Flirt Tips (Be Creative)

Our intention is to keep you well equipped to handle some situations. Now we want you to have some flirt tips to avoid mistakes.

Our flirt tips:

  • Do not send approval-seeking texts like, “Did you have a good time on our date?”
  • Keep your intentions a mystery. The game is no longer fun if you show your hand.
  • Always proofread your texts before sending. Read them out loud to check the tone of the text.
  • Avoid drunk texting and late night texting.
  • Do not send uninvited nude photos to a girl. If she want them, she will let you know.
  • Do not ask two questions in one text.
  • When you first get a number, wait two day before you text.
  • If you do not know how to respond, do nothing.
  • Do not send open-ended texts like, “Hey what’s going on?”
  • The more attactive they are, the less interest you should show.
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  • Do not send lengthly texts. Anything more than three sentences and you’re pushing it.
  • Humor will save you. When in doubt be funny.
  • Send mixed signals. Send one text that flirty and then send a text that teases her.
  • Be unpredictable.
  • Do not get serious on text messages. Keep the conversation fun and playful.
  • Do not accept last-minute date invites. Your time is valuable.
  • Calling is better than texting when you are asking her out on a date.
  • Use inside jokes and references from previous conversations.
  • Pace your replies. Rule of thumb is 10 minutes. You should follow the flow of the conversation and match her response time.
  • Don’t try and overly impress her on text. Save this for fave to face.
  • Take your time with text responses. Edit them, re-read them, and then send. Time is on your side.
  • Use emoticons and symbols to express the tone of the message.
  • If she does not respond back, wait a couple days and use an engaging question.
  • Keep positive and have fun with texting.
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  • Keep things witty and simple.
  • Texting is a permanent record. Avoid arguing on text.
  • Use a text to set up a call.
  • Do not get upset if she doesn’t respond. You don’t know what kind of day she is having. Her reasons for not replying could have nothing to do with you.
  • Avoid using excessive curse words.
  • Never use ALL CAPS.

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  • If you’re into to her more than she is into you, then text her less frequently.
  • Do not send a second text until you have received a response from the first. Duh.
  • Do not act like she is the most important thing in your world.
  • Do not use dirty jokes or sexual reference until sexual boundaries have already been crossed, (aka you have already had sex with her).



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