Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes For Baby Girl And Boy

Happy 2nd Birthday 

Happy 2nd Birthday : Here are some messages you can send to that cute, lovable two year old in your life, to show them you will always be there for them, on their birthday and each and every event of their life

Happy 2nd Birthday 
                                                           Happy 2nd Birthday 

Happy 2nd Birthday

Your are the biggest and the prettiest blessing of my life. When you cuddle with me, I get free from all worries. Happy 2nd birthday my little angel!

A very happy birthday to the cutest and the most jovial member of our family. May your future turns out to be as bright as the sun.

Your birth bought the heaps of good news and luck to our family. You are the harbinger of god for us. I wish you a happy 2nd birthday my baby girl!

Your 24 months of existence has given us the immense happiness of a lifetime. You look more like a little tweety bird. Happy 2nd birthday my little love!

No matter if you turn two or fifty-two, you will always be the star of my eyes and apple of your day’s eye. Happy 2nd birthday my little love!

Happiest birthday to the cutest 2 year old baby girl. Your little smile blossoms innumerable flowers of happiness in my heart. Stay blessed my mushy 2 year old little angel!

On your 2nd birthday, I genuinely wish that your turn out to be a kind-hearted, humble, and generous kid. May all your dreams come true in no time. Happy 2nd birthday my little princess.

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I don’t know how to say that but you have given the kind of happiness that no one has ever given to me till yet. You are a boon of God to me. Wishing happy birthday to my 2 year old baby girl!

When you are with me, I don’t remember and I don’t care either when day or night happens. All I care about is cuddling with you all the time. Happy 2nd birthday to my one and only baby girl!

Happy 2nd Birthday Boy

My life -my baby. May you save from evil eyes and have a healthy, wealthy life ahead.

My brand new baby boy got a bit old and reaches the second milestone of life. I wish you a very happy day sweetheart. You are adorable.

Came straight into my lap from the heaven’s brightest star. Enjoying to share my time with you in the car. Have a great second birthday my sweetheart.

After your arrival, my life has completely changed. I have forgotten how to live free. I spend my all time with you. Wishing you the loveliest day sweetheart.

You are my little and security for future. You are my clone and I cannot share you with anyone. You are my love, my sweet child. Wishing you a great a nice day.

Happy 2nd Birthday Girl

Happy second birthday honey, you are truly an amazing additional and I can never take you for granted. I love you, have a beautiful day.

Happy sweet second birthday my dear, you are going to be a great person someday and I love you so much. Have a beautiful celebration.

I forever hold you in high esteem, you are an amazing kid and I love you so much. I hope you enjoy the cake and sweets on your second birthday my beautiful baby.

From the day I hold you in my arms and make you sleep in my lap, you have been sheltered in our thoughts and hearts. Have a wonderful day my love.

A precious gift sent directly from heavens that complete my entity. I wish you a great happy 2nd birthday. May you have thousands of outstanding moments.

Happy 2nd Birthday Grandson

Dear grandson! We cannot stop talking in babble speak to you. It’s impossible to not do that when you are such an adorable 2-year-old.

Happy birthday to one of the cutest little kids around. 2 years is nothing but a number. You are going to be great just watch.

You are the foundation of you parents love and you live within our hearts. Have great day my dear grandson. we love you so much.

I have no doubts about your chances of clocking 100 years, though you celebrate your 2nd birthday today, it is evident you will stand the test of time.

Happy 2nd Birthday Granddaughter

Words alone cannot express the joy I feel being here on your second birthday. I hope you know how much you mean to me dearest.

You are the sweetest girl who put every color in my life and make it colorful. Your smile is my killing weapon. Happy 2nd birthday pretty little granddaughter.

Good things come to those who wait and I had waited a ten years long period then I heard the news of your arrival. Happy 2nd birthday my granddaughter.

You are just a two years lovely child and you are too talkative. You speak in your distorted words all the time which is quite impressive and attractive. I just love it. Have a wonderful day sweetie.

Baby Girl Happy 2nd Birthday

Congratulations to my little angel for finally being able to eat the chocolate she loves. Happy 2nd my little star!

Happy birthday pretty little girl with chubby cheeks. I want to touch those cheeks every day. Happy 2nd Birthday beautiful daughter.

Happy 2nd daughter, I have nothing in mind yet, that I’ll want you to become other than becoming like your mother. She’s a great wife and mom.

I am determined and passionate about guiding you through the right path, you’re my little girl and I love you. Happy Birthday daughter, 2-year-old!

I will do my best to give you a great life, but apply your ways to the path of wisdom and it shall be well with you. Happy 2nd daughter.

Being a mother is naturally in the making of every female, can’t believe you’re already willing to take care of me even at this age. Heheheh.

Your birth has brought honor to my family, may you forever be relevant and honorable in your generation. Happy 2nd dear daughter.

In the last 730 days, you have given 730 new reasons to be thankful for life and live it to the fullest. Your without teeth smile fill every fiber of my body with immense joy. Happy 2nd birthday my little sweetheart!

