50+ Best Sarcastic Quotes and Sarcastic Messages

What sarcasm means to you? I think it’s a word with different meanings and emotions. Sometimes, sarcasm could turn into a funny thing whereas, at the same time, it could become the most brutal act one could ever do.

Sarcastic Quotes

So yes, maybe it depends on the situation and oh, the tone as well. I might not know about you but, to me, one thing which I like most about the sarcasm is- its tone and the expressions.

Those shrill, unpleasant, or cutting expressions are all what makes the sarcasm more charming. I know, many of you would be thinking that I have a kind of emotional connection with sarcasm. Well, in that case, let me say ‘yes’. 

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Maybe, people who are more into the world of reality likes to be sarcastic, and I don’t think there is any other way of being brutally honest sarcastic quotes about life, sarcastic quotes about love, sarcastic quotes about friends, sarcastic quotes about, ungrateful people, sarcastic quotes about fake, sarcastic quotes for haters

Anyways, let’s have a look at some of the best sarcastic quotes and messages (just for the sake of fun). Let’s begin!

50+ Best Sarcastic Quotes

1. Sorry, but my imaginary friend thinks you are a little crack.

2. I remember everyone I meet, from head to toe. Though, I’ll be happy to make an exception, just for you.

3. If the devil has never crossed your way, then don’t be surprised because you both might be heading in the similar directions.

4. Thought it is the ugliest shirt I have ever seen. But, don’t worry because it’s complimenting you in all perfect manner.

5. Hey, can you please give me a chance to ignore you some other time? Actually I am busy at the moment.

6. Are you blessed or if being dumb is trending?

7. Being violent could not be a useful solution but it would definitely make me feel happy.

8. I am sure your face must have cured many as people say that laughter is one of the medicines one could have.

9. I wish I could have asked you to go to hell but, unfortunately I work there and can’t afford to greet your ugly face each day.

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10. Silence could be golden but cannot be shiny like a duct tape which is silver.

11. I might not consider plastic surgery a real thing but, in your case I am ready to believe.

12. Light travels with the speed of light. Maybe this is the reason people seem brighter before they utter a word.

13. Amazingly, mirrors could not talk and you must feel lucky because they can’t even laugh on you.

14. They sent you a text because I needed a reply within minutes otherwise, sending a letter is not a bad option by the way.

15. You said you are not sarcastic, are you sure you are a girl?

16. Changing a world is a thought of bachelors because once you are married, you cannot even switch the TV channel.

17. You are asking for advice, I think you are making a list of things ‘you should not do’.

18. I believe in revenge strongly. My teachers ask me questions which I don’t know and never miss a chance to give answers which they don’t know.

19. My polite tone and smiley face always fail to tell people how many times I have killed them.

20. Words can’t describe how amazing pasta could be but numbers can 0/10

21. If nobody is giving you attention, feel free to skip paying your bills.

22. I feel jealous of you because zombies only eat the brain and you are the one who is safe among all. 🤣😂

23. I feel no hesitation to agree with you but this way, we both will get wrong.

24. Only if you focus on running with the speed of your mouth, you will surely get slim.

25. You are a true example of ‘common sense is not common at all’.

26. I would love to help you out, in the same way you got in.

27. So what if you never found me attractive? At least mosquitoes does.

28. CCTV cameras are not our kind of thing, our neighbors are perfect for this job.

29. My girlfriend is a champion of hide and seek, even though I can’t find her yet.

30. I think you should eat your makeup because you really need to work on inner prettiness too.

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31. Judging a book by its cover is unjustified and so is judging students by its percentage.

32. Really? You said your teacher asked you to leave class. Oh, congratulations for winning the argument.

33. I am so thankful that you left my side in my hard times, now I realized exactly who the root cause was.

34. You look cute when you close your eyes but, you look prettier even though I do mine.

35. If you don’t like being disappointed then feel free to stop expecting.

36. If you want him to leave, ask him to get married.

37. I started dieting and so surprised to see that I finally lost two weeks in fourteen days.

38. I am on a new diet named ‘seafood’ because whenever I see food, I eat it.

39. Hey, you are a perfect example of ‘being in shape’ of a circle.

40. I love your voice, when you don’t talk.

41. You know you are a source of pain because except you, everyone could feel your idiocy.

42. Only if I was supposed to pay a dollar for your smartness, I would have become a millionaire.

43. You have no one to blame but yourself, only when you are alone at the place.

44. Are you crack since birth or today is something special?

45. You are special to me, just like everyone is.

46. Don’t think that I liked it. Yeah I clapped because at last you finished.

47. Hey, sorry I ignored your call because I think my sleep deserves me more than you do.

48. You think being loud could make you right? Think again!

49. I would be calling you mayonnaise instead of honey for the amount you annoy me.

50. Hey you! Keep rolling your eyes because maybe this way, you might find your brain somewhere.

51. I am at very low energy, just can’t pretend to be like you today.

52. I don’t want to kill myself otherwise, I would have climbed your ego and must have jumped from there.

53. People think that knowing ABCD makes them educated. Well, you need to know about the ethics too.

54. Excuse me? Could you please help me in knowing exactly on which level of hell I am on?

55. I really wanted to slap you but I stopped. Because, I don’t want to be arrested in charge of animal abuse 😂🤣


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