Anniversary poem for your spouse

We have some very interesting poem which you can give to your spouse on your wedding anniversary.


Thank you

Thank you
For loving me true
For being no one but you
For holding my hand
And helping me stand

Thank you
For never giving up
And never getting stuck
In the dark times
Where only love shines

Thank you
For the kind letters
That make me feel better
For putting up with me
And loving what you see

Thank you
Now and forever
Remember, I’ll never
Stop loving you
What I say is true;
I mean it from my heart
Even when it’s dark
I love you

Our Love Story

You entered the room and my heart skipped a beat
I knew in an instant we were destined to meet.
As you looked up from the floor and your eyes locked on mine
A warm subtle chill crept up and down my spine.

Another blind date, I was not in the mood
But given no choice, I waited subdued
What a surprise though when you opened the door
So sweetly amazed, I almost fell to the floor

You walked toward my table, and the closer you came
The warmer my skin, the warmer the flame
You offered your hand as you asked me to dance
And so was the beginning of our sweet romance

That was the day that our journey began
As so it was foretold and so was our plan
As two lives spent alone then became one
And a love like no other could never be undone.

You’ve held my heart in your hands ever since then
As you proved your love to me again and again
Four months later we were husband and wife
And I have always thanked God that you entered my life.
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First Anniversary

Although it’s been but one year
Since we took our marriage vows,
In my heart you are always dear
And for you there’s always bows.
Some times were bad 
And some were good.
We struggled through
The best we could.
We’ve shared our hopes
And shared our dreams.
They’ll keep on coming
Like running streams.
Together we’ll grow old.
Around our hearts
A ring of gold,
Our love grows stronger day by day.
Our love, what more can I say?
I love you dearly,
I love you true,
For in my heart
It’s only you.
Death will part us,
That I know,
But our love?
It will never go,
For this I’m sure,
As you can see,
‘Cause you and I
Have found the key.


Wedding Anniversary

Do you know how important you are to my life?
How you have brought me great joy as a mother and wife?

Do you know your expressions of kindness and praise
Have encouraged me so and brought warmth to my days?

I am so proud and grateful for all that you have done
As you have helped make our marriage a happy one.

And I want you to know that for all of our life
You’ll be needed and cherished and loved by your wife.


My Fifth Anniversary

Today being my fifth wedding anniversary,
I wore that beautiful dress for him
The dress that couldn’t fit me some time back.
I wore his favorite perfume and
Lit the candles for the perfect night.

Today being my fifth wedding anniversary,
I prepared the best recipe for him,
The recipe he always asked me to make. 
I set the dining table and
Placed on it the most beautiful flowers.

Today being my fifth wedding anniversary,
I played the best music for him,
The music he now loved listening to.
I set the best playlist and
Wore my most beautiful dancing shoes.

Today being my fifth wedding anniversary,
My husband took no notice of it.
He just came in late without saying anything.
He didn’t notice the change and,
He seemed to no notice me either.

Today being my fifth wedding anniversary,
My husband still couldn’t notice my beauty.
He only noticed pounds of flesh I had gained,
The bruises on my hands, 
And the scars that made me look old.

Today being my fifth wedding anniversary,
I could only pray he had eyes,
Eyes that saw the pounds made by my womb,
Eyes that saw my toiling,
And his beatings that I took and tolerated. 

Today being my fifth wedding anniversary,
I could only sit down and wish.
If only he could see me as his woman,
A mother to his children and
One who has always stood by him.