50th Birthday Prayer For A Friend And Loved Ones

50th Birthday Prayer For A Friend – Birthdays come once a year. However, a 50th birthday celebration isn’t an ordinary one deserving of mere wishes and packaged gifts. Prayers to back up your deepest wishes for the celebrants seasoned with messages to help them celebrate their golden age is what you should be looking out for.

50th Birthday Prayer For A Friend
                                                                  50th Birthday Prayer For A Friend

50th Birthday Prayer

Happy 50th birthday. This 50th year of your life shall not be a trying year for you. Nothing shall steal your joy away. You shall live happily and richly.

It’s fifty amazing years on earth and I’m here to thank God for all the beautiful things he did for me and those he’s going to do in future. Happy birthday to me.

Happy 50th birthday to the most special person in my life. You shall enjoy the amazing grace of God. God’s plan for your life shall be fulfilled and your expectations shall be met.

It’s your year of bountiful harvest and absolute rest in riches and power. Happy 50th birthday. You shall be served and not enslaved. You shall become the head in every area of your life.

Happy birthday. 50 years on earth is so much more than an ordinary birth anniversary; it’s an extraordinary one. Favour shall follow you, till the very end of your glorious life.

A richer, more intelligent and stronger I am what I want to be this year. I bless myself with them all and I wish you can do the same for me. Happy fifty years to me.

Happy birthday to an amazing woman I know, me! Gold is for riches, and so I pray that far more riches than I can handle comes to me in this age. Amen.

May fifty years give me more than I wish for, and may I be able to bless more people from now on. That’s my prayer for myself. Now, say yours for me. Happy fiftieth birthday to me.

Happy 50th birthday, a special one. My prayer is, may this new year of your life be known for its greatness. It is one of a golden essence. May this day birth celebrations of all kinds to you. And may you achieve new feats of all kinds. This is just the beginning of many good things in your life, for the pain of yesteryears shall be washed away by the inexplicable joy that springs forth from a jubilee. I pray that you seat amidst great kings and queens of our world. And may you have no regret in this latter part of your life, but rather be beautifully perfected.

I’m so grateful for this rung of the ladder you just stepped on. It has been 50 years of good health, progress and peace of mind. As you commence another journey, may you start and finish well. May you be blessed by your children and children’s children. May the heavens cause you to discover new wealth and happiness. May you walk deeper with God. May your achievements in these latter years of your life supersede your former. This isn’t the evening of your life, but the beginning of a new dawn. Hence, your goals shall become a reality. And your path shall become more honourable and rewarding. Goodness and mercy shall follow you till the end, I pray for you.

Over the years, you’ve lived a life worth praising and celebrating. Happy 50th birthday, dearest one. This new age of your life is no ordinary. Hence, supernatural achievements shall grace its path and extraordinary feats shall you achieve. May you draw closer to God. And fix your mind on heavenly things, even as the earthly blessings trail your path. May you be beautifully rewarded in this new era of your life. May your work be recognised and celebrated. Laughter and joy shall be heard in your abode. Peace of mind shall you live in. May the glory of God shine on you from now till forevermore. May you become such a great blessing to the world. These and more, I pray for you.

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A new light has been shined on you as you start this beautiful journey. And your star just turned gold cause you clocked 50. Happy 50th birthday to you, a special one. May you find love and peace afresh. May you gather prosperity and wealth from every corner of the world. May this new age bring you all earthly blessings. And may the heavens smile at you. May you not live this latter part of your life in pain and regrets. But bask in the luxury of good health and peace. May everything good abounds towards you. May you achieve your goals. And find good rest as the heavens cause you to become more beautiful just as time goes by. May your life depict awesomeness all year long. Happy golden jubilee, dear friend.

Happy fabulous 50th birthday. May this half-century be the start of true happiness, joy and prosperity in your life. May it magnet metals of abundance and wealth into your bosom. I pray you to relish in wisdom and knowledge. And may magical moments trail this great year of your life. I decree ease and comfort into your world henceforth. A new kind of bliss shall you dwell in. May you reap bountifully every good seed you’ve sown over the years. And may your yesteryears be the least you’ve ever been. This, I pray is the beginning of an honourable life of achievements for you, my darling.

50th Birthday Prayer For A Friend

You’ll remember this age for good. The devil shall not snatch your blessings from you. Happy 50th birthday to you.

Happy 50th birthday to a phenomenal celebrant. Your aspirations shall be transformed into achievements. This life shall favour you.

