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Happy 17th Birthday Son And Daughter From Mom

by Miller Davis
Happy 17th Birthday

Happy 17th Birthday : Seventeen truly is a remarkable year for anybody’s life. At this point, you are at the doorstep of adulthood, gazing at the other side. Turning 17 is a big deal because it’s the last age before you get your freedom; as 12 more months and you become 18. Below are some 17th Birthday wishes that you can send to your Son or Daughter on their birthday to make them smile

Happy 17th Birthday

                                                                                                Happy 17th Birthday

Happy 17th Birthday

Happy 17th birthday. The sky will be your stepping foot. Have a beautiful birthday.

A fine stone was born 17 years ago; I wish you all the good things’ life can afford. Happy 17th birthday. Have fun.

Today being the 17th year of your existence. I will say a big Happy Birthday to an extraordinary person I ever came across.

I just want to wish the best to the brainiest, most humorous, and most exceptional 17 year-old in the universe. I pray we remain friends forever.

May your 17th birthday be more graceful that the last, may you share cake with your friends and May you have everything you’ve wished for. I love you.

I don’t think any father would ask for a better son than you. You are the paradigm of perfection. I hope you’ll keep growing in this path. Happy 17th Birthday.

Happy 17th birthday to our fantastic son, best is yet to come, we are proud of you and we have full trust in your abilities to bring good name to our family.

17 is a significant number in counting age number, because it marks the end of childhood. May your days become better and brighter as you enter into adulthood. Happy 17th Birthday.

No matter what anybody says, you matter to me, you are a special kid and I hope I can be there whenever you need me, even when you don’t. I love you, enjoy your 17th birthday.

I’m glad I said yes to a young man like you, you’re not just young but you possess an old soul. Happy 17th Birthday to you my crown. I wish you happiness throughout the year.

Happy 17th Birthday Son

You will always be my little boy, even at 17. Sending mounds of love and good wishes on your birthday.

Son, each year you make me even prouder to be called your mom/dad. Here’s hoping that 17 is the best year yet.

Son, your heart grows more beautiful with each passing year. May you receive many blessings as you turn 17 today.

When I clocked age 17, I can bet it that I don’t know half of what you know now; it shows the rapid growth in our present world.

I’ve been too busy that I’ve given too little attention to you my growing boy; I hope this age will push our relationship to a new level.

I will forever treasure the memories of raising you, son. You have filled my life with joy and laughter. Best wishes on your 17th birthday.

Birthdays are once in a year but it’s not just a day to celebrate you, because every day is a day to celebrate you my good son. Enjoy your special day.

Now your thoughts will start to develop into the thought of a man, where something’s get more important than to just play about. Happy 17th Birthday son.

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May this special day bring you special joy and countless of opportunities, that you might become what God wants you to become. Happy 17th birthday to you my dear son.

Seventeen years ago today, I held you in my arms for the first time. As you journey toward adulthood, I’m beginning to hold you a little less tightly, but I will never let go of you, my precious son.

Happy 17th Birthday Daughter

Last year you were “sweet 16,” and next year you’ll be grown.

These 17 years I’ve had with you are the best I’ve ever known. Best wishes to my lovely daughter.

You’ve been a boy for everyone; some call you ladies’ man. I really wish to see that side of yours. Hehehehehehe.

My sweet daughter, I love you more than life itself. May your 17th birthday fill you with inspiration for another wonderful year.

My amazing daughter, you have blessed me with 17 years of watching you grow into a beautiful woman. May your birthday be as special as you.

Your first name is charming, tour middle name is beautiful and your last name is elegant. Happy 17th Birthday to a pretty girl with pretty names. Enjoy it.

The joy of every parent is to train a child to a point that they’ll give them rest. I hope you’ve reached that point where you’ll give us rest. Happy 17th Birthday daughter.

Sometimes I wish they can extend your holiday by long margins, so I can have the opportunity to spend more time with you. You’re such an interesting daughter.

Seventeen years ago, I wished for a daughter. God blessed me with you, and what a special daughter you turned out to be. Sending you much love on your birthday.

Precious daughter, as each year has come and gone, I have learned to appreciate the time I have with you. You are an amazing seventeen-year-old, and your future is as bright as you. Happy birthday.

The transition of a 17-year-old girl is an interesting one; she stopped being daddy’s pet to daddy’s best friend. I am really glad you’re growing into adulthood. Happy 17th Birthday daughter.

