Fastest way to get a girlfriend

If you want a girlfriend, fast! this is the way to follow. Regardless of who you are, any man can have a woman. What you need to know and apply is the fastest way to get a girlfriend method. Some men have no trouble at all to find a girlfriend, while others only struggle. I am going to tell you the about the fastest way to get a girlfriend. Because every man deserves to have a girl in his life.

A word of caution; not every “girlfriend” you get is going to be “the one” for you; just like anything else in life, it takes time to find the which truly matches your desires. This being said, “The fastest way to get a girlfriend” method will work for you and it will get you a “girlfriend” before you know it.

First, I will need you to promise me two things, otherwise you might just as well give up:

  1. You will follow the directions I recommend.
  2. You will stop acting shitless, like you have in the past and do what you need to do.

As you might have noticed, this is not about “getting a girlfriend” but “The fastest way to get a girlfriend” meaning that you have to move fast and act fast. Do as I say, and you will have a girlfriend [if not more] within one week.

Day 1: Find the Hot spots
In order for you to find a girl, you will need to know where pretty women hang out. This could be your office [I discourage this on the universal motto of “Don’t shit where you eat], the gym, public transport stations, festivals, busy shopping mall and so on. Often this is different for each city and country. Find places where the flow of women is high.

Day 2: Kill the old you.
If you want to change and make a difference to your life, be prepared to leave the old you behind. Because from this day onwards, you are going to talk to at least ten women each day. I do not care if they are pretty or not, you will need to talk to at least ten women each day. If you think that life will be easier when you approach only the less pretty women, then keep in mind that you will harvest what you sow. In other words; you will end up with an ugly girlfriend.

You have to talk to at least ten women a day! Do not forget that. Also keep in mind that “talk” is more than just “good morning” and “Sorry”. So try asking for directions, pretend that you are from another town and ask for tips, tell her that she has a nice style and ask for outfit tips, ask her about cool things to do in town etcetera.  The essence here is to start a conversation.

Day 3: Women are a Numbers Game
Life is a bit about mathematics really; a game of chances where the outcome is always related to the input. Even though the relation between input and outcome varies among people and situations, it is ever present. What does this mean? Some guys might get 1 out of every 10 women they approach. You may only get 1 out of every 1000! In either case, there is no man who always has a 100% success rate.

Where do we stand so far? you have spent the last three days talking to at least ten women a day. This means that by now you know thirty names of different women with a little about their background. This could be more than all the women you have known in your entire life. And if you truly follow this tip, you will also realise the power of simply taking action.

Day 4: HOMERUN – The fastest way to get a girlfriend
You have now changed your life and taken a step forward by talking to more women and actively seeking activities which attract pretty women.
All these women you talk to, when you finish the conversation, you will need to do at least one of these three things:

  1. Ask her to meet the next day [or even that same day] for a coffee.
  2. Ask for her contact details, because you would like to keep in touch.
  3. If the first two failed, say goodbye. There is no need to hang around dead fish. You are either fishing for dangerous sharks or nothing at all.

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From here on it is easy; when the girl agrees to your date, make sure you impress her and take her home. There are plenty tips on this topic you can read on MansDrive. Once a woman agrees to a date, you are already half way.

Should she have given you only her number, then drop a simple line like “Hey, it was nice to meet you, lets have a drink”. She will either agree, suggest a different time or come up with some silly excuse. In the latter case, forget her.

Do not say silly things like “Hey if you have time, lets meet”. You are the boss of the situation, so you give her an option to accept or reject, nothing more nothing less. Do not make yourself an option who she calls when she is bored.

Keep repeating this until you have found yourself a girlfriend [or more]. A week is a long time. At least ten women a day, equals seventy a week! Now, you must be pretty messed up in your head and body to fail at this  “The fastest way to get a girlfriend” method.

Getting the right woman in your life might require you to meet five hundred women. But in reality, this number is much lower. Most men do not even meet ten women in their entire life!


Enough said; forget your chicken shit behaviour and act like a man. I can not do this for you. If I did, no women would be left for my other comrades out there. You are probably a good guy with a good heart but woman cannot see that if you stay in your room. So go out there, find the spotlight and stand under it, so all women can notice you 

If you do the above, you have a hundred percent guarantee to succeed. Your chances in life must be crooked or God’s must dislike you pretty bad for this not to work. I am sure that many so-called Pick up Artists will tell you plenty of nonsense. In reality, women like to find a nice guy just as much as a nice guy likes to have a nice woman. But these things will not fall in your lap; you have to go out there and actively get involved.  That is the secret to the fastest way to get a girlfriend; simple as that!

Know that, nothing in life worth having will come easily. You have to walk,climb, fly and maybe even swim to it.
And when you have found that, you must do everything you can to keep it.

Because the things which are hardest to get will be the things which add character to your name.


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