Boy Happy 2nd Birthday

Wishing a splendid birthday to the 2 year old little boy who is born to do profound things in life.

You are just a 2 year old boy but the pace at which you learn new things is simply astonishing. Very happy 2nd birthday to the child prodigy.

Here enters my little boy into the 2nd year of his life. Be prepared my little boy as you have a legacy to carry forward. Wish you a remarkable birthday!

The one and the only reason why I am still sane in this insane world is because I get to see your cute face every day. Happy 2nd birthday my mushy baby boy!

Hey my little boy, thank you so much for making my life the most blessed or better say, the luckiest family in the world. May you have an unforgettable 2nd birthday celebration!

For the entire family, you are an inexhaustible source of friskiness and chirpiness. Your smile with dimples is pure heart-warmer. Happy 2nd birthday to my little strong boy!

It’s so daunting to take care of super-energetic 2 year old little runt like you. But cute absurd things you do are worth cherishing. Happy 2nd birthday to the most notorious baby boy in the world!

To my born prince little boy, I wish when you grow up, your turn into an utter and thorough gentleman who respects women a lot. Happy 2nd birthday to the most beautiful 2 year old baby boy in the world.

Exactly 2 years ago, you landed on this planet and bought infinite joy in our lives. You are and will always be the most beloved member of this family. May you have an incredible birthday celebration!

In the last 2 years, you make me realize that life is not so tough. All we need is childlike innocence like you have to experience the miracle named ‘life’. Happy 2nd birthday to my wonderful boy!

Happy 2nd Birthday Boy Wishes

You’re little and timid but your light is bright and glowing. I’m glad you’re with me. Enjoy your great day.

Happy 2nd son. When I was your age, I was not privileged to have a tricycle, but you now have everything. I’m happy to see you happy.

I wish you my lovely little man good health and good strength to be a sport man when you grow up. Happy 2nd Birthday son.

The only joy that find its way into my heart today is in seeing that I’m able to provide a very good life for you since birth. Happy 2nd son.

The key to an outstanding life is in showing you the pathway of the Lord; I will do my best in showing you that path. Happy Birthday son, 2-year-old!

I will withhold nothing good from you, because I want you to get the best of everything in this short life. Happy 2nd my boy.

Happy 2nd Birthday Girl Wishes

You are crawling, started to walk, you are growing old my little baby girl and the best part is I get to see you grow. Happy 2nd birthday!
Happy 2nd birthday baby girl, all your memories are saved in a photograph! Once you grow old you will see how beautiful you made our world honey!
It’s been 2 years already baby girl and looks like you were just born now. Don’t grow so early darling, we love you! Happy 2nd birthday baby girl!
Wishing you a very happy 2nd birthday baby girl. May your eyes shine brighter and you fill our home with laughter. Loads of love angel!
To year childhood, this is never going to come back, each day passing by you just want to grow but trust me darling make it slow. Happy 2nd birthday dearest baby girl!
Wishing you lifetime happiness my baby girl, happy 2nd birthday! Hope you never grow faster but enjoy every bit of laughter!
Seeing you crawling and twirling, making all of us smiling and giggling. Happiest 2nd birthday my baby girl, loads of love!
To my 2 year old love, I want to say thank you for bringing so much joy and love in our lives. Wishing you happy birthday baby girl!

Happy 2nd Birthday Princess

Happy 2nd birthday to my princess, may your birthday get filled with lots of barbie dolls and toys.

Hey dear, you have spent another year in your life with lots of cuteness and blessings. I am wishing a happy 2nd birthday to you with lots of love.

The most precious thing for me in this world is your broken words and cute smile. I am wishing a very happy second birthday to my little princess. May all the happiness and love come to your life.

Happy 2nd birthday to the cutest girl ever in the world. You are the prettiest girl. I can’t believe that it has been two years with you. I feel like a couple of weeks ago you came into my life.

My little princess, you are the most adorable gift I have received in my life. I have been so lucky to have you. Your entrance has changed everything in my life. I have become a better person and have a better life now. Today you are turning two and that’s a huge day for me, happy 2nd birthday to you.

Happy 2nd Birthday Nephew

You are the mom’s superhero and dad’s Prince. All the happiness and pleasure come in the way of your life. Have a great time today.

I pray for a lifetime of ease, favor, and accomplishment on you, may your life be as colorful as the rose flower that grew on the fertile ground.

Congratulations to the little sweetheart that I love so much, I am proud that you are two years old today. You made your mummy and others so excited. Have a fantastic day!

I know this time you are too little to see what is going around your surroundings. So I am telling you this is the celebration going on the honor of your second birthday and one day I will show you these captured moments. Happy birthday, nephew.

Happy 2nd Birthday Niece

Time flies quickly, it was like yesterday when I heard of your birth, and you are already two today. Stay happy our little bundle of excitement.

It is the day when we celebrate the 2nd birthday of my little one; I cannot wait to see you grow into a troublesome wee lad.

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Happy 2nd Birthday to my little sweetheart, I cannot remember how I spent mine, but I will ensure that yours is memorable and worth remembering. Have a lovely day niece.

