Christian Birthday Wishes For Daughter

Christian Birthday Wishes

Christian Birthday Wishes : Being able to wish a fellow brother or sister in Christ a happy birthday should not be a herculean task. When you are a Christian you should pray for your loved one on their special day to God. God has blessed us with a life here in the world and we should always be grateful for this. Never forget to send a beautiful and religious Christian birthday wish to your loved one on their birthday.

Christian Birthday Wishes
                                                                                                       Christian Birthday Wishes

Christian Birthday Wishes

Today be the beginning of a new chapter in your prosperous life as you find more reasons to rejoice. Happy Birthday.

For you this day be the prayer that you prosper in all you commit yourself into and think of in the new age. Happy Birthday.

For been a constant source of inspiration to me. May your source of inspiration never run dry as you celebrate the new year. Happy Birthday.

Your kind heart and brave soul is a blessing for with your little steps you make the world a better place. Blessings on your special day. Happy Birthday.

May every day of the new age give you reasons to celebrate with sunshine in the rain, laughter in the storms and strength in moments of weakness. Happy Birthday.

With a life that inspires and propels others to live which is enviable, you commit yourself into others. May you always find reasons to commit more in the new age. Happy Birthday, friend.

A look at your life is a proof that the love exists. May the Lord’s divine grace and blessings be upon you today now and for days to come. Happy Birthday.

To a friend who is a definition of a daily miracle that keeps happening goes this wonderful Birthday wishes. May you be blessed always. Happy Birthday.

Let your heart be filled with thanks for seeing a day as this once again. Look around you over all that the Lord has done in reflection. May your day be filled with love and joy. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Christian

I wish you more of God’s blessings as you celebrate another year. May you live long to enjoy more years.

You have all that pertains to life and godliness. May this New Year usher you into more of God’s arrangements for you. Happy Birthday!

God has brought you this far and trust me, He does not deal in incomplete projects. This birthday, He continues to perfect all that concerns you.

God makes all things beautiful in His own time. As you add to your age, may his newness overshadow you and all that is yours.

May God grant you all your desires this birthday even beyond your wildest imaginations. He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all you could ask or think.

You have been kept thus far by God’s mercy. I wish you more experiences of his mercy as you journey through life.

Christian Birthday Quotes

The Lord shower you today with more wisdom, grace and love making you a blessing to all around you. Happy Birthday.

On your birthday, my wishes are that you grow up in love and expression of faith made manifested to all around you. Happy Birthday.

May the blessings of the Lord saturate your heart as you live out the next year in all your heart desires. Happy Birthday.

On this day, look back to the many blessings of God upon your life and thank him for every blessing manifested in your life. Happy Birthday.

On this day, I pray the goodness and mercy of the Lord be evidently manifested in your life for all to see. Happy Birthday, friend .

With lots of happiness may you be blessed as you celebrate a new age. You will find happiness in all you do. Happy Birthday.

The start of a new age is an opportunity and beautiful moment to show and be appreciative of the love bestowed upon us by God all these years. Have a blessed Birthday.

On this special day, I wish may you enjoy more of God and be richly blessed beyond the works of your hand. Wishing you a blessed new chapter of fulfilment. Happy Birthday.

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You are a wonderful person who deserves the best of all life has to offer. The show of love and warm greetings can only be a reflection of your personality, your dedication and humility to seeing the best in everyone around you. Happy Birthday.

May your heart be filled with warmth and happiness. Your days full of exciting opportunities that inspire hope and joy and a renewed mind able to handle your aspirations and above all show forth God in all your doings. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Christy

In celebration of your life, we delight ourselves in the Lord for giving us the desires of our hearts in a friend such as you!

We are most joyful today because God has deemed you worthy to bring you into yet another new age of your life!

Today, we celebrate the life of not just an average person but someone who has taken it upon himself to exemplify what it means to live a Godly life.

On this blessed day, may your future be highlighted by discipline so effective and blessings so abundant that there will be no question they came via the most high God!

Today, we give thanks to you for being a living example of the Christian faith, and we especially give thanks to God for putting someone like you in our lives.

When God made you, He created the model human being, complete with all of the extras! Hope your special day is brimful with special blessings of God.

May this new age bring with it the realization that no bad situation is permanent and that God still has a plan that He will execute in your everyday life.

