10 Ways To Easily Forget About Your Ex

Forgeting About Your Ex :The hardest part about dating is breaking up. As much as you enjoy the company of your love interest it does not always end good. You might breaking up and separating your ways. For some people breaking up away is very difficult and it takes a toll on your mental state and it becomes very difficult for them to let go. This is why we have taken help from experts from content writing services to help you get over your ex after breaking Up. If your Question is How to forget about my ex then Here are 10 ways that can easily help you get over your ex:

10 Ways To Forget About Your Ex

Forgeting About Your Ex

1. Cry Your Heart Out

All over the world crying is actually seen as a sign of vulnerability but it is the best way to validate your grief. Crying helps you relief all the pent up emotions. You might not be able to talk about your break up just yet but you can cry and try to release all the sadness. Crying lightens your sadness and helps you make sense of your sadness. Only when you accept that something saddening has happened you are able to cry about it, if you are still in denial of the sad turn of event you won’t be able to cry. It is best that you process this piece of information, watch a sad movie or listen to sad songs to kick start the water works. Crying is not a sign of weakness but a sign of being human

2. Block Them

Social media is a toxic place for most people, it is like a constant reminder of all the things you are looking to forget. Looking at the pictures of your ex living their life and doing fun thing without you is a hard sight to see. You do not need the constant reminder then you broke up. However, you can’t leave social media completely as it can be a great distraction from grief. What you can do is block them all on social media accounts. This may seem harsh or difficult to do as your curiosity does get the best of you at times but it really helps you get your ex out of sight and hence out of mind. Do not hesitate in blocking them as their social media can have a negative impact on your well-being. 

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3. No Friendship

Since the history of relationships people have always believed that after breaking up they can remain friends despite all odds but the idea is not very favorable. You may think that you can keep your feelings aside and start a friendship with your ex, but the reality is far from that. Staying in touch with your ex might be very tough on you. You might see them getting a new romance partner and that can really hurt your feelings. Therefore, you should completely isolate the idea of being friends with your ex.

4. Bury Their Memories

You might have kept lots of mementos of your ex that remind of all the sweet times together, for example a receipt of the first date you had or a gift that you had received. Even though these memories are very precious o you but yet again they are a reminder of your ex. If you wish to get over them then you must make sure there is nothing around you that reminds you of them. Take all the keep sakes, put them in a box and either give it away or keep it in the back of your closet so that they are not in your sight. Once you erase all the memories of your ex, it will be easier to get over them.

5. Don’t Analyze & Regret

When you are free and have time on your hands you will most likely think about the all things that went wrong with your relationship. You will ponder about everything you said and all the things you didn’t this will not do you any good. It will only make you feel regrets and that is definitely not helpful for you to get over your ex. You can’t change anything now so what is the use of living in the past. It is best to stop thinking and act in the present. Let bygones be bygones.

6. Stay Busy

Staying busy is probably the best thing you can do. It will help you keep your mind busy and you won’t be able to dwell in the past. To stay busy you can take up different hobbies or a job that will keep you occupied both mentally and physically. When you stay busy with the present your mind is too preoccupied with all the daily happenings that you hardly get time to sit down and let your mind spiral back into the past. So don’t sit in your pajamas all day long and get moving.

7. Keep Reminding Yourself Why You Broke Up

There are going to be instances where you may think about all the reasons why you broke up. This is the most important thing, it will help you be certain that you did not make the wrong choice. Remembering the reason helps you deal with the aftermath. When you keep thinking about the reasons you have no other reason to believe that what you did was wrong. Whenever you start thinking about ex, try to divert your mind towards the reason of your separation.  

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8. Call Your Friends

Friends help you get over a lot of stuff, they are always there to help you deal with things that you can’t deal with on your own. When you feel low, call up your friends that you can depend on. This will help you share the pain and helps you get over the ex, faster and in a healthier way.  You can call your friends for a party in some club or you can invite them for a night in. Watch a movie together or play some games, surrounding yourself with people who love you and understand you is very important in your journey to get over your ex. 

9. Selfcare Is Important 

Once you get out of a toxic relationship you have plenty of time on your hands and this is the best time to get your life back. You can start taking care of yourself. Try doing some exercises or take up mind soothing activities such as yoga or even painting. You might have really let yourself go and this is a great opportunity. Start an elaborate skin care routine and bounce back harder.

10. Look Ahead

Your past is your past, it is now time to look into your future. Forget all that has happened before and try to change things. You can now take charge of your lives and better your future. Don’t keep dwelling in the past and look into things you can change to improve your life. 

We sincerely hope these reasons are enough to help you get over your ex. We have experts from our article writing services to help make things easier for you and use the power of words to help you let your emotions not get the best of you. 


These are our own recommendation in other to easily forget about your ex if you have more suggestion, please leave them in the comment session together with your social media link and we will add them to the list and also give credits to you. Gracias



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