Happy Birthday Cousin Funny Female And Male

Happy Birthday Cousin Funny

Happy Birthday Cousin Funny : Cousins are the perfect best friends and more like siblings, it’s always fun being with them. Don’t miss this once in a 365 days opportunity to wish your cousin a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Cousin Funny
                                                                                                                                  Happy Birthday Cousin Funny

Happy Birthday Cousin Funny

You are the most recommended treatment to remove my boredom. Hope they make tablets of you. Happy Birthday my cousin.

Hope you know you have lost one year of your life today? Anyway, I am going to organize a party for you to forget about this loss.

The days of hiding may be gone, but our friendship will last forever, my dear cousin. You are my special friend, and a cousin one can only wish for. Happy Birthday.

Cousins do not resemble each other a lot, but being a family means more than just sharing genes. I am happy to have you as a cousin and celebrate your birthday.

On this day, cousin, I know that you have questions. Like, where is the Icyhot? Is my social security going to kick in? Here’s hoping those questions are answered!

Happy birthday to my cousin! In our family, you are the one that we rely on for information about our history… because you have been here since the beginning of time!

Today, cousin, you are celebrating another year of life! Although nothing you see will compare to the wheel being invented, may this year be full of wonders! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my cousin! In our family, you are the one that we rely on for information about our history… because you have been here, since the beginning of time!

On your birthday, cousin, people will tell you not to worry; that you should be carefree. Those people are wrong! At your age, you really should worry and care a lot! It’s time to panic!

Happy Birthday Cousin Female Funny

To my cousin, who is very old: May the aches you have not be so bad, this year! Take it easy, old man!

if I could, I would buy you a car as you always cry for, but I’m your broke cousin, I can’t even get a scooter.

I am not going to make any age-related jokes today because I genuinely feel bad about how old you are—happy born day cuz.

Hey, cuz, happy birthday! I have decided that honesty is truly the best policy, so I am sending you this message: You are old. So, very old.

Today, cousin, my first thought was of you! I marveled at how old you really are… and wondered how much longer you can hide it! Happy Birthday!

Each birthday marks the end of one year and the beginning of another one. Therefore, I hope you celebrate the gift of life. And we stay friends, not just cousins, for the years to come.

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I cannot believe how big you are getting! Long gone are the days when I could steal cake from your plate, and no one would ever be the wiser. Happy birthday to my cousin.

Dear cousin, since the day you were born, you are a blessing to our family. I hope you have many more birthdays to celebrate. For now, let’s get crazy on your special day.

Standing next to you, cousin, on your birthday is a real treat for me! Anyone around us can clearly see that I am much, younger than you! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Cousin Quotes Funny

On the year you were born, cousin, the first plane flew! That must have really been something!

You are my cousin whom I will protect when troubles occur. Oh, don’t worry, no troubles yet.

On your birthday, cousin, know that there is no one older than you! Seriously, your age is pretty high up there!

Hi cousin, it is your birthday, so let’s make memories, take selfies, you’re always the family’s worst photographer.

Happy birthday, cuz! You were educated in the old ways! The pyramids wouldn’t have been built without you!

Wishing you a day when you are not so grumpy! Can’t do anything about you being old! Happy Birthday, cuz!

I do not know if it is easy to be happy and calm like you are all the time. I hope you let loose a bit today because it is your birthday. Have a blast.

I am glad you are not my real sister. Otherwise, my parents would have been more proud of you than me because you are so intelligent and beautiful. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Cousin Male Funny

Hey there, handsome cuz bro. May this day be full of love and happiness that follows you throughout the whole year!

The great moments that we shared are among the best moments of my life. I am so happy to have such a special cousin! May you have a perfect birthday!

May God give you all the happiness that you truly deserve! I know that you will become a wonderful and handsome man. Love you a lot, brother!

Congratulations my brother from another mother for another year of life! You are very close to my heart, and I wish you to have an extraordinary birthday as you deserve it. Enjoy your day and be happy today and always.

Today is your day, dear cousin. Happy birthday! I admire you, and you are my favourite cousin. With all my heart, I wish you a lot of happiness and success in life. Happy birthday, cousin brother!