Even though God has already brought you to a ripe old age, may He bless you with so many more years of life that people will praise Him whenever they speak of you.

Christian Happy Birthday Wishes

Celebrate Happiness, celebrate love, celebrate life and enjoy God more. Live in celebration of all the Lord has given you. Happy Birthday.

All life and nature created by God are a reflection of the beauty of his hands as you are too. Happy Birthday and live to be all that the Lord has created you to be. Happy Birthday.

In the new year and the years to come, May the leading of the Lord and guidance of the Lord be expressly manifested in all you doings. Happy Birthday.

May the presence of the Lord be manifested more in the new year than ever before and you live in appreciation of all the Lord and all his doings in your life. Happy Birthday.

May your eyes be open to see the beauty of the Lord and your heart made to see reasons to rejoice in the new age. Happy Birthday.

Live the new year in the discovery of purpose and find joy in the expression of the purpose as you live out the new age. A very Happy Birthday to you.

God bless you. May your day be filled with happy memories and the year laden with numerous reasons to be thankful and celebrate on. Happy Birthday.

To yet another year of fulfilling what the Lord wants from you. Be richly blessed in all possible ways. Happy Birthday.

Be blessed with all blessings and let your heart be filled with joy at the start of a new year that holds the great reward. Happy Birthday.

May the Lord bless and keep you in good health of Spirit, mind and body. Happy Birthday with lots of best wishes.

Christian Birthday Wishes For Friend

May God answer all your prayers and make your life filled with happiness and joy. Happy Birthday, dear friend. Have a great day and year ahead.

Wishing you another year filled with laughter and blessings from God. Celebrate the day and enjoy every bit of it. Happy birthday friend, once again.

Happy birthday, dear friend. May God bestow all His blessings upon you and fulfill all of your heart’s desire. Have a great day. Love you so much.

On your birthday, wishing you every ounce of happiness dear friend. I hope you bring glory to Jesus’s name every day. Have fun and a blessed day.

Happy birthday, dear. I am grateful to God for your existence. I hope you have a great birthday and may God continue to shower you with all his blessings and make your life amazing.

Christian Birthday Message

Celebrate the life that God has given you by sharing your joy with others and by spreading His message of love to everyone. Happy birthday!

May God’s many blessings be poured upon you. May you have a real sense Of God’s hand upon your life, Leading you and guiding you as you walk with Jesus Christ.

Give and you will get more, Love and you will be loved more, Help and you will be helped more, Pray and you will be blessed more. May God be with you today and always!

God has shown you one more Birthday only because He wants to tell you that He loves you. May you have a blessed and beautiful life ahead.

Great people like you deserve all the best blessings in this world. May God shine light upon the roads of your life always! Have a blessed and amazing birthday!

Open your eyes and see the beauty surrounding you. Everything is created by God. But you know what is His most dear creation? It is you! He loves you more than anything else. Don’t ever let him down. A very Happy Birthday to you.

Life is meant to enjoy each day as if it were your last. Your birthday is a reminder that God has given you one more year to bring about a change in the lives of the people around you. Make the most of your big day today!

Happy Birthday Christian Message

I pray that God’s light shines upon your path should it be obscured by darkness. Reach out for God’s hand to guide you in the new year as you begin to experience great things. Happy Birthday.

Mighty and wondrous things the Lord has done leaving me amazed as I see His mighty hands at work in your life. May you enjoy more of it in the new age… Happy Birthday.

I lift my hands to give the Lord praise in thanks for His faithfulness and awesomeness in your life. May God’s love fill your heart, your hands be blessed and your struggle taken away in the new age. Happy Birthday.

Your mercies a daily companion over this life, turn this eyes to see your face, that I may find peace in your ways and be abundantly blessed beyond my plans as I enter the new age. Happy Birthday to you.

Celebrating this life the Lord has given me with friends and family a lovely time of joy and expression of love to treasure greatly. May you find more reasons to celebrate it with loved ones. Happy Birthday.

May your days be filled with showers of blessings in the day to come and your heart be made to love and grace to enjoy the outflow of God more than ever before in the new age. Happy Birthday.

May your soul find peace in the safety of God and your peace made to depend on Him. May you be fed in a quiet place from deep within in the new age and the Spirit of the living God made a constant companion in the new age. Happy Birthday.

