am proud of the Lady you have become, happy birthday sweetheart, dad loves you.

Each day as I watch you grow, I am proud I am the lucky woman that carried you in my womb for 9 months, happy birthday dear.

So my baby is a year older today, I am proud of the woman you have become; you make me feel lucky to be your mom, happy birthday darling.

The joy of every parent is to see their child become successful in life, darling, I am glad you always make me proud, happy birthday boo.

Today is your day dear, I pray God continues to bless all you lay your hands upon, and you will know no sorrow in life, happy birthday sweet.

As you add to your age today, may God add to you financially, academically, may you never know any setback, happy birthday love.

Male Happy Birthday Prayer

Son, on your birthday, may you be gifted with divine wisdom to soar on the wings of success in all your endeavors. Have a beautiful day.

My beloved son, may you be protected from every destructive plan of your enemies. And may happiness never depart your heart. Happy birthday.

Wishing my adorable son the happiest of birthdays. Son, my prayer for you today is that you have a long, healthy and blissful life.

As you begin another phase of your life, it is my prayer that you shall be endowed with every quality needed to live a happy and successful life. Happy birthday.

I feel so happy that you have been graced with another year. I pray that you will receive wisdom and strength to surmount every challenge that comes your way. Happy birthday, son.

Prayer Birthday Message For A Son

Today marks another day when a special gift like you was given to us. As you advance in age so shall you increase in wisdom and strength. Your life will be filled with abundance and wealth. It will be garnished with good health. Happy birthday, son.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of this wonderful son. As he adds another year to his life today, may he experience peace all around. Satisfy him, Lord, with long life. He shall eat the good of the land and any land he finds himself. Grace will not be lacking in his life and he shall be a pillar in the house of the Lord. In Jesus name, Amen. Happy birthday, dear.

My son, as you celebrate another birthday, may you be blessed in your going out and coming in. Your body shall be full with the vitality of the Lord to carry out His purpose for your life. The Lord will grant you unexplainable blessings and secure you in His unfailing arms… Happy birthday.

I bless God for the opportunity of celebrating another special day with you. The Lord will bless and keep you, He will make His face to shine on you. You will live long to fulfil His purpose for your life. Your name shall not be found on any evil list, the Lord will defend you at all times. Happy birthday, son.

Son, since you came into our lives you have been a testimony. You shall continue to be blessed of the Lord.
I shall not mourn over you, you shall be satisfied with long life. The Lord will not allow your feet to go where there is no grace. You shall do exploit to the glory of God’s name and He will continually keep you safe from all danger, Amen. Have a blessed birthday.

Prayer For My Daughter On Her Birthday

Your season of celebration has come, may celebration never cease in your life, happy birthday honey.

Happy birthday, love, make a wish and be rest assured that all you wish for will come true. We love you.

Many years ago, a unique being was born, she has been a source of happiness to many, a source of joy to me, happy birthday love, and mum cares.

Daughters are beautiful being, they know when their parents are sad, they know when their parents are happy, they always pay extra attention, happy birthday to one of my most beautiful daughters, keep shining dear.

When I say she shines, it will look like it is because she is my child; she is the sun that radiates my world, being your mum is an achievement for me, happy birthday love.

Hurray, a gem is celebrating her birth today, happy birthday love; this year will be an extraordinary year for you.

Baby, your dad and I are very proud of the woman you have become, watching you grow into such a beautiful being gladden our heart, happy birthday honey, and we will always love you.

Birthday Prayer For Me

A life well lived is enough reason to celebrate. Indeed, God did a happy dance when I was born. Happy Birthday to me!

I always celebrate my birthday but never forget to give thanks to God for the many wonderful things I have received in life.

Happy Birthday to me! Praying that all I enjoy a blessed day and a great life ahead! God Blessing upon me!

That I am created by God in his own image and likeness. That alone is enough reason to celebrate my life. Happy Birthday!

Life and people have turned me down, a lot of times. But, I’ve made up my mind, I won’t settle for less. Happy birthday to me.

