Blessing Birthday Wishes For My Daughter

Blessing Birthday Wishes For My Daughter

Blessing Birthday Wishes For My Daughter : Birthdays are wonderful moments to celebrate our existence in this world. Children are most happy when they know that their parents never forget their birthdays. Below are some Special Birthday Prayers a Parent can send to their Daughter on their birthday

Blessing Birthday Wishes For My Daughter
                                                                   Blessing Birthday Wishes For My Daughter

Blessing Birthday Wishes For My Daughter

I have so many reasons to be grateful to God, He grants me the gift of life and a greater gift which is you, happy birthday honey.

Mother’s joy, father’s pride, that’s who you are, you make us proud to be your parents, happy birthday honey, we love you.

May God continue to be with you, may His grace never depart from you, may you always have reasons to smile, happy birthday baby.

It is that time of the year again to celebrate your birth, happy birthday darling, may this year mark the beginning of greater things in your life, we love you.

Happy birthday darling, I wish you many more beautiful years ahead, I shall not cry over you, you will excel in all you do, have a wonderful birthday celebration.

Ever since I gave birth to you, you have made me smile the more, you have been a good daughter to me, happy birthday love, and may you have more reasons to celebrate.

On this day, in that year, I held you in my arms for the very first time, the smile on your face made my heart melt, as I look back to that day, all I can say is, I am glad heaven decided to bless you with us, happy birthday our darling daughter.

I know life can be hard sometimes but I pray for you today, may God always give you strength to never give up, no matter how hard what you face might be, you shall always overcome, happy birthday dear.

Blessing Birthday Wishes For Daughter

I found a confidant in you, the kind of bond we share is so amazing, happy birthday my baby, keep winning.

You are my strength, you make me happy, I am glad to have you as my Daughter, happy birthday darling, and mum loves you.

A thousand prayers I send your way that the Lord keep you safe and make you strong, happy birthday baby, love from mom.

Heaven looks at me with mercy and gave me a precious gift which is you, happy birthday to my pretty baby girl, keep enjoying God’s grace.

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Baby, on this day, I wish you a healthy life, may the Lord continue to protect you from evil, you shall not die before me, happy birthday honey.

I have a gift that can not be exchanged with, neither gold nor diamond, her worth is far precious, happy birthday to the gift I got from God, I will always cherish you.

It is another time of the year to celebrate the birth of my special daughter, she is loving, she is caring and she is the best daughter a mother could wish for, happy birthday darling, enjoy the celebration.

Birthday Blessings For Daughter

It is the birth celebration of my lovely princess, happy birthday darling, I wish you a fruitful stay on earth, love from dad.

As we celebrate your birth today, I pray your heaven open, may your life be richly blessed, celebration will not cease in your life, happy birthday dearie.

This is to let you know that we are proud of you, we are glad we have you and you will always be precious to us, happy birthday from dad and mom.

Happy birthday to my super girl, an extraordinary lady whose life will continue to remain a blessing to everyone around her, happy birthday honey, love from mum.

Happy birthday to my damsel, my amazing pretty daughter, I wish you many more good years on earth with lots of achievement, you will live a purposeful life, I love you, dear, from mom.

Ever since I have had you, you have brought nothing but smiles to my lips, as you celebrate your birth, I pray that God continues to give you more reasons to make me happy, Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

Daughter Quote Blessing Birthday Wishes For Daughter

Your birth is one of the happiest moment of my life, the day I had you, I knew you will be a great, happy birthday baby girl.

You are a jewel of inestimable value, always know that you are precious, never look down on yourself, happy birthday dear, from mom and dad.

Happy birthday to my extraordinary daughter, a lady of virtue, beautiful in and out, on this special day of yours, I pray that God grants your heart desire, have fun dear.

May doors open for you, you shall never lack, you shall not die long, sickness shall not be your portion, these are my prayers for you on this day, happy birthday dear.

It’s the breaking of a new dawn but today is a special day, my princess came into the world on this day, a few years back, happy birthday darling, keep enjoying God’s faithfulness.

I am happy to have you as my daughter, you are a source of blessing to me, as you celebrate another year on earth, you shall have no reason to cry, happy birthday dear.

God favoured me and gave me a precious gift, he gave me you, as you celebrate another year on earth, may good things continue to come your way, this new age shall be filled with blessings, happy birthday love…

Thank you for being a good daughter to your dad and me, you have made us happy, as you celebrate another year on heart, we pray that happiness shall never elude you, enjoy your birthday celebration.

Birthday Blessing Prayer For Daughter

As God lives, you’ll stand tall among your equals. Happy birthday, my daughter.

My sweet baby, I wish you a happy birthday and happier moments following. I love you.

I have watched you grow into a woman God wants you to be. Now, it’s your birthday, I pray God perfects all that concerns you. Amen. Happy birthday, my first fruit.

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You make me feel happy every day. And I feel I’m the best mother on earth. I pray, may God give you children that will make you happy. Happy birthday, my sweet daughter.

You celebrate your birthday every year. But this year, favour, God’s blessings and mercy, love, success, and more are all I wish for you now and forever. Happy birthday, darling daughter.

Birthday Blessings For My Daughter

I remember when I had you, watching you smile makes me happy, happy birthday baby, we love you.

My little princess is now a big lady, I am proud of the beautiful woman you have become, happy birthday dear, lots of love from dad.

Precious child, heaven blessing, my baby girl, happy birthday pretty, this new age will mark the beginning of greater things in your life, lots of love from dad.

As a child, all she ever does is a smile, even when you are angry at her, my baby will keep smiling, happy birthday to our smiling princess, from mum and dad.

As you celebrate another year on earth, may every of your heart desire come to reality, happy birthday dear, from mum and dad.

This new age shall be the beginning of greater increase for you, God will elevate you and make u greater than your peers. Happy birthday love from dad and mum.

New age, a new beginning, greater blessings, higher heights, these and many more are my wishes for you, happy birthday honey, mum loves you.

God will make everything work for you for good, you shall not suffer in life, your life shall be filled with testimony, happy birthday sunshine, I love you.

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