7 Great Photos Your Dating Profile Should Have to Attract Older Women

The most important factor on your dating profile are your photos. Whether we like it or not, men and women on dating sites are there to find someone who they are first and foremost attracted to.

As a younger guy looking to attract and date an older woman on a dating site, you should be confident your photos are going to be what make her want to connect with you. You’re young, you’re attractive, so make sure you show it off in your photos.

Having a hard time choosing which photos will make you the most attractive to an older woman? Try finding and using these seven great photos on your dating profile – you’re sure to make serious moves with these.

If you are having trouble building the confidence to approach women in your day-to-day life give online dating a shot with these tips.

Great Photo #1: You on a vacation that required travel
You could be skiing in Vermont, sitting on a beach in Mexico, standing next to the Eiffel tower, looking into a dormant volcano in Hawaii, or sitting next to a tiger in a tiger sanctuary in Thailand. A photo of you on a vacation that required travel shows that you’re young, independent, and not relying on anyone to send you to the places on your bucket list. A younger guy that can afford the PTO and $$ required to travel is a younger guy that older women are interested in. These types of guys aren’t looking for money, they’re looking for adventure, and older women want that too.

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Additionally, if you’ve had experiences like international or long-term travel, that’s something that should absolutely be prominent on your dating profile. Older women have had many more years of life experience than you, but seeing that you’ve had key experiences where you’ve left your comfort zone to do something exciting shows you’re probably going to be mature enough to date.

Now, on top of a cool location you need to be sure you are using a dating site that is worth your time. If you really want to meet an older woman online there are some really good sites for meeting single cougars worth checking out. Make sure you are not wasting your time on a garbage site.


Great Photo #2: You being active
A photo of you being active- whether it be playing a game of baseball, surfing, kayaking, or just playing in your local community kickball league- is a fantastic photo to have on your dating profile when trying to attract and date an older woman. These types of photos show that you enjoy doing physical things, which probably means you’re fit. These photos also show you like to have fun in ways that may challenge you, which is a desirable trait to have.

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Being active can go a long way to helping you get sexy girls. If an older woman is going to date a younger guy from a dating site, she’s going to want someone who actively works on their physique. Chances are, if you’re having fun being active, you’re likely to be putting some hours in at the gym too.

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Great Photo #3: You and a dog
There are two major wins you get when you post a photo of you and a dog. The first attractive factor is that essentially 99% of all people love dogs – it’s a known fact. When you post a photo of you and a cute dog, potential dates are going to want to at least hang out with you to meet the dog. Dogs are cute, and you’re going to be immediately associated with that cuteness.

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The second win is the responsibility factor. When older women see you with a dog, they’re going to assume first and foremost that it’s your dog (even if it isn’t), and that you’re a responsible dog dad. Any guy who has the time and patience to walk, clean up after, feed, and play a furry creature is most likely pretty responsible in other areas of his life as well. The assumption is: He’s keeping his best friend alive (and paying for all sorts of dog-related expenses), so obviously he’s got it together.

Great Photo #4: You in a suit
It’s simple math. Younger guy + suit = very attractive younger guy. Younger guys looking to attract and date older women on dating sites should always have at least one photo wearing a suit. Suits make you look sexy, professional, affluent, and stylish. Suits show you can be brought into professional or classy situations and look great.

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If you are using a top quality site like Cougar Life (complete Cougar Life review here if you have not tried them out) this is a great way to stand out. Chances are, the typical older woman on a dating site is going to have some work events she wants to bring a younger guy to, so she’s going to need to know that when the time comes, you’ll be prepared to dress appropriately.

Great Photo #5: A candid of you being relaxed
Just as important as looking good with the help of clothing and a razor, older women on dating sites want to know if the younger guy they’re talking to is going to look good in boxers on her couch while watching a movie on a lazy night. Never underestimate the power of having a photo of you in a comfortable (but presentable) outfit, kicking it – just like guys want their girl to look good without makeup on, women want their guy to naturally look good when he’s comfortable too.

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Great Photo #6: You just being happy
Having a photo of you laughing or smiling on your dating site is a great way to show to older women you’re easy going, fun, and know how to have a good time. Older women are so uninterested in younger men who are unhappy or unconfident in themselves. A photo of you smiling or laughing is, first of all, probably really attractive, and second, reassuring to older women that you will actually be fun to date.

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Great Photo #7: A shot of your behind – seriously
Trust me – if you can take a tasteful photo that shows off your butt then do it. Some examples can include you walking down the beach, you standing overlooking a view at the top of a mountain, or you standing in front of an ice cream truck with your head turned back smiling (because you’re excited for the amount of messages you’re going to get after women get to take a look at your butt.) Never underestimate anyone’s love for a good backside pic.

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