Here is a toast to celebrate the great life God has enabled me to have live thus far. Cheers on my birthday! I thank God that He made me bring so much joy into people’s life.

When God created me, He did so with a purpose and a plan. He has seen all my days right before I have lived one of them so I am always reminded that I am truly special in the eyes of God. Happy Birthday to me!

Personal Birthday Prayer For Myself

Happy Birthday! May peace be upon me as I add another year in life and may God grant me all the desires of my heart!

On my birthday, am made to remember that God is walking with me each and every step of my journey. So, am glad that it’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

May God bless me on this special day of mine and may the goodwill of others shine upon me. Above all, may abundance of peace flow in my life, Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! May God continue to shelter me in His care! I know that in every day of my life there is someone up there that is looking down on me.

I wish that God will grant me many more birthdays to come that would carry a big imprint of His love and that I will continue to live long in a flow of His unending mercies so my days can be spent with more time to sing of His, happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes And Prayer For My Mother

May you always enjoy the true grace of God in all that’s yours. Happy birthday, lovely mum.

May the peace and unending joy of God be with you as you add another year. Happy birthday, mother.

I never quite understood who you were to me until I came to experience life for myself. I am forever indebted to you, mom. Happy birthday.

There’s no other as truthful in her actions as you, mother. All I desire is for you to live long to see me take care of you. Happy birthday.

The Lord will surprise you with all that you have always wanted. This year’s birthday will be for good. Happy birthday, MA.

Words can express my thoughts, but it takes tears to explain how my heart beats for you. I love you, mom. You’re blessed. Happy birthday.

May you be happy in the morning, afternoon, night, and for the rest of your life. Amen. Super birthday, mummy.

May this day be long enough for me to take you on a worthy ride around the city. You mean a lot to me. Happy birthday, mommy.

Birthday Prayer For Daughter In Law

Happy Birthday. To my special daughter-in-law, a woman that brightens our days with her caring ways, adds laughter and fun to our family gatherings, and means so much to me. You are a joy and a blessing. Have a great birthday!

Happy Birthday. To my daughter-in-law on her special day! I bring to you happy wishes for an exceptional day. Know that you are loved and appreciated too, on your birthday and the whole year through.

Happy Birthday. Wishing you, my wonderful daughter-in-law, a birthday that is as special as you are. I’m so thankful that you are a part of our family. Enjoy your celebration!

Happy Birthday Daughter-in-law! Hoping for you a fantastic day along with a very successful year! May all your birthday wishes come true.

Happy Birthday. To my sweet daughter-in-law that I adore, have an amazing birthday celebration and don’t forget to enjoy the treats!

Happy Birthday. Thank you so much for the unconditional love you give my son, and for being such an amazing daughter-in-law. You really bring a lot to this family and we love you very much. Have a terrific birthday and a great year. Enjoy your day!

Prayer For My Son On His Birthday

You are the only one whose name resounds in my head today because today is your day. I pray that never on this day would I weep over you. Happy Birthday, dear.

Birthdays are opportunities to thank God for the gift of life. I so much thank Him for today which is your day and because he made me your mother. Happy Birthday wonderful son.

To my treasures investment, I want to say a Big Happy birthday to you. May you always be fruitful in all you do.

Life is ephemeral so in whatever you do remember your loved ones. Who should be celebrated today if not you, son? Happy Birthday to mummy’s boy.

The Lord who has kept watch over you since cradle and up till now will always uphold you. Happy Birthday to my special Jewel.

Young man, happy birthday to you. Remember mummy awaits you and longs to hold you once again in her arms.

Birthday Prayer For Dad

ad, happiness beyond your wildest imagination is all that I ask God to fill your heart with today and forever. Happy birthday.

My prayer for you as you celebrate your birthday, dad, is that sorrow never finds its way to your doorstep. May your life keep soaking the divine blessings and love of God.

Dad, as you celebrate your Big Day, may the almighty God anoint your head with oil and allow your cup to run over all the days of your amazing life. Happy birthday.