Happy birthday, my cousin brother! Thanks a lot for giving me all the best moments and for being my crime partner in childhood. Always count on me. Wish you a great celebration of this special day!

Happy Birthday Girl Cousin Funny

Have an amazing birthday, cousin! Given all of the secrets we have kept from our childhood, we should have won a few Emmy Awards by now.

Happy birthday from one of the most marvelous cousins you know. I thank God for making you so lucky to have a wonderful cousin like me. Enjoy your day, my dear!

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We have a big family with lots of aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews. But the family would be incomplete without a person whom I love the most! Happy birthday, dear cousin.

If you ever find yourself feeling bummed for being unable to achieve something in life, take solace in the fact that so many years ago, of the millions of sperms, you were the strongest. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Cousin Funny Female

As you celebrate your birthday, I celebrate having a wonderful cousin like you. I’m sending my best wishes to a woman who’s beautiful inside and out.

I’ve always thought of you as a sister, not a cousin, but since a cousin is what you are to me, I’m very grateful. As you celebrate your birthday, I send you my good wishes. Love you, cousin.

Every year you look prettier, and every year I’m more thankful that you’re my cousin. Birthday greetings, wishes, and love are sent your way today.

Growing older isn’t so bad when you have a loving cousin in your life. Hope you feel the same, girl. Love, happiness, and good wishes on your birthday, cousin.

To my dearest cousin on her birthday. I wish you every joy life has to offer and more. Thank you for being a wonderful cousin.

Although you are a married woman now, and we are miles apart, know that you are always in my heart and always on my mind, especially on your birthday. Happy birthday, cousin!

Growing up with a cousin like you is something I will always treasure. We were always like sisters, and I’m so happy we still are. Love and best wishes on your birthday!

Funny Happy Birthday Cousin

Just dropped in to wish you a birthday full of happiness.

Happy Birthday my crazy, wonderful, hilarious and truly amazing cousin.

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful person – Outside and Inside.

Happy Birthday my dear Cousin! May you live to be old and toothless.

Don’t Keep Calm, Because it is your Birthday! Have a Happy Birthday!

A cousin is a readymade friend for life. Happy Birthday my beautiful Cousin..!!

Close your eyes make a wish and hope for all good things to come to you. Happy Birthday Cousin.

Happy Birthday. The sky’s the limit for an incredible cousin like you. I hope you have the most memorable celebration ever!

Even though we’re just cousins to the outside world. I consider you one of my closest friends in my heart. Happy Birthday Cousin.

Happy Birthday Cousin Funny Male

Happy birthday to my amazing cousin! You are everything a brother can dream of: a truly wonderful person, a bit crazy bro and a fully loyal friend!

Hope you know you have lost one year of your life today? Anyway, I’m going to organize a party for you to forget about this loss. Happy birthday.

Today is your birthday, cousin! The day that time originally started! Congratulations on being at the beginning of things!

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Roses are red. Violets are blue. It’s time to realize you’re old and turning forty-two. Happy birthday to the funniest cousin I know!

Here’s a toast to my cousin’s birthday! As far as your birthday celebration goes, hope it will so wild that they will name a hurricane after you.

“Knock Knock. Who’s there? Better be. Better be who? Better be prepared for some fun tonight!” Happy birthday to my favorite cousin!

Funny Humorous Happy Birthday Cousin Funny Female

In life, there are staggering numbers: the population of a city and your age! Have an overwhelming birthday, cousin!

Wishing you a day of light traffic, good parking spaces, and co-workers who actually do their job. It sure was worth fighting to get that manager job, huh?

Cousin, don’t get sad that you are old. Look at it positively: with each birthday you’re getting one step closer to receiving a senior discount for movie tickets! Happy birthday!

Happy splendid birthday, my dearest cousin! Don’t worry about getting older today. No matter how old you become, you’re still a child because you’re a child of God!

Not only am I glad that you are my cousin, but also that you are my friend who gives me love, compassion, wisdom, friendship and encouragement and always inspire me. Happy birthday, sweetie!

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