As you enter the new age, Be comforted in the love of God and even as you wait upon Him be strengthened with power more for an exploit in the new age. Happy Birthday, dear.

Find your peace in the Lord, be kept in his mercies for the new age. May the breath of the LORD inspire you to great exploit in the new age even as you celebrate the Lord in your life. Happy Birthday.

Christian Birthday

Dearest, may this be a year of your life in which you enjoy the unparalleled favor of God.

May God’s love grant you a life full of wonders, where His elusive miracles manifest daily like the sunrise.

We thank God for your life and pray that you come to trust His plans and will in everything you do.

May you inherit long life, prosperity and all that God has in store for those who love and serve Him.

Long life is a unique blessing that only the Lord can gift man, and we are all happy that He has decided to extend this priceless blessing onto you.

Even as you age in the body, you never grow weary of doing good. May your birthday give you nothing but immense happiness and the blessings of God.

Today, we celebrate the life of a woman whose faith no trial in life has been able to defeat. Dear, may God and the Holy Spirit continue to renew your strength for countless years to come!

You are the heart of the body of Christ which is this church. We thank God for naturally enabling this celebration of your life, and we thank you for being such an effective leader!

Ultimately it matters not if you spend this day alone, for where human beings may fall short God is still with you. Have an awesome and blessed celebration.

Our praises go up to the Lord every day that we get to enjoy this world with you. Hoping you are blessed with limitless happiness as you celebrate the anniversary of your birth today.

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May the protection of the Lord continue to be your shield and His love your refuge all the days of your life. Enjoy your big day, dearest brother in Christ.

Happy Birthday Christian Woman

May God bless you for being such a wonderful woman of God. May your days on earth be filled with peace and prosperity. Happy birthday and many more blessed years to celebrate.

I celebrate a godly woman today, a woman with a good heart. I pray that God fills your days with goodness, warmth and heart full of joy and hope. Happy birthday, keep living the gospel.

May God bless you abundantly and with his blessings may you overtake all the hurdles and difficulties. May your life portray God’s goodness. Happy birthday to you.

May you keep sharing the message of God in your lifetime. Keep being the example of true love that you preach. Wishing you a blessed Birthday.

As you celebrate today, every day of your life will bring glory to the name of Jesus. May you continue to live in the light of His gospel. Happy birthday!

Wishing you encounter all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Happy birthday to a woman of faith. Keep spreading the good news. Happy birthday!

Christ’s love is abundant for us all. May the abundance of the Love of Christ fill all the days of your life. Have a wonderful birthday.

As you celebrate today, do not forget that Christ sees His Son’s blood on the mercy seat. You have a perfect standing before Him forever. Happy birthday to a woman of God.

You are one of God’s most beautiful masterpieces. We are celebrating His works and a gift to us all. Thank you for the affection you have brought to our lives. May you have a birthday full of God’s blessings.

Christian Birthday Wishes For Daughter

My daughter, you are not just any child or any girl. You are unique. I asked for you from God and He gave me you. Today, I hope you get to always remember this.

This new age, you will truly become like a pillar in the king’s palace. Your inner and outer beauty will spring forth and God’s glory will radiate all over you.

Happy birthday, daughter. Thank you for showing yourself to be a virtuous lady. It couldn’t have been easy especially in the world we live in. This is why I pray you receive more strength and grace to hold on to these virtues.

Wishing you a happy birthday does not even begin to cover all that I desire for you. At all. You deserve so much more. I can only ask our Father to bless you beyond what I can articulate and beyond what you can imagine.

Today, you start another phase of life. May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob be with you. May he shine his light on your path and lead you to the fulfilment of your life’s purpose.

I love you, daughter. I love you so much, no material thing can ever quantify or adequately represent. However, this birthday, I once gain entrust you to God’s love which is higher, greater, wider and deeper than we can ever know.

Happy Birthday Christian Friend

Leave your fears with the Lord in the new age and keep basking in God’s love for the rest of the year. Happy Birthday dear with lots of good wishes.

Find solace in the Lord’s warm embrace when you feel lonely. Find answers in His loving Grace when your heart is gripped by doubt. From my heart, am wishing you loads of blessings to come in the succeeding chapter of your lifetime. Happy Birthday.