On this day, Dad, may God guide every single step you take in life and lead you to destinations that fill your heart with joy and happiness. Happy birthday.

Dear beloved Dad, my birthday prayer for you is that you will continue to receive strength from above to withstand all the fiery darts of the wicked one. Happy birthday.

On this wonderful day, I pray that God will provide a way for you to achieve every desire of your heart. May you never know sadness in life. Have a blessed birthday.

May you find great courage to never let yourself and family down no matter what challenges you may face. And may the good Lord always have a reason to smile down on you. Happy birthday.

Dad, on your anniversary, may you be blessed with strength, good health and untainted joy every beautiful day of your life.

Birthday Prayer For Sister

You are the greatest friend anyone could have, and I am so lucky to have you as a sister. On this special day, I wish you the best in your endeavors, a long life ahead, success and happiness. Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to the sweetest sister on earth. May you enjoy the goodness of the Lord on your special day and every other day of your beautiful life. Start your day with a cheerful heart and never forget, I love you.

As you celebrate your birthday, I pray that the good Lord lift you closer to your ambitions. May you increase in every aspect because you’re a daughter of grace. Have a happy birthday, sister. Make today the first day of your best days.

Happy birthday to a wonderful sister and friend. May the endless love of God follow you and bring you countless happy moments in life. You will experience favors you can’t explain and happiness that warms the heart. I love you, dear.

Sis, as you add another year on this beautiful day, I pray that God will establish you in every way. May everything you secretly wish for in life come true. Have a happy birthday that will constantly remind you of how much I love you.

As you celebrate this day, I pray that God pours out his favor upon you. May the Lord bless you with the strength and courage to overcome all obstacles you face. Enjoy your day and have a fabulous birthday.

You are the best sister in the world and I pray on your birthday that every desire of your heart will come true. I love you but remember that God loves you even more and His blessings won’t cease even for a second. Have a happy birthday.

Today I celebrate a special sister, full of wisdom and compassion. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. God will answer all your prayers and bless you with the things you desire. May this day bring you happy moments that will remain on your mind in years to come.

As you celebrate this special day, remember that my love for you hasn’t gone low. May the good Lord always keep you happy and protected from any bad. You’ve found favor in the sight of God, and I wish you the best birthday ever.

As you turn a new age, may your life always attracts the grace and favor of God. Happiness and peace of mind will continue to follow you all the days of your life because you’re blessed. Have a fabulous birthday, Sister.

I thank God for all the good days that left us with beautiful memories and the bad days that taught us life lessons. You’re a sister like no other, and I appreciate God for bringing us together. I’m happy to have you, darling. Have a happy birthday.

Birthday Prayer For Myself

Dear Lord, thank you for giving me the opportunity to breathe fine and healthy another year. Please bless me on my birthday to be a better human being.

Thank you for allowing me to celebrate another birthday, dear God. I hope and pray for your endless love to guide me throughout my life.

May the Almighty make everything easier for me in the upcoming year and heal everything that is currently hurting me. May my life gets filled with laughter.

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On my birthday, I wish to get blessed with blessings from the Lord. May I receive favors and grace in this new year of my life.

Dear Heavenly Father, on my birthday, I thank You for all your glorious favors. May you shower me with countless blessings and kindness. Amen.

Birthday Prayer For Husband

Happy birthday to the nicest man in the entire wide world. I pray that you continue to excel in your personal and work life. I love you! Birthday Prayer For Husband

Dearest husband, it is with great joy that I wake up each morning to see your face. I fervently pray that the Lord grants me the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with you.

Choosing to walk with you into the road to life was one of the best decisions I ever made. You’re a delightful soul, hubby. I pray that our love echoes for eternity. Birthday Prayer For Husband

You know, how they’re people who make you feel giddy with happiness. You make me feel that way. I pray that the Lord fulfills all your dreams.