Happy 17th Birthday Girl

To the girl who’s got it going on, have a fantastic 17th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl! Wish you the lifetime happiness, joy and success.

For a special gal who’s filled with flair, may birthday wishes fill the air. Happy 17th!

You’ve given us 17 years of spunk, girl. Don’t stop now! Have a great birthday.

At 17, you’re already an amazing young woman. May your birthday be filled with fun and excitement like you.

Hey little girl, you’re not so little anymore. Wishing you much love on your birthday as you turn 17.

From riding bikes to wearing makeup, that’s a terrible change. Happy 17th Birthday, sweet lady!

It’s a day full of candy, so put on that party hat, invite your friends and let your party begin. Best Wishes, sweetheart!

Happy 17th Birthday Niece

Niece, you make me proud to be your aunt/uncle. Blessings as you celebrate your 17th birthday.

I am amazed by all the accomplishments you’ve achieved in 17 short years, niece. There is nothing you can’t do. Have a wonderful birthday.

This day signifies one to remember for many others, aside from your 17th birthday party you offer us a chance to come together and interact.

Be wise my dear niece, engage in good company and you will live a long and fruitful life. Have a hearty 17th birthday, I always have your back.

With great joy and happiness, I join in the celebration of a rare gems 17th birthday niece; you will continue to be a blessing to all who meets you.

Happy 17th Birthday my dear, you are an amazing kid and I can’t help but admire how fast you have grown. May you always know right from the wrong. I love you.

My darling niece, you have already achieved many milestones, and I look forward to watching you launch into adulthood. The world doesn’t know what’s about to hit it! Warm wishes on your 17th birthday.

My precious niece, you have had me wrapped around your little finger for 17 years. I suppose that’s how it will always be, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Best wishes on your birthday.

Happy 17th Birthday Son From Mom

Happy Birthday that is all I can say and I wish you many happy returns. Have a beautiful 17th birthday.

Happy 17th birthday to the one who has brought us so much joy than we can imagine. We will continue to support your life journey as your parent. Much love.

Your advancement into age 17 is great news for us all in this house, you mean so much to us and we wish you all the best as you celebrate today. Happy 17th Birthday.

I never had interest in girls until you came along my way, I’m glad we could be together as lovers, you’ve been my everything. Happy 17th Birthday to you my girl. Stay blessed.

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While I was growing up, there were a lot of pressure from every angle which later affected me, but now that you are 17. Live without any pressure and achieve your dreams. Happy 17th Birthday.

Happy 17th Birthday Boy

I wish you the most adorable morning, the most beautiful day and the most exciting night on your  17th birthday!

Happy 17th birthday to my special son! I hope you enjoy your day and wish you nothing but good luck and prosperity for your 17th year!

Happy 17th birthday, my loveliest son! 17 years ago you changed my life completely but I’m the happiest one. Thank you for being the best son and don’t forget 365 days left before your grand 18! Congratulations!

17 years of happiness, love, laugh and, of course, fear, fights and tears. But, my birthday boy, you are an amazing son and all these years were the best in my life. So, have fun today! Happy 17th birthday!

Have a fabulous birthday, son! You are almost an adult man, so I just want to wish you a great year ahead and perhaps a girlfriend. Love you and be careful today. Congratulations on 17th birthday!

Son, thank you for bringing me joy all these 17 years. In truly, you grow up so fast that I cannot even catch up. So, happy 17th birthday, my boy. Hope all your next year will be fantastic!

Happy 17th birthday, dear son! Today it’s perfect day to say that you make us proud with every minute. Everything you do – it’s amazing! Thanks for being so easy and perfect boy. Congrats!

Happy 17th Birthday Granddaughter

To my loving granddaughter, as you celebrate 17 years of life, may every wish of your heart come true.

Girl, you surely know how to make a grandparent proud. I’ve been there for you for 17 years, and I’ll be rooting for you on your birthday and beyond.

Happy 17th Birthday my love, you are special and there is none like you in all the realms. I hope you love yourself more than you can ever be loved.

Just know as you turn 17, without you, there is no me, you complete me and I hope you enjoy each and every moment of this day. Happy 17th Birthday granddaughter!!

Make so many memories to fill your olden days with laughter and nostalgia. Have fun with your friends and all those you care about. Hearty birthday my love, you are blessed.

Life is a journey and each day we take a new step, today your journey halts at the celebration of your 17th pit stop. Have fun my granddaughter, it’s your birthday!

