Romantic Unconventional First Date Ideas You Should Try

First Date Ideas – If you’re in the dating pool then you know how truly exhausting it can be. In today’s world, there are a lot of games to be played before reaching the end goal of finally setting up a date. What’s worse is that after swiping, chatting, and blocking, you need to come up with an idea for where the first date will be held. You could go for the simple route and pick a nice restaurant or go see a movie, but if you’ve been dating for a while now, you know how boring that can get. If you want some out-of-the-box ideas on where to have a first date, then here are a few.

Go See a Psychic

If you want something that’s both a bit spooky and silly, then going to a psychic for a first date is a perfect idea. You can both have some fun over a palm reading or tarot, and if you’re lucky, even an old-school crystal ball might make an appearance. The stories psychics can weave are always a hoot to hear whether you believe them or not, and you and your date can bond over the ridiculous experience and talk about it over food-cart hotdogs later. Who knows, you might even end up finding out if you’ll have a long and prosperous future together.

First Date Ideas At Night

Go thrifting

Sing karaoke

Go to a specialty bar

Hit the slopes or take a hike

Take a brewery or winery tour

Go to an animal shelter to play with dogs (or adopt one!)

Go Wild at a Casino

What better way to get to know someone than to take them to a casino and see how responsible they are with their money? Casinos can be tons of fun, and even though online casinos are currently taking over the industry, the traditional ones are still standing strong and giving the people what they want. Both the physical and online versions of these entertainment goliaths have similar offers. They have a plethora of different games to choose from, interesting themed events, and complimentary features. It might seem a bit out there, but visiting a casino is a great choice!

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A date at a casino might be throwing you for a loop, but it makes tons of sense when you think about it. You have booze, a lot of them have food, and you sure as hell have some pretty great entertainment. The excitement in the air that always circles casinos is sure to have both you and your date feeling elated, and you can spend your time playing the slots or conversing the night away over a game of poker!

What Should You Not Do On A First Date?

First Date Ideas
First Date Ideas

Be Rude To Staff

Acting like a total d-bag to the workers wherever you have a date is the worst thing you can do. It not only creates a 10/10 unsettling atmosphere, but it also paints you as a complete jerk. I don’t know about you, but the sight of someone commanding wait staff like a military general makes my vagina lock up.

Talk About Your Ex

Everyone has them, just like they have bumholes. But don’t go on and on about them; it makes people uncomfortable and on edge. It screams NOT OVER IT if you munch on about how bad your ex was. And if you’re praising them, it’s like… why don’t you go back with them?

Swear Too Much

In the appropriate situation, swearing may be humorous. If, on the other hand, your entire language consists of a combination of bollocks, tits, and fucks, you may come off as unpleasant, aggressive, and a little idiotic.

Offer Unwanted Life Advice

I’ve had males do this to me SO. MANY. TIMES. as a straight woman. There are a lot of guys out there that will either try to mansplain your work to you or offer patronizing life advice to you. Keep your unwelcome counsel to yourself to avoid royally peeing off your date, ta.

What Would Be A Perfect First Date?

See A Comedy Show

Grab a cocktail and head to a comedy event to avoid the tiresome dinner and drinks routine “Bilotta explains. “Having a drink initially can help you relax and get to know each other. Even if the show you’re watching isn’t humorous, you’ll have enough to chat about afterward.

Attend A Sporting Event

Do you enjoy sports and know your date does as well? Attend a game in your area. Susan Golicic, Ph.D., a relationship consultant, notes, “Both people can get to know each other and how they react at occasions like these.” “It also has a lot going on in case there are any awkward silences at the start.” If your date isn’t into sports, don’t do this—they won’t appreciate you explaining every play to them.

Take A Cooking Class

I usually recommend a cooking class because it is interactive and hands-on “According to Rodgers. “It’s a safe environment with a common experience that enables for a wide range of issues to be discussed. It’s also usually for a brief length of time, allowing the dater to determine whether or not to extend the date or schedule a second date. You may arrange a second date at an Italian restaurant famed for its fresh pasta with something like a pasta-making session.

Take A walk

Yes, the simplest date ideas are sometimes the greatest. According to Zoosk’s study, a stroll is the third most popular date choice for women in their 30s, 50s, and 60s after dinner and coffee. It came in fourth place among women in their twenties.

Volunteer Together

Volunteering as a first date seems like a good way to start things off on the right foot. In this scenario, you get to see how caring the person you’re dating can be and how much they care about helping others less fortunate than them. You can do this at a soup kitchen, a beach clean-up, or as entertainment at a home for the elderly. The options are limitless, but you should still check what’s available near your location. Of course, you should also consider what you have to offer and go with the most appropriate choice.

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Whatever you end up choosing, you can grab a quick bite to eat on the way there, or have some grub at the place you’re volunteering if it’s an option. Some of the best conversations you can make with people happen during volunteering, so if you don’t mind getting a little deep this is the perfect date idea for you. Something to be mindful of is not getting too distracted while on the job. You should engage with your date and get to know each other, but don’t overlook your duties while there.

Should You Kiss On The First Date?

On the first date, you should kiss, but simply a little peck, not a full-on makeout session. If you met on an app, you shouldn’t kiss on the first date, but if you already knew each other, it’s fine. On the first date, you should kiss just at the end of the date, not in the beginning or middle.

Things To Do On A First Date With A Guy


Meet For Breakfast


The beauty of a breakfast date is that it allows you to enjoy the rest of the day. You can keep the date going if you two get along over bacon and eggs. Are there no sparks? There’s still time for anything else to happen in your evening


Visit An Outdoor Market


Wandering from booth to booth, whether at a flea market or a farmer’s market, is a wonderful way to get to know one another.


Go For A Picnic


You can each agree to bring something specific, or meet at the grocery store and shop for a spread together.

Where Should I Take A Girl On A First Date?

Visit An Art Gallery Or Museum


Art galleries and museums are great places to go on a first date since the exhibits provide you with something to talk about that isn’t your typical first date topic. It’s also a fantastic way to inject some culture into your life!


Visit A Flea Market


Flea markets are generally bustling with people, activities, and unusual treasures, especially on weekends. You may also make things more interesting by having a friendly competition to see who can find the best deal.


Hit Up A Bookstore


Bookstore dates are wonderful first-date ideas since they allow you to explore and discuss books. Introduce your date to your own favorites and let them do so as well. Simply try to pay attention to your date as much as you do to your books.

How Long Should First Date Last?


So, when it comes to the topic of “how long should a first date last,” the answer is “as long as you want it to last.” I’d say no more than an hour at most. There are, however, other factors to consider. Spending more than an hour on a first date carries a number of unintended repercussions that you may not have considered.