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Close Friend Happy Birthday In Heaven Friend

by Miller Davis
Happy Birthday In Heaven Friend

Happy Birthday In Heaven Friend :  There is so much sorrow in losing a loved one, especially one as close as a friends One day you are together, gisting, having fun, talking and planning about the future, and the next, you’re informed your dear friend is no more. You probably never even got to say goodbye, and that hurts like nothing you’ve ever felt.

Happy Birthday In Heaven Friend

                                                                              Happy Birthday In Heaven Friend

Close Friend Happy Birthday In Heaven Friend

Oh, dear sweet and beloved friend of mine, life just isn’t the same without you here to celebrate your Birthday. Don’t worry, though. We will be sure to eat some cake and ice cream for you.

If only I could borrow you from God for this day. But I know you’re having the most amazing celebration of your Birthday in heaven today. Happy Heavenly Birthday my friend!

Your birthday is finally here, and even though you are no longer with us on earth, I will still celebrate just like we always did. I wish upon a star that you carry my love with you wherever you are. Happy heavenly birthday to you, my close friend!

On your birthday, I just want to thank you for the numerous priceless gifts you gave me during your lifetime. This heart of mine shall never forget you. Happy Heavenly Birthday my friend!

I don’t know if you can hear me, so I’ll ask God to pass it along: I love you, I miss you, and I miss the good times we always had together. Happy birthday. I hope it’s a good one. Happy Heavenly Birthday my friend!

I handpicked your favorite flowers this morning and dropped where you’re laid. I have just one wish, that they will be delivered to you in heaven, as your birthday gift from me. Happy birthday in heaven friend.

I doubt I’ll ever be able to get over losing you. I think about you every day, especially on your birthday, when I remember how much I used to look forward to being the first to wish you a happy birthday. Happy birthday in heaven, my close friend.

Today is your Birthday dear friend. Happy Birthday to you my close friend! I know that you are watching us from the blue sky. I got you, a loving star, which sparkle bright when I smile.

My dearest and one of my closest friends, You brought so much light into my life that still illuminates forward. You were always my prayer answered. Enjoy the company of God and all the angels on this special day.

Losing you was so hard for me, and life has never been the same. But even though you aren’t with us your spirit still lives on, and on your birthday we will celebrate as if you’re right here. Happy birthday to a friend who is a legend.

Happy Birthday In Heaven Friend

I wish I could hug you for the one last time! I miss the days of ours when we used to do crazy stuff and things. Happy Birthday, my friend.

You are a one of a kind and the best friend anyone could ever hope to have. Not a day passes that I don’t miss you. Happy birthday up there in heaven.

You have supported me a lot to be who I am today. Thank you for everything friend. I love you from the depth of my heart. Happy birthday friend in heaven!!!!!

Death can only take you away from me, but it can never take the precious bond and memories we made together. Dear friend, wishing you floods of happiness in heaven.

Although you aren’t here to celebrate it with me, I know that you’re getting a birthday serenade from the angels. Sending my best to you and your family today. Happy birthday to a friend up there in heaven.

I miss your smile; I miss your laughter and I miss your amazing sense of humor. Heaven is lucky to have an angel as funny as you are. Happy birthday to my sweet friend in heaven! I wish you were here, and I miss you every day.

Thoughts of you do not make me cry, they rather make me smile and fill my soul with happiness because I know you are peacefully resting in heaven. Happy Birthday In Heaven Friend!!

Today is your birthday in Heaven above. I am sending you blessings on the wings of a dove, not only for today, but every day hereof. I think of you always, my love! Happiest of heavenly birthdays to you, my friend.

It doesn’t feel right to celebrate this day. But I’m going to do it anyway, for you and in your memory, because it’s what you would have wanted. Happy birthday, My dear friend, I love you dearly.

Death could have taken you away from me physically, but it could never take the bond and memories we shared.  I wish you nothing but the best after-life in heaven. Happy birthday friend in heaven.

Friend Deceased Friend Happy Birthday In Heaven

Our time together was short but I treasured every second. Happy birthday my dear, watching down on us from heaven!!

Thoughts of you linger in my mind, especially on a special day like today. I wish you a happy birthday in heaven, dearest friend.

