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60 Flirty Texts: Examples of How to Flirt Over Text

by James Fred

Flirty Texts – Even though flirting is a big part of dating, it’s often easier said than done. Will you say the wrong thing? Will you come off as cheesy? Will they misinterpret your motives? And flirting over text messages can be even harder, considering your crush can’t hear your tone or see your facial expression. But there are actually a lot of positives to flirting over text. For starters, you can take your time to say the perfect thing. And the barrier may actually allow you to open up more than you would in person. Try using some of our Flirty Texts.

60 Flirty Texts: Examples of How to Flirt Over Text (With images ...

Sending flirty texts lets someone know that they’re on your mind. It opens up the conversation and, ideally, helps set up your next date. Still, what should you say in a flirty text? You want to come off as confident but not overbearing; funny but not cheesy. Don’t overthink it, and keep it short and sweet. Trust us, these flirty texts will lead to longer conversations.

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Here are 60 flirty texts that help show you how it’s done:

Flirty Text Strategy #1: Ask a flirty question.

  • -Want to hear a secret?
  • -Why are you so cute?
  • -Do you miss me? Type “Y” for yes.
  • Are-In the mood to have some fun?
  • -Do you like it when someone makes the first move?
  • -Our first kiss is going to be epic, don’t you think?
  • -What would you say if I asked you to come over?
  • -Which emoji makes you think of me?
  • -Have I told you that I want to kiss you today? Because I want to kiss you.
  • -I like you. What are you going to do about it?
  • Do-Want to have this conversation in person?

Flirty Text Strategy #2: Be bold about how much you like them.

  • -I’m not big on the whole “wait three days” thing, so I’m texting you now.
  • -Seeing your name pop up on my phone screen makes me grin like an idiot.
  • -I don’t have anything interesting to tell you, but I really wanted to talk to you.
  • -You’re pretty freaking great.
  • -I really like getting to know you.
  • -Everything makes me think of you.
  • -You’re pretty much my dream guy/girl.
  • -You never fail to give me butterflies.
  • -The more time I spend with you, the more I want to KEEP spending time with you.
  • -Even when I’m with you, I can’t seem to get close enough to you.
  • -I’ve been dreaming of you even when I’m wide awake.
  • -You’ve been on my mind a lot today. And it’s only 8:30 am.
  • -I can’t sleep. I blame you.
  • -You make my heart happy.
  • -I like you. More than a lot.

Flirty Text Strategy #3: Reference the last time you were together.

  • -Our last date was really fun. I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun.
  • -It’s impossible to get any work done today because I can’t stop thinking about you.
  • -You looked really cute last night.
  • -I keep thinking about how good you looked the last time we were together.

Flirty Text Strategy #4: Reference the next time you’ll be together.

  • -We should probably go on another date soon.
  • -I wish you were here next to me right now.
  • -What does your week look like? Any room for me?
  • -You’re going to love the outfit I wear tonight.

Flirty Text Strategy #5: Just make plans.

  • -This is me asking you out. Want to get coffee on Saturday?
  • -Let’s have drinks after work tomorrow.
  • -I’m craving sushi. We should get some for dinner this week.
  • -I’ve been wanting to see A Wrinkle In Time. Want to see it together?

Flirty Text Strategy #6: Get clever with emojis. (There’s more than just eggplant and peach.)

  • -[burger], [pizza], or [taco] tonight?
  • -Surprise! I got you flowers: [bouquet emoji]
  • -[office building] arrow] [beers clinking]
  • -Me when I get a text from you: [heart eyes]
  • -You’re [honey pot] with a side of [flame].

Flirty Text Strategy #7: If your relationship is ready for it, don’t be afraid to get a little PG-13 or even R-rated.

  • -If you send me a sexy selfie, I might send one back.
  • -I’m not wearing any underwear right now. Just saying.
  • -I can’t wait to be alone with you again.
  • -If you kiss my neck, I’ll do anything you say. Knowledge is power, so use it wisely.
  • -Just wanted to let you know that I just got out of the shower.
  • -My thoughts of you are particularly R-rated today.
  • -This text entitles you to one kiss on the body part of your choice. Choose wisely…
  • -I can’t wait to be by your side again. Or on top, if you prefer.
  • I-Just thinking about all the things we could do if we were back at my place right now.

Flirty Text Strategy #8: When in doubt, say what’s on your mind.

  • -This song reminds me of you.
  • -I was just talking about you the other day.
  • -Look at this ridiculous pic of Whiskers! He told me to tell you: “Meow.”
  • -You look so good right now. I can’t actually see you, but I assume you look good because you always do.
  • -I’m using the last 2% of my battery to text you that I’m thinking about you.
  • -Hey! Stop thinking about me so much!
  • -I had a dream about you last night.
  • -Everything about you makes me smile.

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