Happy 12th Birthday Wishes For Son And Daughter From Parent

Happy 12th Birthday

Happy 12th Birthday : Turning 12 is something cool for every kid trying to leave their childhood entering the teenage years. As a person close to someone celebrating their 12th birthday, it is your duty to make the moment unforgettable.

Happy 12th Birthday
                                                                            Happy 12th Birthday

Happy 12th Birthday

To the most adorable 12-year-old in the entire universe, happy birthday to you! Everyone loves your charm so continue to be the cute little kid as you exactly are.

I would like to give a toast not just once but twelve times for you are turning 12 today my darling! I hope that you enjoy every minute of this day and all the other 365 days of being an amazing 12-year-old!

My love for you gets stronger 12 times a year, that’s one heartbeat per month. Now that you are 12, that means, it got stronger for 144 times already! That’s a lot! Happy birthday little angel!

You are only allowed to have one zodiac sign for your whole life, but those 12 star signs got nothing on you even if they are combined, because you are the greatest 12-year-old that I know. Your cuteness is truly out of this world. Happiest birthday to you!

You are the most special kid in this world, and for that, we will surely be celebrating your birthday not just today but every day of this 12th year of yours! Happy birthday to our charming little angel.

There are a lot of wonderful things that come in twelves – a dozen of donuts, a bouquet of roses, the number of months in a year, the amount of inches in a foot, the 12 days of Christmas, the 12 zodiacs, and of course, the 12-year-old you! Happy 12th birthday!

I will be cheering for you twelve times today because you are turning 12! This is a very special moment of your life and it only comes once, so enjoy and have a blast! Happy birthday!

I have never seen someone who is as fun as you are! That is why everybody wants to be around you all the time. Now that you’re 12, I’m sure you’re twelve times as fun! Happy birthday young fella!

For the past 11 years, my love for you grows deeper and stronger. Now that you’re 12, it knows no boundaries anymore. You are the light of my life and I love you for sure! Happy birthday, my son/daughter!

Because one candle is not enough for your birthday wishes, here’s 12 for you to blow out! I pray that each of them will be granted because you are worthy of it. Happy 12th birthday little lad/lady!

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You are now 12. Cheers to another 12 years of being smarter, braver, wiser, prettier, and finer! Get ready to learn new and exciting things. Remember to always find the lesson in everything. Happy birthday!

It seems like all good things always come in twelve – 12 pieces of flowers, 12 apostles, 12 days of Christmas, 12 lunar months, 12 hours in a half day, and you! You just turned 12! Happy birthday!

Happy 12th Birthday Girl

You are in life’s golden era. Enjoy it, golden girl.

My best wishes to the girl who is trying to make money and be rich. May your 12th birthday be the start of the big wealth.

It’s a beautiful day to be celebrating a beautiful girl. I hope I never miss out on anything that involves you.

Happy 12th Birthday Boy

Happy 12th Birthday to an amazing boy.

You’re now a fantastic boy and amazing man as well. Happy 12th Birthday!

You are my funny boy; whenever we get together, we spend a cool time. Have fun while turning 12.

I hope your creativity as a twelve-year-old boy will start taking a new shape, a shape tending towards professionalism. Keep moving forward, boy. Happy B-day!

Happy 12th Birthday Daughter

On this special day such as your 12th birthday, living the day to the fullest should be the plan for the day.

I hope this little text on your 12th Birthday explains my full delight in you and your ways. You’re appreciated beyond your greatest imagination.

Each of the 12 years so far have been a blessing, I hope to spend a million years with you so I can see you grow healthy, wealthy and hearty my daughter. I love you!

12 years ago, you were just an infant in my arms, now, you are almost a young adult, and I hope I never miss a moment of your growing up. I love you so much my princess.

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I’m happy for your remarkable achievements in life, you’ve added another to your collection by celebrating your 12th birthday daughter, and may you live to see many more years.

Happy 12th Birthday Son

Break up stress. Enjoy every moment of your life. I wish you very happy 12th Birthday son.

