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Sites Like Buzzfeed – It’s critical to conduct research as a viral/humorous content creator in order to understand what’s trending across numerous platforms on the internet. Buzzfeed isn’t the only website where you can get such stuff.

Although there are numerous BuzzFeed alternatives available, there are only a handful of worthy BuzzFeed alternatives that can provide the same level of quality and top-notch material as Buzzfeed.

It’s worth noting that each of the websites is distinct in its own way, and BuzzFeed may have an advantage in one or two areas, but they’re all very similar. So, before picking which news outlet should replace BuzzFeed as your favorite, I strongly advise you to read the entire article till the last paragraph.

Before we get into the list of websites that are similar to Buzzfeed, let’s have a look at what Buzzfeed is and some additional questions to consider.

What Is Buzzfeed

BuzzFeed is an American Internet media company based in New York City that focuses on digital media such as news and entertainment.

Who Owns Buzzfeed

Jonah Peretti and John S. Johnson III founded Buzzfeed, which is a privately held company. There are a few others who should be included. Peretti, Jonah (CEO) Nguyen Dao (Publisher) Smith, Ben (Editor-in-chief) Brown, Lee (CRO) Rhonda Powell (General Counsel) Carole Robinson (CCO) Eric W. Muhlheim (CFO)

How To Make A Buzzfeed Quiz

If you’re preparing to make your first BUZZFEED QUIZ, the steps below will guide you through the process.

  1. Sign up for a Free account with Interact.
  2. Publish your quiz and embed the code into your post. 
  3. In the dashboard under Quizzes, click “Create New Quiz”
  4. Select the type of quiz you’d like to create. (Assessment, Personality or Tallied).
  5. Create your quiz using one of the provided templates or make one from scratch. If you’re making one from scratch, don’t forget to decide on the results and questions you’re going to ask.

Is Buzzfeed Unsolved Over

Is BuzzFeed Unsolved finally coming to an end? After the ninth season, Buzzfeed Unsolved will come to an end. The last season debuted on the show’s YouTube channel on Friday, June 18 at 3 p.m. PT.

How To Work For Buzzfeed

Sites Like Buzzfeed
Sites Like Buzzfeed

Send them an email with your writing clips or samples from past work if you want to write for BuzzFeed. And, yes, they do pay for all works that are published. Their payment rate isn’t set in stone; it varies depending on the amount of reporting or research, turnaround time, and subject knowledge.

To submit a pitch, email:-

What Happened To Buzzfeed

In order to stay independent, Buzzfeed lay off 100 staff in 2017 and another 200 in 2019. This was despite a 15% increase in income between 2017 and 2018.

List OF Other Sites Like BuzzFeed

1. Reddit – (Buzzfeed Alternative)

Like Buzzfeed, Reddit stands out as one of the top information and entertainment-sharing platforms. In general, Reddit is a duplicate of the World Wide Web for me because anything you’re seeking can simply be available there.

The structure of Reddit is fairly tidy, and it has a lot of subsections that focus on various topics. On Reddit, you may use a variety of readouts to identify interesting stuff to share with others. Their vibrant user community is unrivaled. Reddit is the website to visit right now if you’re seeking for a Buzzfeed replacement that’s primarily content-oriented.


2. Funny or Die – (Other Sites Like Buzzfeed)

Like Buzzfeed, Funny or Die is a website dedicated to entertainment and a sharp sense of humor. Funny or Die’s material is comparable to BuzzFeed’s; both present you with viral news, and one of the most recent stories you can read on Funny or Die is about a brave Canadian who tried to buy dope online using a false Thor id.

You may follow your favorite celebrity on the internet as they cover that topic as well. Plus, it has produced a number of long-running dramas and series, including American Vandal, The Royal Wedding Live with Cord and Tish, and Brockmire. Like Cracked and Buzzfeed, Funny Or Die is unquestionably one of the go-to sites.


3. Mashable – (News Sites Like Buzzfeed)

Pete Cashmore founded Mashable in 2005 as an online entertainment platform. The platform consistently discards useful material from across the world, covering a wide range of topics that include entertainment, arts, culture, design, and style, among others, with each choice containing countless sub-categories.

