Cute Paragraph For Him: Cute Paragraph For Him to Make him happy

Having A bad day or having a sad boyfriend that’s always having a sad moment here are Cute Paragraph For Him , I as a love Expert have prepared this article for him. some of our Cute Paragraph For Him will maker smile without reason. After so many research about lover and males in relationships ,we’ve been able to understand that 60% of guys in a relationship enjoy being pet like kids and lover boys so they always stay moody to attract attention from the opposite sex and petting or giving him Cute Paragraph For Him.

Cute Paragraph For Him

The Few Cute Paragraphs You will be reading below are well composed paragraphs that have been used and trusted by so many lover, student and couples and they always have positive results to testify about. Kindly follow these Paragraph to make smile and happy.

💚 I hope you eat a big, healthy breakfast this morning! You’re going to need plenty of
energy to get through the rest of the day. No
matter what life throws at you it’s important
that you save something for when the day
comes to an end and we can be together

💚 Good morning! Five years ago today, we
became boyfriend and girlfriend. Hands down, it’s been the best years of my life so far! We have grown together and you’ve made me the person I am today. I love you!

💚 What can I say? You’ve been there for me
through everything. I know we fight, but every relationship has its ups and downs.

I feel so comfortable with you. It’s so easy to
talk to you — I feel like I can tell you
anything. I’m so proud to say you’re my best
friend and my boyfriend — you mean the
world to me. I love you so much!

💚I can’t believe there was a time in my life
when I didn’t have you. I can’t believe there were mornings where I didn’t wake up next
to you. I can’t believe there were evenings
where I didn’t kiss you goodnight. I can’t
believe there were days where I didn’t think
of you and jokes I didn’t share with you. You
have become a part of me and who I am,
and I am so thankful for it. I’m just as crazy
about you today as I was when we first
started dating, and every day I fall in love
with you a little bit more. You mean so much
to me sweetheart. I love you. Cute Paragraph For Him

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💚No matter how many times we fight or argue, I always want to work it out. You have touched me more profoundly than I ever thought you could. No one could ever take your place. You will always be in my heart. You are amazing in every way and I am better with you. You understand me like no one else can and I can truly relate to you in every way. I mean it when I say that I am yours, and you are mine. I love you and will always fight for you. I want spend the rest of my life with my amazing boyfriend.  cute paragraphs for him to make him happy 

Paragraph For Boyfriend: Long Paragraph for Boyfriend copy and paste

 You’re worth more than a precious stone. Through my eyes, you shine brighter than the morning sun. Amongst the gems in the world, you’re so much more fascinating and valuable. You left a momentum in the core of my being with the first smile you gave me, I bet, your healing power is in your smile since it brought healing to my soul. I’ll love to build the world with you, I’ll love to ride with you until we get to our safe destination. Hurdles are sure in life but something steadfast is my love for you, it is sure to be there in good and bad time. In essence, I love you.

Cute Paragraph For Him

Whenever you look at me with those piercing eyes, love radiates through my body, making me quiver. I love the truth, I behold in your eyes, it builds my confidence in you. You need not say a word about how you feel for me, your eyes tell it all. How could it be that you mean so much to me, when you only represent one thing in my life and that’s love, indeed love is the greatest. If the city walls, the bulletproof and the bodyguards cannot guarantee your safety, be rest assured that you’re safe in the citadel of my heart. I love you more than you can foresee!

My heart feels it but my head cannot explain it. You made a miracle in my heart ever since love became the energy between us. I can’t replace you for another cause, the secret of my heart is open to you alone. If I stay alive, year in and year out, your love will be the only thing sustaining me. Life may be hard but I love her cause a beautiful masterpiece of love like you exist in it. This journey in life is rosy with you by my side and I’m sure we are heading to the throne. Tender kisses, soft touches, and a caring heart are not enough to show you how you make me blossom within like a healthy rose flower.Cute Paragraph For Him

You’ve been a fascinating jewel. Your value never diminishes rather, it gets expensive for aeons. A precious stone is meant to be hidden for safety but, I’ll flaunt you like I’m not scared to lose you. Whether heaven exists or not, there’s a blissful place in my heart for you to stay until eternity. Your soul is safe in the care of my heart. Many stars do exist however, you’re the brightest of them all, your countenance oozes peace and love. Each time you’re far away, I feel your presence cause, our closeness has left your scent on me, I do perceive it even when you’re not here. I love you and I do not mind if you ever enchanted me.