Let us create a beautiful memory for your 2nd birthday. An amazing angel like you always deserves happiness, and I plan to contribute to making you laugh louder. Have a wonderful day.

Happy 2nd Birthday Son

My dear son is turning 2 today, and it’s the best day for me, Happy 2nd Birthday to you.

You are so sweet that you deserve the sweetest cake in the world, Happy 2nd Birthday to you, dear son.

Hey, I am sending all the good wishes for the 2 years old cham and rockstar, Happy 2nd Birthday to you, dear son.

I can’t believe it has been 24 months since you came to our life. Dear son, Happy 2nd Birthday to you. You are the real champ and superstar, you have brought so much happiness to our life, thank you so much for coming to our life. 

We are blessed that we have got a wonderful son like you. Today you are turning 2. At such an age, we know that you are going to be very smart and brilliant. We can understand these with your activities, Happy 2nd Birthday to you, dear.

Sending all the love and good wishes for the most beautiful 2 years old kid in the world. I am so proud to be your dad, Happy 2nd Birthday to you, dear.

Today my dear son is turning 2 and it is the biggest day of my life. I have been so blessed to have you in my life. I can’t explain how my life has changed, because of your presence, Happy 2nd Birthday to you, dear.

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes

If my world is an infinite universe, you are the sun in it who gleams everything. Happy 2nd birthday my little princess!

If all the babies are like you, I would like to have 10 more baby boys and girls. What a chirpy we would have! Happy 2nd birthday my prince!

Somebody said it right, a baby is nothing but an angel sent by God on earth to spread happiness, love, and vivaciousness in a family. We are more than blessed to have a little angel like you. Happy 2nd birthday!

You are the little bundle radiation constant joy and innocence in my life. Your existence gives me another purpose to live life no one else and see you growing up into a wonderful human being. Happy 2nd birthday!

A very mesmerizing happy birthday to the most little member of this family. Your heart-tugging smile is contagious and your presence glitters my life like nothing. Happy 2nd birthday my baby!

If you want to learn how to be a happy being, watch a baby instead of meditating or going to a master. You taught me how to be happy without any reason. Wishing a frisky happy birthday to my 2 year old little angel!

Yes, you are the tiniest one in the family but you are also the biggest source of joy. I thank God every single day for giving you to our family. Happy 2nd birthday my tiny sweetheart!

If it was possible, I would have captured all your innocence and cuteness and stored them in my heart forever. You are the finest thing that ever happened to me. Happy 2nd birthday baby!

Happy 2nd Birthday To My Daughter

You are the magic, you are the beauty. You are my love just like that little tweety! Happy 2nd birthday baby girl!
Double the fun, double your number! Happiest 2nd birthday to our little family member! Love you baby girl.
Sitting on my lap, counting your nap. It’s your birthday, give yourself a clap. Happy 2nd birthday baby girl, wish you all the happiness!
Happiest 2nd birthday baby girl, wishing you all the love and happiness in the world. You are the cutest one, grow slow sweetheart!

Happy 2nd Birthday To My Son From Mom

Dear son, I am a proud mother of yours. I know you will become someone very special someday, I pray for your good health, Happy 2nd Birthday to you.

I always pray for my son so that he stays with lots of love and happiness in his life, Happy 2nd Birthday to you.

I just want to see you smiling always, that’s my wish on your birthday. We are so blessed and happy that we have got a wonderful kid like you in our lives, Happy 2nd Birthday to you.

Dear son, I am sending all the beautiful wishes and blessings to you on your second birthday. Today is the happiest day for us. When you grow up and see the photos of your 2nd birthday, you will understand how happy we are now, Happy Birthday to you.

You are the prince of my kingdom, dear son. I can’t stop being happy when I see you laughing and talking. You are the cutest 2 years old kid in the world, I love you so much, Happy 2nd Birthday to you.

How can I forget this day? Exactly 2 years ago, I got the feelings of motherhood because of your birth. I am so blessed and happy that I have got a cute son like you, Happy 2nd Birthday to you, son.

Happy Birthday 2nd Mom

Happy birthday to the best second mom I’ve ever seen. You even make me so special and loved than my biological mom used to when she was alive. Enjoy every moment of your born day celebration momma!

You have helped me find a wife that I can comfortably put my trust in her and almost always not get disappointed. Because of how she is so caring, selfless and supportive. Happy Birthday to you, my second mom.

You are such a caring, lovely and understanding kind of person that is very rare to find these days. It’s been a nice experience since the day I first met you, mom. Happy Birthday!

Whatever it is that you have been hoping to get a just tip of, may God open ways in places you don’t even expect so as to enable you to experience double blessings in your life and business. Happy Birthday!

Almost everything I have or may get to accomplish in the future is as a result of your direct or indirect influence on my education, faith and business endeavours. I’m wishing you a blissful birthday celebration. May the angels of heaven bring you good luck on your special day, my lovely second mom.

Happy 2nd Birthday Images

Happy 2nd Birthday Images
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Happy 2nd Birthday Images
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