Dating Tips: First Date Tips For women.

On Today session I will be showing you as a guy tips to go on a first date with women.
If as a guy and you haven’t had your first date with a girl or woman then this post first date tips for women is definitely all you need to bolster that moral of yours, you may get the chance to go out with her again if you follow some simple steps you will get here, you can get ready for your date, dress to impress, and ensure it goes smoothly. Wear something that makes you look cool, be on a good hygiene, and show manners too. The most important thing you can do to impress her is listen to her. This shows that you’re interested, you care about her wants and needs, and you would be a great partner!

First Date Tips For women.

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Without much time to waste Here are the tips as a guy on a first date with a woman.

First, try to ask her to know if she wants to choose the venue cos in most case she might already have an idea about where and the kind of setting she had want.
But if she doesn’t then Plan ahead for where you’ll go. Keep in mind that your preparation shows your interest level. When selecting a location, look for places you’ll have the chance to talk and find out more about each other.
Tips on places to choose and avoid
I recommend you choose
💚a bar
💚an eatery or restaurant.
💚A cinema isn’t a bad idea either
💚you can go clubbing
💚Going to a show or movie concert won’t be bad either.
Always avoid
💚sports or viewing center due to the noise
💚Avoid a close to road eatery
💚avoid her environment (if u taking a walk).

First Date Tips For women.

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Try to look as good as you can be make sure to be putting on your best piece of clothes Befitting the occasion at hand.

Make sure that your nails are clean and well trimmed, and get a good and well looking hair cut Wear nice and cute deodorant.

Prevent bad breath by brushing your teeth, using best mouthwash, Have good dental hygiene – and remember no bad breath!

make frequent eye contact Smile at her and Be an active listener by showing that you’re interested in what she says and do and don’t interrupt when she’s talking. Also avoid showing interest in other girls during your date cos that will definitely get her pissed off.

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Give her all your attention, as if you’re going to be questioned on it later. Listening to her will definitely give you a clue on what to expect from the relationship.

First Date Tips For women.

Don’t just let her do all the talking like ensure u get engaged too but let it be at the right time or else it will look like a one sided conversation, So if you are this shy types here are some few things you can say to her
A few tips on things You can discuss with her

💚Tell her about yourself a brief description (like your age hubby,where u work and what you like and expect in a woman)
💚Ask her about herself
(Like her age hubby what she does and what she expects from a guy in a relationship)
With this you have will have had a good detail about her and who she is and she will in return know you too.
If you had want to know more about her here are still some additional questions you can still go ahead to ask her.
💚Her dreams
💚Her passion
💚What she finds sexy about a guy
💚Career(like what she likes to do)
💚Her motivations
💚And her types of friends

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If you find her to be second date material don’t hesitate to ask her out again, ensure to Make her know that you had a good time out with her and you will be getting in touch with her about a second date if that seems to be your intention well truth is After you might have gone through the first date of meeting a girl, getting to know her and her interests, the rest almost seems easy! Once you’ve gone through the process once, the next time will be way easier and with Each time you tend to gather a new experience where you’re able to learn and tweak your approach;
Otherwise just let her know you had a good time.
Happy dating!


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