There’re many things you get to enjoy on your 12th Birthday, May the joy of the day extends to the remaining days of your life.

I understand the frustration that a boy faces when he is in between a boy and a little man, but the important thing is to enjoy those stages.

May your 12th birthday make the most unforgettable times for you, may you have fun and may all your wishes come true as you celebrate another beautiful year son!

I can assure you that you will really enjoy your age 12. Because it’s an age where everyone tends to love you. Happy 12th Birthday son. Enjoy your special day in lots of love.

Happy 12th Birthday Girl Quotes

May you have all the happiness that your heart can hold, and may you receive all of God’s best in everything. I wish you a very happy 12th birthday!

For my sweet daughter whose middle name is fun, a very happy 12th birthday! I wish you a day filled with happiness and fun as you turn another year older. I love you so much!

I have watched you grow into this amazing girl that you are today. I am truly very blessed to have you in my life. Thank God for this beautiful gift I call my daughter. I love you. Happy 12th birthday!

Today is the birthday of this family’s little star. It’s another chance to show you just how special you are to all of us who love you. Today we celebrate not only your birthday but also the moments you made our lives special in every little way. Happy 12th birthday, sweetheart!

Happy 12th Birthday Granddaughter

Happy Birthday, Angel! May you always make me and your parents proud.

You are the youngest but the cutest chapter of my life. Happy 12th Birthday, Sweet Granddaughter!

As you’re turning 12, I hope you grow older than your [grandpa/grandma] and wiser than sages. I love you!

Happy 12th Birthday Grandson

12 is a big number. Happy Bday, Biggest grandson!

Minions and Gru are sending hugs and kisses to the best 12-year-old grandson.

Lots of love from your biggest fan (your granny/grandpa). Congrats on turning 12.

From the moment we first saw you, I knew you would bring so much joy into our lives. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be proud grandparents. Enjoy your special day, and remember your grandparents love you.

The moment you were born, our life becomes complete. I felt the love that had been missing from our lives is finally there. From day one, that love continues to grow. Thanks for being an amazing grandson. Happy Birthday.

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You are definitely the coolest dude I know. You make me feel young, and I thank you for that. Have a blessed birthday, my dear grandson.

Now that it is your birthday, I hope you have lots of toys, cakes, and sweets. And everything else your heart desires. I know you will grow into a fine young man one day. Looking forward to experiencing that with you.

Happy 12th Birthday Niece

Keep smile as big as you can. You will look so cute as they say that the 12-year-old smile is one of the best.

For many years, I have always hoped for a niece like you. I love every moment I spend with you. Happy 12th Birthday, Sweetheart!

I have watched you grow into the cute lady you are today, and still can’t believe how blessed I’m to be sharing your 12th birthday.

Happy 12th Birthday Son From Mom

It’s very hot because of your 12 candles, so hurry up and blow them all. A sweet birthday to a sweet one. Love you!

As cool as you look today, I can only compare you to Virgin Gold Mining, full of untapped gold. Warmest wishes!

You have become the most exciting part of my life, we are new friends, but I feel I know you for ages. Let’s enjoy your party.

I wanna wish you a prosperous 12th birthday, and I pray that no obstacle will be able to hold you back from becoming great. Stay Blessed.

Congratulations, you lived 12 years, and every year had 12 months! Tell me why you love this number so much! Happy 12th Birthday!

Happy 12th Birthday Images

Happy 12th Birthday Images
                   Happy 12th Birthday Images
Happy 12th Birthday Images
                                 Happy 12th Birthday Images
Happy 12th Birthday Images
                               Happy 12th Birthday Images

Happy 12th Birthday Images


Happy 12th Birthday Boy Images

Happy 12th Birthday Boy Images
                         Happy 12th Birthday Boy Images
Happy 12th Birthday Boy Images
                          Happy 12th Birthday Boy Images
Happy 12th Birthday Boy Images
                               Happy 12th Birthday Boy Images
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