You speak the only language my heart understands and that’s the language of love. I never knew my heart could speak until you were miles away and my heart could tell how you were feeling. If I’m to be born again, I’ll come back as a better person for you. You make the ground feel safe to put my feet on yours, make the water look clean to quench my taste and you make the air full of love gases so I could breathe again. I’m reciprocating your love with faithfulness, yours faithfully.

Cute Paragraph For Him

If the universe needed the best chef, I’ll ask for you cause, you cook the best love portion which made me fall hopelessly in love with you. I’m proud to be your guest. The love I have for you is immeasurable, best believe, it’s more than enough to last a lifetime. The peak of love is the height where you have placed me, the law of gravity cannot bring me down. I’ll make you happy until happiness can’t do without you. My love is here to stay all because I love you.

I trust you, you became my lifeline, I have confidence in you, you became my friend, I share my dreams with you, you became my motivator. These and so much more you are to me. You don’t fit into a small box, you’re larger than life. You’re my best wish that ever came to pass. I’ll make heaven cause, I’ll die loving you. You love has made me enjoy a bliss I never knew existed. In appreciation, I’ll love you for life.

Your smile makes me do the silliest things for love, your poise makes me steal a look at you until our eyes meet and I can’t resist the feel of your skin, it makes my mind travel far. If I’ve gone crazy, it’s all because of my love for you. I can’t hold what I feel inside of me, I’m going to let it all out so you can behold the beauty of love. When I look a mess, you make me feel beautiful, your eyes say it all. I won’t lie to you, your love has taught me to be honest. I love you without a blemish.

I can’t go out if you’re not going with me. If the environment is crowded, somehow, you seem to be the only one my eyes are set on. Seeing you for the first time is an evergreen moment we’ll share forever. Whenever I talked to God, it’s always about you. When I talk about you I feel like I haven’t said enough and when I think about you, I feel your presence engross me. My favourite position is being wrapped in your safe arms. All I can say is, I do love to love you for the rest of my life.

I love January because your voice is the first to usher me into the new year. I love February because you show me to love better than Valentino. I love March because you endeavour to hold my hands so we could walk together in this cruel world. April is my favourite because you send me beautiful kisses that seal our love. I eager to see May because you give me an assurance of your love for me. In June and July, you take your time to celebrate me for being your earthly partner. In the month of August, you treat me like a Queen in your hacienda. As for September, it’s a month of care. October makes me catch goosebumps because you make each day longer by being with me. November seems to be so far away but full of memories we can’t forget. In December, you do not forget to spend your holidays with me. I love these gifts you give me in each of these months. Cute Paragraph For Him

Did You Know? Nothing is as lovely as sharing love words with your boyfriend or husband. And there is no limit to that romantic feeling when you send these long paragraphs for him copy and paste.

Like a queen, that’s how you make me feel. You make love seem like it’s easy to come by. Every morning you give me a taste of your love and at night you lay me down in affection. If I made it to heaven, it’s because your heart of gold transformed mine into a loving place. Love is a beautiful thing, loving you is a mystery to me. It must have been the wings of the angels that blew you to my side. I love you from infinity to infinity.

From sunrise to sunset, your love is ever true. The seven days of the week is too short to render my love to you. With you in my life, I feel like hell doesn’t exist, your heart has become my home and I dream never to leave there. Your opinion, I hold in the highest regard and I put my honour on you. I pledge to be a law-abiding citizen of your heart. I would lose my sleep if you ever stayed away for too long. You’re my partner in love.

To me, you’re a champion, you remain the only one who won my heart the way you did. You took my heart from a lonely place and transformed it into the most fun place to be, you became a friend to my lonely heart and a mate to my soul. I only know how to love you more, I know not how to stop loving you. If I could exchange you for anything in this world, I’ll exchange you for you again, nothing can beat the person that you are. You’re priceless!

My shrinking heart was inflated with your love. It became the biggest place in the world. The only food that sustains my heart is your love, it nourishes my soul, ensures my growth and ignites my spirit. When you give me reasons to fall in love with you, I fall deeply in love with you all over again and when you give me no reasons to love you, I hopelessly love to love you. Indeed, love has no reasons.