May the Lord Himself be your portion in the new age and be satisfied with the bread from His table as you enter into the new chapter of your lifetime. Happy Birthday.

In the new age long may the echo of your heart be songs of praises, the desire of your heart be to be satisfied with the Lord Himself. The Lord hold you away from evil troubles. Happy Birthday.

If only words were enough to sing of the gracious flow of thanks from my heart then you will see how thankful I am for having you as a friend. Happy Birthday to a lovely friend.

A blessing to be treasured is the gift of life and my heart is full of gratitude to seeing you witness the new age. Live the new age finding reasons to bring joy and love to everyone around you. Happy Birthday.

Christian Birthday Message For A Friend

I’m blessed to have you as a friend I shared my ups and downs with and who never gives up on me. A wonderful friend like you am I blessed with and thanks for gracing my life with your admirable heart of love. Happy Blessed Birthday.

The greatest treasure on earth is God himself and when you feel like giving up, always remember God is with you. Your hard work will yield more rewards in the new and beautiful chapter of your life for with God nothing is impossible. Happy Birthday.

Beyond what words could express in prayer, I ask that the Lord fill your lovely heart with treasures of goodness in the new age. Happy Birthday.

Arise in great strength, find more fulfilment and be abundantly blessed with the things that mean the most to you in the new chapter of your lifetime. Happy Birthday.

Christian Birthday Wishes For Sister

Happy birthday to you. You shall continue to grow in strength and in grace, and enjoy manifold returns of your heartfelt desires.

Hurray! It’s a new year for you. Divinely, were you born and so shall you walk in God’s divine purpose for you. Have a purpose fulfilling year ahead.

Yippee! It’s another year added to your age. The shout of Hallelujah shall never depart from your mouth because God will not stop to make wonders of you.

Age is not just a number, it’s a symbol of growth. As today marks a landmark growth to a new age for you, you shall continue to grow and wax stronger in Christ, unto fulfilment of great things.

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Today is one of those days I wish to be with you, to celebrate you and blow you my wishes. Happy birthday, dear. Continue to be a reflection of God’s grace.

Welcome to your year of overflow. Your experiences shall be of laughter and joy in the Holy Ghost. Happy birthday to you dear sister.

Birthdays are beautiful days. As you launch into a new year of your life, singing and dancing shall never depart from your abode. You shall be a symbol of happiness.

Christian Birthday Wishes For Son

Happy birthday, dear son. Thank you for bringing all the warmth in our life and making it more beautiful than ever. Have the happiest and most blessed day.

On this beautiful occasion of your birthday, I pray to Lord to bless you with all the happiness and success. Hoping you embrace all the blessings of the Holy Spirit. Happy birthday, son.

Dear boy, on your birthday I am praying to Jesus to fulfill all your heart’s desire and to bless your life with a lot of good luck. Have a great birthday. I love you so much, dear.

Happy birthday, my little boy. May you sing the glory of Jesus throughout your life and make your life worthy of God’s blessings. Have a blessed birthday and a beautiful life, dear!

I pray to God on your birthday to bless you with a blissful life. I am so proud to call you my son. I love you so much. Happy Birthday, dear.

Christian Birthday Wishes For Husband

For every gloomy dirt that may want to dent your special day, may God replace it with his flooding light. Happy birthday, love.

From today onwards, may God lift every fear in your heart and give you joy in abundance as you celebrate your day. Have fun, dear.

I pray God will cause his face to shine upon you today and always. May he give you reasons to always smile and jumps. Have a blast, dear.

Everything you have ever desired and longed for will become a reality by God’s grace as you become a year older today. Happy birthday, hubby.

The Lord we serve will cause all your sufferings to cease and make all your struggles end as you enter a new phase today. Happy birthday, love.

Any time you feel lonely and down, may God mighty hands give you hope and peace, especially today and always. Have a sweet birthday, dear.

May God’s love fills your heart and may his strength give life to your bones all the time you need it. Happy birthday and Long life, sweetheart!

Christian Happy Birthday Images

Christian Happy Birthday Images
                                            Christian Happy Birthday Images
Christian Happy Birthday Images
                                       Christian Happy Birthday Images
Christian Happy Birthday Images
                                          Christian Happy Birthday Images
Christian Happy Birthday Images
                                       Christian Happy Birthday Images
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