Mashable is a website where you can learn about a variety of topics like entertainment, technology, culture, science, and much more. Mashable will also teach you about the numerous excellent things people are doing in today’s society. It is a completely free and simple to use platform that you may use from anywhere in the world.


4. BoredPanda – (Buzzfeed Alternative)

BoredPanda is a free online community that assists artists and creators in turning their unique stories into viral material that must be read. I like that the site has enough content for creatives that enjoy art, design, humor, photography, animals, travel, and food, among other things. The software platform

It features a variety of categories, including Trending, New, Features, Art, Photography, and Entertainment, among others. The website has a pleasant appearance and is simple to navigate. Their mobile app is available for Android and iPhone users to download. So, if you’re seeking a Buzzfeed alternative where you can read funny articles, check out BoredPanda.


5. Popsugar ( Websites Like Buzzfeed )

Popsugar, like Buzzfeed, is a website that focuses mostly on the entertainment industry. You’ll find fascinating news about all of the hottest celebrities, as well as a variety of other topics of public interest, here. It combines it as a pleasant approach for individuals to check out what’s available online and have more fun with what they learn and explore.

The website design is really elegant, with each article using a huge thumbnail alongside the title to pique user attention. This news site, like BuzzFeed, provides entertaining viral stories that are particularly popular for allowing fans to get a closer look at their favorite celebrities.

When you visit, make sure to look over their fashion area, where you can find tempting things like jackets, tops, and pants.


6. Upworthy – (Sites Like Buzzfeed) 

Upworthy bills itself as “Social Media with a Mission,” similar to Buzzfeed. Their primary focus is on stories and material that have the greatest potential to change the world. They are definitely living up to their credo, with over 50 million monthly users.

This BuzzFeed alternative’s website design is just as good as the material it offers. Their material is educational, inspiring, and entertaining, all while providing timely news and inspiring tales that make us feel good and want to share.


7. Wired – (News Sites Like Buzzfeed)

Wired is another website similar to Buzzfeed that deserves to be included in our list of other sites similar to Buzzfeed due to its extensive library of high-quality material. The best part is that Wired not only has a wealth of top-notch content, but they also make Trending news available to its dedicated and ever-growing readership.

You can’t help but like the website design because it is so straightforward. It features a section for Business, Culture, Gear, Science, Security, and Transportation, among other things. Not only that, but you can always find out what’s going on with your favorite celebrities, cars, books, and other topics. Furthermore, they provide even more stunningly impressive concepts.


8. Cracked ( Websites Like Buzzfeed )

Cracked is a site similar to Buzzfeed that focuses on viral content that is both entertaining and humorous. It was first published as a newspaper in 1985, and it was relaunched as a distinct website in October 2005.

Not only is there viral/humor content on Cracked Focus, but there’s also a blog, videos, forums, five weekly Image Manipulation contests named Photoplasty, Pictoplasty, Experiences, one-shot pieces called Quick Fixes, and so on. I really like how they provide writers the chance to write for them.

With over 300 million monthly page views, there’s no way you can question this BuzzFeed alternative’s legitimacy or reliability.


9. Viral Nova – (Sites Like Buzzfeed) 

Viral Nova is one of the most well-known websites on the internet, similar to Buzzfeed, with over 70 million monthly visits. Viral Nova is the place to go for breaking news stories that are trending, humorous, and mind-blowing.

Viral Nova contains sub-categories such as OMG, Videos, Life, Culture, and Entertainment, and the website design and layout are quite simple. This makes browsing through the contents of one’s choosing considerably easier for clients.


10. College Humor – (Other Sites Like Buzzfeed)

Finally, College Humor, a comedic-oriented website owned by InterActiveCorp, offers original films and articles in a less word-heavy format, as well as some user-submitted content such as comics.

The site has a lot of funny movies and photographs, as well as games like “choose your own adventure.” Many major stars are featured in the videos, as well as some amusing scenarios that you will want to share with others.


Conclusion On Sites Like Buzzfeed

We’ve reached the end of sites that are similar to Buzzfeed in terms of substance. Some of them aren’t as good as Buzzfeed in terms of content or user experience, but they’re nonetheless worth mentioning as a BuzzFeed alternative. If you have any suggestions for other sites similar to BuzzFeed to add to the above list, please let us know in the comments section.

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