This is the beginning of a good life for you. Happy 50th birthday. In good health shall you celebrate this golden jubilee. The devil shall not cripple you.

Happy 50th birthday. You shall become blessed and known for good. You shall walk upon high places. You shall not be subjected to ill health as you clock 50.

Happy birthday to a beautiful celebrant. You’ll have so many celebrations to mark this 50th year of your life. God in His infinite mercy shall honour this new age of your life.

It’s been an excellent journey from the time you were born to this day. May the latter years of your life be more beautiful and exceptional than the former. Happy awesome 50th birthday.

Happy 50th birthday, my dearest friend. I recall our moments together and I feel blessed. May your new age be full of positive memories. May you go through the path of grace and joy. May any crooked part before you be straightened by the mighty hands of God. I love you.

Happy 50th birthday, dear friend. You were a part of my good, old days. So I pray on this day that God’s goodness and mercy follow you. May you have all that you desire and may you not be ashamed in any gathering. Wishing you joy and prosperity for a lifetime.

Friends like you are worth keeping forever. Happy 50th birthday, my darling. May your path be bright and may you wear the crown of honour and grace. May you fight and win. And may you eat the fruits of answered prayers. In prosperity and health shall you celebrate from now till another golden age.

Happy 50th birthday, dearest friend. I’m so thankful that you have been a part of my world and you’ve made my time on earth as memorable as it can be. I pray that you live a life of inspiration, happiness, prosperity and love. May your today be better than yesterday and your tomorrow be better than today. I love you truly.

Happy birthday, dear friend. Nothing else matters but you today. So may you remain the head and not the tail. May you be above only. May you be celebrated and not pitied. May you be acknowledged and not overlooked. May you have the things you’ve always wanted and desired.

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Happy birthday, my darling. I pray that you enjoy many years of prosperity and bliss. As you clock 50 today, may your moment of joy, peace, prosperity, health and wealth be unlocked. I pray that you look your best ever this year. Have a lovely celebration.

Yay! It’s the day we’ve been waiting earnestly for. Happy 50th birthday, bestie. Arise and shine for your light have come. May your new age be blessed with the good things of life. May God unleash heavenly blessings upon you. And may you grow old under the wings of God’s love.

Happy 50th birthday, dear friend. Upon yourself shall your crown flourish. May the garment of shame be torn off your body. And your face is radiant and full of joy. May each day you live to be full of joy and love. I pray that God calls you out for an outpour of His blessings and a demonstration of His unconditional love.

Happy 50th Birthday Prayer

I have the best friends in the world, friends like you. May you see more sunny days, girl. Happy fiftieth birthday to you.

It’s your golden jubilee. May your health never fail. May you be full of undeniable happiness and gratitude for the rest of your life.

Life shall treat you more honourably than it ever did. May the whirlwind of life never blow towards you. Happy 50th birthday, my special one.

May all good things love to have you as a companion. Amen. You’re growing old and growing in the best way possible. Happy fiftieth birthday to you, man.

A gift to the earth is fifty today and I don’t even know how I feel right now. Remain awesome until your last second on earth, buddy. Happy golden anniversary to you.

I celebrate you today while blessing the day you were born and praying that you will be more than anyone thinks you will be. Happy fiftieth birthday to you, girl.

May you stay happy throughout the day and may all who celebrate this golden age with you not have any sad moments today. Happy fiftieth birthday to you, buddy.

I’m glad I am in town because being a part of this celebration is something I always wanted. May your growth only be upward. Amen. Happy birthday to you, friend.

This half-century of your life shall favour you. You shall be known and be seen from all corners of the earth. Your days of perfect bliss have begun. Happy 50th birthday.

This golden jubilee shall bring you good health and peace of mind. You shall begin to enjoy the things you never got to enjoy many years ago. I’m sending all my love to you.

Happy birthday to an angel who just turned 50. You’ll become unbeatable by life’s travail. You shall enjoy your long stay on earth and live to see your children’s children.

Happy 50th birthday. It will be a wonderful journey for you. You shall not suffer a crisis of any ilk. Your lonely and trying days are all behind you. Be happy and grateful.

May your loved ones surround your table. May your dreams become a reality. You shall be gifted with the strength to live this life to the fullest. Happy 50th birthday.

They are so many things I can tell you today that will make you happy because you’re a great guy. But I’ll leave them and pray instead that you become what you picture for yourself. Happy birthday to a dear friend at fifty.