Granddaughter, you’ve grown in wisdom, beauty, and strength during these past 17 years, and I look forward to watching you carve out an amazing future for yourself. Happy birthday!

Precious one, where has the time gone? I have loved every moment of being your grandfather/grandmother and seeing you grow into the most special woman. Sending you joyful wishes on your birthday of 17 years.

Happy 17th Birthday Nephew

YAY! 17 years of driving your [uncle/aunt] crazy! How terrible!

Happy 17th Birthday, Dear Nephew! You are truly a gem in your [aunt/uncle]’s life.

Happy Birthday to my nephew who makes me want to marry to get a handsome boy just like him. Love you, dude!

Oh! Glorious you are 17 today your grass will forever grow green. Your adversity will turn to your advantages.

As God has added a year to your year, we pray for wisdom, knowledge, faith and patience to live a simple and exemplary life. Happy 17th birthday nephew.

You’ve always asked for a birthday party for a long time. Now you’ll have it in a really massive way. I wanna wish you well as you clock 17. Happy Birthday nephew.

One of the most special age is 17, it’s really special, you have all the strength needed to do anything you wish to do. I hope you’ll use your strength well.

I will go with you to the ends of the world, I love you so much and wish you nothing but the best as you celebrate this special 17th birthday. I love you so very much my dear.

Happy 17th Birthday To My Daughter

Happy 17th birthday to the most beautiful girl and daughter. You are an inspiration to me and all around you. Hope, you’ll always be so wonderful. Love you with my entire heart. Congratulations!

Daughter, you are the best gift in my life, because you’re not only my daughter, but also my friend. Hope all these 17 years were wonderful for you, because every minute with you were amazing for me. Love you, my girl.

The sweetest happy birthday to the sweetest 17-y-o girl! It’s amazing how time flies because now you’re such a beautiful little woman. Love you, my dear, and wish you all the best on your birthday party. Have fun!

17 years ago, you started a new life journey which today has reach another important stop. It’s your 17th  birthday, darling! Wish you a good time and even better time on your journey after birthday party!

Today it’s all about you, my beautiful daughter. Thank you for making my life so amazing in a million ways. Let your b-day party be a special gift from us to you. Have fun and go crazy!

Female Happy 17th Birthday

I just woke up to news of my admission. This is surely going to be a great year for me. Happy 17th birthday to me.

Happy birthday to me. May all of my dreams and aspirations come through. Celebrate with me, people; I’m 17.

May I not disappoint myself and those that matter to me in the New Year; may I be a source of joy and happiness always.

I’ve been so fearful about a lot of things; but today, I choose to live above my fears, and be the best that I can be. Happy birthday to me.

May the tides always be in my favor; may my feet always be aligned on the right path. May this year a fantastic one for me. Happy birthday to me.

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I pray that all of my plans for this year eventually happen; I pray that all I would need to be comfortable this year will be given my family and I. Happy birthday to me.

Even though mistakes are inevitable; I pray that I get less of it this New Year and that I learn and move on from any mistakes I make. Happy birthday to me.

Happy 17th Birthday Grandson

Grandson, you have held my heart since Day One. May your birthday be filled with laughter and love as you celebrate 17 years.

You have enriched my life just by being part of it, grandson. Sending you love and happiness on your 17th birthday.

How you grew into a man of 17 so quickly is beyond me, grandson. You make me proud every day. Here’s to the best birthday ever.

A grandson is a special blessing, and you have given me more joy than you’ll ever know. Happy birthday to the greatest seventeen-year-old around.

You gave me my favorite title in life: grandfather/grandmother. Thank you for being such a blessing these 17 years, and may your birthday celebration be perfect.

Happy 17th Birthday Quotes

17 years of your existence, means 17 years of happiness for us, happy birthday dear.

Happy birthday, dear, you are fantastic, and I hope you know how much I love you. Enjoy this special day, my love!

You are the sweetest person I know, best wishes for your newly made 17-year-old. Have fun and happy birthday again.

Happy 17th birthday, dear, you are a great guy, and I hope that as you blow out the candles on the cake, everything you’ve dreamed of can become a reality.

Happy 17th Birthday Images

Happy 17th Birthday Images

                                            Happy 17th Birthday Images

Happy 17th Birthday Images

                                         Happy 17th Birthday Images

Happy 17th Birthday Images

                                          Happy 17th Birthday Images

Happy 17th Birthday Images

                                          Happy 17th Birthday Images

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