Cute Paragraph For Him

I’ll hold you when you walk through the valley of life, I’ll be your guardian angel when you feel puzzled. Your life has become the centre of my world and I do not mind trading my world for yours. What I won’t do, I’ll do for love, that’s my promise to you. Loving you keeps my head up, it makes me strong. Your love for me has become a dart that shields me from hate. I love you. I can’t believe you fell for me the way you did. It’s a miracle being your girl.

💚 Nothing matters if you’re close to me. Knowing that you are my man is mesmerizing, and my feelings are uncontrollable. Life with you would be divine. I will forever bless the day I set my eyes on you. That was the best day of my life. I love you. 😘

💚 My love for you is firm, and It can’t fade like smoke in the air. My feelings for you weighed way more than what I’ve felt for anybody. My love is yours forever because, with you, I find comfort. I realize that I need you every day with me as long as I still breathe.😊  cute paragraphs for him with emojis and Cute Paragraph For Him

💚 You are a rare Angel because you treat my heart with care and make my feelings flow like the stream. What I feel for you is pure love because you have made me understand what it is like to have personal happiness. You are the angel of my life every day of my life.💖

cute paragraphs for him to wake up to copy and paste

💚 Whenever you feel too lonely, always remember someone special is with you in spirit willing to join you to keep you warm always. Remember that someone cherishes you so much beyond imagination. It is my greatest luck ever to have met you in this life; I will always be yours no matter the condition. You are a special kind of gem worthy of been loved to the end.  cute paragraphs for him to wake up to copy and paste 

💚 During my darkest hour, your love gives me
the courage to press on. In my weakness I’m
strong, because your love strengthens me each time I am down. You always calm my troubled mind with how you care and love me. And a life without you is unimaginable. Thanks for making me feel loved each and every day and thanks for not leaving me to my ruins. Good morning dear, I love you to the moon and back.

💚We may be thousands of miles apart, but it doesn’t matter. The magic of a good morning text can make our hearts and thoughts be closer to each other and can make us smile by
just looking at a screen. When we see each other again, I will hug you and never let you go. cute paragraphs for him to wake up to copy and paste 

love paragraphs for your boyfriend

Cute Paragraph For Him

💚  Your love is one stone I find hard to turn
over. The feeling I’m having right now is simply
out of the world. Countless times I’ve felt like the wealthiest person in the world because I’ve someone who means everything to me.

💚 I live today full of hope and expectancies
because you have shown me what it’s like to
be loved. Every moment of my life is now worth living because even if I fall to my feet, I always
have you to pull me up to continue.  love paragraphs for your boyfriend and Cute Paragraph For Him,Cute Paragraph For Him

💚 Our love is something that is truly special
and there is no other love like ours in the world. I feel as if I have won the lottery with you, someone who is so special and magical, who makes my life and my world a thousand times better just by being there. When I look at you, I know that I have truly hit the jackpot. All you have to do in order to warm my heart is be the loving, caring person that you are. Together, we can do so much and help each other realize our dreams because we truly have a love that is special.  love paragraphs for your boyfriend,Cute Paragraph For Him

Short Kinky Paragraphs to Say to Your Boyfriend

I want to suck your cock until I make you cum all over my chest.I want you to slap my ass and pull my hair while giving it to me Doggy style.

I just got some new s*xy panties delivered. You are going to see the whole of my s*xiness and crave for more of it.

I love the way you drag my hair to the back with reckless abandon. I love it with you push me in such a forceful manner. Can we do it over and over again?

I Miss You. Between My LegsBabe, I’m Wet. And I Have You To Blame For It.

Dirty Paragraphs for Him to Use in Talk to Turn Him On

Hope you’re rested, cause you’re gonna need every ounce of energy you can find tonight

What if I offer you three wishes and grant them all? What would you like to do in bed tonight?

I have a few things in mind we can do, instead of just talking tonight!

What is the dirtiest thought you have had about me? I already know mine!

I dreamt about you last night and it was so hot, I woke up turned on.

texts that will make him want you

I want to shove you onto the bed, crawl in between your legs, and suck your cock until I feel your cum cover my tongue.

If I asked you to give me a list of all your favourite love making positions. Where will the Missionary style be in the your list?

Just came out of shower and my towel seems missing. Wanna search it with me?I don’t like sitting here in work when I could be at home doing filthy things to you.I just found this cool sex site on the internet…it gave me some awesome ideas for late