On your special day, I confess that I love you a lot. Happy birthday, honey! I humbly pray that the Lord grants both of us the opportunity to live to see our children become happy and successful. Birthday Prayer For Husband

I owe a lot to the man who gave me my engagement ring. I wanted to wish him a delighted birthday, and I pray to God for his good health and prosperity.

Blessing Happy Birthday Prayer

The Lord give you joy as he shows you his Fatherly mercies new every morning.

The Lord enlighten you through the teachings of Jesus Christ and strengthen you as you walk in his light.

The Lord give you wisdom in happiness, comfort in suffering, rest in death, and one day, the peace of eternal life.

Birthday Prayer for Wife

For my loving wife, I want her to be kind to herself and stop worrying about things so much. Today and for the rest of her life, she shall not suffer loss. Amen.

As we celebrate today, May all her wishes come true, and her days be coupled with loads of good events. Happy birthday to my dear wife.

I thank God for blessing me with such a kind-hearted partner. Dear wife, I pray to God for your better days. May God always guide you.

May every one of your wishes come to true, dear wifey! May Almighty bless you with joys that wouldn’t know any bounds. Keep that smile on, forever.

On my wife’s birthday, I wish her a prosperous birthday. May she live longer than me and may she have the happiest future. May Lord help you in every circumstance of life.

Birthday Prayer For A Brother

May the grass that you tread on always be green, and may the sky above you always remain blue and clear. God bless you, my dear brother. Happy birthday.

May you always be given the strength and determination to be the controller of your destiny. Happy birthday, my brother.

May your life be rife with opportunities and happiness. May God never stop blessing and keeping you. Happy birthday.

May you never be stagnant in one position. May God keep you moving from glory to glory every blessed day. Happy birthday, brother.

As you celebrate this special day which is your birthday, it is my humble prayer that the good Lord grant you divine strength and courage to successfully sail through all the trials of this life. Happy birthday, brother!

Birthday Prayer For Brother

It is my prayer that you would be blessed with happiness, love, care and luck as you celebrate your birthday. Have a wonderful celebration, brother.

Dear brother, the special day of yours which we have all been waiting for has finally come. Therefore we pray that God grant you long life coupled with good health and endless joy. Happy birthday!

Nobody has ever had a great influence in my life as you have done. I pray that you remain blessed for the rest of your mortal life. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, brother! It is my prayer that the Lord places on your path opportunities that will lead you to attain great success in your life.

May the goodness and mercy of God locate you and grace you with new things. New grounds shall you break into. Grace for great exploits in the year, 2021 shall be made available to you. I pray that your life this year shall be of a remarkable experience for you. Age gracefully, my lovely brother.

As you grow in age, so also shall you grow in the light and grace of God. May you increase in all sides and ramifications of your life. May I not lose you in this year, 2021 and more years to come. Wishing you longevity of life and wealth in good health. Happy birthday to you.

All praise to the Lord for His goodness and mercy over our lives, His grace to witness another year in good conditions. Hello, my cute bro. It’s your day today, may your life be filled with joy and gladness all through your life even throughout this year 2021. More life and wealth for you in this year. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Prayer for Dad

On my Dad’s birthday, I pray for his healthy life and success. May Lord grant him many more beautiful birthdays with his lovely family.

Dear God, grant my dad health and wisdom to be successful in the upcoming years. Remove all the negativity from his life and protect him from every ill deed.

Today is my Dad’s birthday, and oh Father, I wish for your resources and kindness to outshine his life. I pray that you favor him in every aspect of life.

I want to thank Lord on my father’s birthday for blessing him in every possible way. May Lord keep his protective embrace for you, Dad.

Almighty, I am raising my hands to make a prayer on my Dad’s birthday. Give him all the happiness in the world and make his future brighter than the past.

Happy Birthday Prayer For Him

Enjoy this moment to the fullest, sweetheart. May the heavens shower you with lots of love and blessings on this day and throughout the many years that you have in front of you. Wishing you a joyful birthday!

You have been exactly all that I prayed for in a boyfriend, and today being your birthday, I will take this opportunity to beseech the Lord for success and joy in all your endeavors.