You were the greatest gift that I ever received from God. Today, I miss you a lot, but I feel your presence in my heart every day. You’re safe in here forever!

In my heart, there is always a special place for you dear! Today is your Birthday, but I can’t be with you on this special birthday… friend happy heavenly birthday…

I am sure without any doubt that you are in a better place, and will, therefore, have a better birthday celebration today, than all the ones you had here combined.

There are many special superior memories, we both have shared. All these best memories are Flashing in my mind. I miss you, I wish you have a wonderful birthday in heaven.

Though we were not together for long, I’m confident you still have your eyes and angels looking out for me. I miss you so much and with a heart full of gratitude, I celebrate your birthday. happy heavenly birthday friend.

Thinking of you on the day you were born brings so many happy and cherished memories. I wish we’d have had a few more before you had to go. Sending all my love above. friend happy heavenly birthday

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There will never be enough words to let you know just how much I miss you so. Sending you plenty of light and laughter on your special day! my heart shall never forget you even when my mind does. Friend Happy Birthday In Heaven..

Friend Happy Heavenly Birthday

You impacted my life positively, and that of many others. On your birthday today, I simply wish you the most wonderful one ever in heaven.

Another year has passed, and your birthdays reminds me of how much fun we used to have. Happy birthday to you in heaven, friend. I miss you much.

You have never left my trusty thought since the day you left us. Still, I am sending birthday wishes. I am thinking of you today….. Happy Birthday dear friend in heaven.

May the heavenly angels sing glorious birthday songs for you, my friend. With a pillow of comfort, I am glad I got to know you. friend happy heavenly birthday.

Losing you was the hardest and most unfortunate moment in my life, but knowing that you are happy up in Heaven brings me so much joy. Happy birthday in heaven friend!

Losing you was one of the most unfortunate events of my life but, I want you to know that you have been the sweetest part of my life! Happy Birthday to my best friend in heaven.

Dear friend, I thought of you today but that is not a new thing. All I have are sweet memories in my heart. Today is your special day, a great celebration. Happy birthday dear friend in Heaven!

We might be in different realms now, but I pray that my love and warm wishes will reach you wherever you are. One day we will meet again and make up for all the good times stolen from us.

I appreciate all the moments that we had together, and today being your birthday, I want you to know that every little moment spent with you were the happiest in my life. I miss you so much, pal!

Friend happy heavenly birthday, If only there was a way to send you birthday presents just like the good old days. But since that is no longer possible, I send the best wishes and hope that the stars will carry forth my love to wherever you are.

Friend Happy Birthday In Heaven

Sending birthday wishes to my best friend who was taken too soon. Happy birthday to my buddy in heaven and don’t forget to rest in peace.

You, my amazing friend, were a gift from the day you were born. While my gift won’t quite reach the heavens above, know that I’m doing something special today in honor of the day you were born.

I want you to know that even though you are no longer here, I think about you every single day. You left the world, but you’re always in the best place in my heart. Happy birthday in heaven friend!

You are still a big part of my life, It is not easy now that you’re gone. I miss you. True friends are hard to find and I am sad that we cannot celebrate your birthday together. Happy heavenly birthday friend.

Though i am sad to know that you’re no more, I feel happy because I strongly believe you’re having so much birthday fun in heaven. I can’t wait to meet you again, my dearest friend!

Our friendship was one for the ages and will never again be duplicated. I don’t know how to honor you on this day other than by letting you know how much I miss you and wish you were still here. Happy birthday, my friend IN heaven.

Today is the Birthday of a friend in heaven! You are not with me and I always missed you a lot. May the angels sing the soothing songs in a joyous way for you beautiful lady in your special day… Many many happy returns of the day.

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No single day has passed without being filled with all the great things you did and your warm presence. As you celebrate this birthday in paradise, I wish you greater moments. Happy Birthday In Heaven friend!!

Happy Birthday To My Friend In Heaven

Why does God always take the best? Happy birthday, my dearest friend in heaven. Thinking of you today and everyday. I still treasure every memory we shared.

May your day be filled with bliss, even as you rest in peace, in the bosom of our heavenly father. Happy birthday to My friend in heaven, precious friend.

Life here on earth is tough without you my friend, but when I think of the good days, I spent with you, it makes me smile every time. Happy Birthday to my friend in heaven!