Happy birthday, babe! As you observe this memorable day of yours, my prayer is that you will always be the recipient of God’s love, guidance and protection. May you enjoy life to the fullest.

You have been a source of joy and hope to me, and today being your birthday, my wish for you is God’s eternal love and protection. Have a blissful birthday celebration, my love.

Birthday Prayer For Nephew

I pray for God’s guidance, eternal love and happiness in your life as you enter this new age. Have a fun-filled birthday celebration, nephew!

Dear nephew, to say that I am proud to have you in this family is a big understatement. On your special day, may the Almighty grant you everything that puts a smile on your face. May you live long in good health and never-ending happiness.

Auspicious events like your birthday deserve special prayers. I pray that the Heavenly Father will bless you with all the exciting things that life has to offer. Happy anniversary, dear nephew!

Happy birthday, nephew! Having the opportunity to be your uncle has been one of the best things that the Lord has given me. May every second of this day fill your soul with heavenly bliss, and may you enjoy countless more days like this.

Birthday Prayer For Mother

Mother, I don’t have the right words to convey the depth of my love for you. I pray that the Lord grants me the opportunity to serve you in my old age. I love you! Happy birthday!

Mum, you’re that woman without whose support I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I owe you a lot. On your special day, I pray that God grants you a long life with all of us.

Mom, the truth is, you’ve been an incredible source of support in my life. Thank you for always being there. I pray that God grants me the ability to make you proud someday.

Happy birthday Mum! I pray that the Creator helps you fulfill all your undisclosed hopes and dreams. Thank you for being the best mother in the whole world.

Happy birthday, Mum! I pray that God wipes away every spec of misery and unhappiness from your life and replaces it with happiness and contentment.

Birthday Prayer For Niece

Dear niece, on this special occasion, I pray for divine protection and guidance in all that you do. May you have a sea of blessings and grace from the Lord Almighty. Happy birthday!

Celebrating an occasion such as your birthday brings me a lot of happiness and joy. I pray that the Lord will forever protect you from the weapons of the evil and put a smile on your face. Have a blissful celebration.

Happy birthday, dearest niece! You are someone who brings excitement whenever you come around. May God protect you and shower you with more happiness than your world can ever contain.

To me, you are a treasure, and I will always cherish you as such. My birthday prayer for you today is that your life will shine as bright as the sun and sparkle like the stars in space. Wishing you an incredible birthday.

Birthday Prayer For Granddaughter

I take this occasion to wish my phenomenal granddaughter a fabulous birthday. May the Lord bless you abundantly, and grant you long life to enjoy all the blessings He has bestowed upon you.

I can never forget the warmth and happiness you bring into my world. May all the happiness in this universe be yours on this day and until the end of time. Have a cheerful birthday.

Happy birthday, sweet granddaughter! My prayer for you today is that this special event will pave the way for an abundance of prosperity, happiness, good health, peace and love in your life.

On your birthday, I pray for a long and happy life for you. Thank you for constantly bringing happiness to everyone around you.

Dear granddaughter, you have brought smiles and happiness into my life, and on this special day of yours, it’s my prayer that you will receive divine grace and protection. May all your dreams and wishes be granted. Have an incredible birthday!

Birthday Prayer For Grandson

I am grateful to the Lord for blessing my life with a wonderful grandson like you. As you celebrate your anniversary, may all your days be bright and full contentment and cheerfulness. Happy birthday.

Dear grandson, words are insufficient to express how much I cherish you. Today being the most special day of your life, I pray for good health, felicity and amazing accomplishments in your life. Enjoy life to the fullest!

Every grandparent will be proud to have such a wonderful grandson like you. May your years on this earth be filled with God’s blessings and the truest form of happiness. Happy birthday!

As I celebrate the day of your arrival into my life, I pray that God will bestow upon you the greatest gift of life – true happiness. And may this gift accompany you until the end of time. I wish you a fantastic birthday, grandson.

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