Death took you away from my reach but has no capacity to erase you from my heart. I want to especially wish you happy birthday in heaven today, my dear friend.

Not a single day passes by that my mind isn’t filled with phenomenal memories of your presence here on earth. On your birthday today, I wish you a sunny day in paradise.

We all miss you each and every day, but especially today. I know that wherever you are, you’re having a great birthday and watching over us. Today, we celebrate your life. friend happy heavenly birthday.

It’s your birthday today, and I decided to dial your number, but it didn’t go through. It is just beginning to dawn on me that you’re never coming back. Happy birthday to you in heaven, my friend.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that I have a connection to the One Who has drawn you back to Him again: the Lord. I pray you have a wonderful birthday celebration in Heaven today, sweet friend.

We used to share our secrets, happiness, and sorrow. I missing you friend with whom I can do the craziest stuff… you are always special to me. Today is your special day. Happy birthday to my friend in heaven!!

Today being your birthday, I choose to thank and appreciate you for the great gifts and lessons you taught me while you were still alive. Continue resting well. Happy birthday to my friend in heaven!!

Each year I’m reminded of all the fun we had and it still makes me smile. Happy birthday to my best pal – here’s hoping your causing just as much mischief up in heaven as you did down here. friend happy heavenly birthday.

We had many marvelous birthday celebrations while you were here with us. Today, you celebrate without your earthly friends, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t loving and wishing you all the best from back here on earth.

Happy Birthday In Heaven Best Friend

It’s your birthday today and all I have are memories, to hold on to. I wish you a very happy birthday in heaven, friend.

It’s been years now, but you’re still greatly missed. Today would have been your 30th birthday, and I just want to say happy birthday to you in heaven, friend.

I sometimes still wish you’ll return from that trip and explain why people thought you dead, with one of those amazing stories you loved to tell. Today, your birthday would be a perfect day to. I miss you so much dear, happy birthday in heaven, friend.

You always stood by me and had my back every time, and even now, I have a funny idea that you’re now watching over me from above. Happy birthday in heaven, my friend.

The only comfort that can be enough concerning your loss is being told It’s a lie. You were a rare gem, and it’s difficult to accept the reality. Happy birthday in heaven today, friend.

We used to talk about being friends even till old age, but you’ve been taken away so soon. Happy birthday in heaven, friend. Take care until we meet again.

I wish I’ll just wake up from this dream I’ve been in since last month, and realise I’m having it as a result of drinking too much at your birthday party today. Happy birthday in heaven, friend. You’re greatly missed.

My greatest wish is that you’re able to know how I feel today, your birthday. I miss you so much, and words fail me in expressing the deep pain in my heart. But today, I choose to be happy and wish you a happy birthday celebration in heaven, friend.

Since it’s obvious you really are never coming back to me, I have decided to send sweet wishes to you each of your birthdays, till we meet again to celebrate together, once again. Happy Birthday to you in heaven, dear friend.

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend In Heaven

Happy birthday to you in heaven, my special friend. I look forward to the day we will meet again, and be together forever.

It’s your birthday today, and I waited up till 12midnight as usual, just to be the first to wish you a happy birthday in heaven, my dear friend.

Though it hurts that you had to leave so soon, I’m super glad I got to meet you, and be your friend. Happy birthday in heaven, my friend.

I heard when people get to heaven, they shine as stars at night. On your birthday today, I pray your light shines brighter than ever. Happy birthday in heaven, my friend.

I know God and the angels above, are more than capable of ensuring you enjoy your first birthday in heaven. Happy birthday to you in heaven, dear friend.

On your birthday today, my special prayer is that my wishes for you reach you over there. Lots of love, peace, and warmth, I pray you. Happy birthday in heaven, friend.

I miss you beyond what words can describe. Let me just say happy birthday to you in heaven, priceless friend. You are the world’s best friend, always and forever.

We made a promise to be best friends forever, and nothing is ever going to change that, not even death. I wish you a very amazing birthday celebration in heaven today, my dear friend.

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I’m thinking about you, and my heart is filled with so much love and pain at the same time, for you were taken from me in your prime. It’s another birthday of yours, you must be all grown now, in heaven above. Happy birthday in heaven, my friend.

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